Save the Western World By Booting Ambassador Birx off the Corona Virus Task Force, Mr. President

Free the population from government house arrest as soon as possible and put a stop to the globalists’ attempted reset of the economy.

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Save the Western World By Booting Ambassador Birx off the Corona Virus Task Force, Mr. PresidentFor nearly four years, nothing the globalists have been up to has ever gone over the head of their mortal enemy, President Donald Trump—not even once.

For the sake of the survival of the entire Western World, hope and pray that the staged living corona virus nightmare currently going on doesn’t go over the president’s head: It appears that the medical scientists leading the White House Task Force may be working toward a total reset of the world economy.

Mr. President: Doctor Deborah Birx is not just the scarf-adorned lady scientist politely duking it out with reporters at your daily Task Force pressers, she sits on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Global Fund and has since 2014.

The Global Fund has partnered with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 2002 with a total financial contribution of $2.24 billion U.S.  Its current 2020-2022 financial pledge is $760-million.

“Ambassador-at-Large, Deborah L. Birx, M.D., is the Coordinator of the United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS and U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy. Ambassador Birx is a world-renowned medical expert and leader in the field of HIV/AIDS. Her three-decade-long career has focused on HIV/AIDS immunology, vaccine research, and global health. As the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, Ambassador Birx oversees the implementation of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the largest commitment by any nation to combat a single disease in history, as well as all U.S. Government engagement with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Serving as the U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy, she aligns the U.S. Government’s diplomacy with foreign assistance programs that address global health challenges and accelerate progress toward: achieving an AIDS-free generation; ending preventable child and maternal deaths; and preventing, detecting, and responding to infectious disease threats. (U.S. State Department; emphasis CFP’s)

DR. BIRX, GLOBAL FUNDScreenshot of Global Fund Website
Birx was appointed by President Barack Obama as America’s Ambassador at Large and U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator in April of 2014, and according to the WayBack Machine by May 20, 2014 was appointed to the board of The Global Fund.

Both mainstream and social media have patently ignored an April 2nd Gateway Pundit story written by Cristina Laila revealing that The IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) model for the Coronavirus the White House is relying on is “complete garbage.”

‘It Predicted 121,000 Americans Hospitalized by yesterday; Actual Number…31,142’.  (Gateway Pundit, April 2, 2020).

“The US economy has been virtually shut down, unemployment spiked and small businesses are on the verge of shuttering based on faulty projections.

“The IHME model is using New York and New Jersey data and applying it to the rest of the US.

“It predicted that over 121,000 Americans would be hospitalized yesterday (Wednesday) over the Coronavirus, Sean Davis of The Federalist said.

“The actual number? 31,142.

“For example, the IHME model predicted 1,716 people in Texas would be hospitalized yesterday from the Coronavirus, but the actual number of Texans hospitalized is 196.

“In Georgia, the IHME model predicted that as of yesterday, 2,777 people would have been hospitalized due to the Coronavirus.

“The actual number of people hospitalized in Georgia? 952.

“In Virginia, the IHME model predicted that 607 Virginians would have been hospitalized as of yesterday due to the Coronavirus.

“The actual number? 305.

“In Tennessee, the IHME model predicted that 2,214 people in Tennessee would have been hospitalized by yesterday due to the Coronavirus.

“The actual number? 200.

“In New York, the IHME model predicted that as of yesterday, 50,962 people would have been hospitalized due to the Coronavirus.

“The actual number? 18,368.

“As of Wednesday there were over 200,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the US and approximately 4,400 deaths.

“Top White House officials scaled back their predictions and said between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans are projected to die from the Coronavirus.

“This is down from the 1.7 million American deaths predicted by a key UK scientist which sent the entire country into panic mode.

“Millions and millions of Americans are going to lose their jobs, their homes and their savings.

“These so-called “experts” owe the American public an explanation and not just ever-changing models to terrify the masses.”

“Numbers about COVID-19 victims are starting to add up to suspicion.” (Canada Free Press, April 3, 2020)

And speaking about suspicious numbers:

James Woods


D-Day prophesied by IHME is April 15.

You can see for yourself by clicking here:

Take a screen shot of IHME’s prediction because if forced to tell the truth, they will try to portray the president as the fall guy

Looks like we’re all being had, Mr. President

Creepy how both Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates had some kind of crystal ball to see the arrival of COVID-19 on the watch of President Trump.

“WHOA! Dr. Fauci in 2017: President Trump Will Be Challenged By a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” (Gateway Pundit, April 3, 2019)

“Come again? Back in 2017 at forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Dr. Fauci made an interesting statement. Fauci told the audience that the Trump administration would be “challenged by a “surprise global disease outbreak.”

Is this wishful thinking becomes reality?

Ditto for Bill Gates, who made the same prediction back in 2019. (Event 201)

Bill Gates also focuses on population control. (Bill Gates has a warning about population growth, Sept. 19, 2018)

“Asked about the best ways of tackling the growing population and poverty challenge, Gates said improving access to birth control was key”

Looks like we’re all being had, Mr. President.

Free the population from government house arrest as soon as possible and put a stop to the globalists’ attempted reset of the economy.

Send Americans back to work, and world governments will soon follow suit.

Do it for the people.



We are Dealing with a Spiritual War

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OPEN THE CHURCHES! NOW!Why are churches closed?

Have any of you stopped and asked yourself why churches are closed and grocery stores remain open?

Granted, we need food to sustain us, but how can a government justify keeping grocery stores open, with people passing, or bumping into one another along narrow aisles, but cannot figure out a system that would allow churches to open, with parishioners spread 6ft. apart; where we would receive equally important sustenance from our faith in God, especially during this upcoming holiest week in the Christian Church.

Do you really want to know the real reason why the churches are closed?

Why would the government not allow us to develop a system where church goers could sit six feet apart in the pews, or hold services outside the church, with a public address system, so that parishioners can stand (or sit in their own chairs or cars) with a format of proper ‘social distancing’ set by the ushers.

Do you really want to know the real reason why the churches are closed?

The answer came to me while watching an interview by Greg Hunter with former Assistant Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts. The full interview is here:

“Part of what is happening is we are dealing with a spiritual war, and there are serious demonic and occult forces at work.” said, Catherine Austin Fitts during the interview.

She then went on to say, “There is nothing they [the government] would love more than to stop the churches and stop people from getting together and praying and inviting in the divine and angelic hope every Sunday. I am with the President. I think stopping the churches from gathering is a very, very terrible idea.”

Pray to God that He will stop the madness of these evil forces from controlling our spiritual lives any longer

Let’s talk a minute about Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Have you seen images of the standing-room-only in a typical NYC subway car? There is certainly no 6’ social distancing requirement being enforced in these subways. Why do they continue to operate under these circumstances? Simple.  If Cuomo or Mayor De Blasio shut down the transit system in New York City, the people would take to the streets and burn the entire city down, and they know it.

Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy of New Jersey are control-obsessed socialists and prime examples of the aforementioned serious demonic and occult forces at work. They may well have (highly-suspect, but unverified at this time) been initially responsible for closing all the churches by hypothetically telling Cardinal Dolan, or the head of their local diocese, to close their churches or lose their 501(c)(3) tax exemption. We are witnessing an in-your-face spiritual war of the first order and it must be stopped. Now!

Open the Churches.

Pray to God that the Church comes to its senses prior to next Sunday which, as you know, is Easter, by allowing all church services to be held 6ft. apart inside the church or outside with a public address system.

Pray to God that He will stop the madness of these evil forces from controlling our spiritual lives any longer.

Open the Churches. Now!

Coronavirus – a Manufactured Pandemic?

May God save us and may God save the United States of America

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 6, 2020

Coronavirus – a Manufactured Pandemic?You know what, ever since the start of this COVID-19 pandemic attack, my untimely boredom resulting from the “social distancing” syndrome and the ensuing self-imposed lockdown, has had me diving into a “never-before” search for answers to the unknown – sort of the same dive as that taken by “Deep Thought” – the supernatural-computer programmed to calculate the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. And…I got to thinking about the chances for this crisis to be all but an ad-hoc creation of China in lieu of their geopolitical struggle for power in this day and age.

There is a serious aura of mystery as this highly infectious pathogen

Let me preface any further dissertations by sharing with you the fact there is, if you will, an inherent sense of novelesque surrealism in this narrative—one namely resulting from the knowledge that, in life, much the same as in most all of Hollywood’s crime thrillers, the final outcome is always unexpected—always uniquely adverse to the obvious, the evident, the conspicuous.

In my case, it all starts at a very early age, one which, by most all standards, politics are somewhat of a distant fairytale fantasy of sorts. At that very early stage of my life, I remember when someone who, later on, I knew to possess a great deal of wisdom, politically speaking or otherwise, my father, who told me back in the 1950s: “While most people dread the fear of Russia’s challenging attempts for world supremacy, it should be China, instead, that people should be fearful of…” – ever so prophetic, I should say. For some reason, don’t ask why, dad’s words of wisdom remained ingrained with me for the rest of my life – to this day.

My contention about all this Coronavirus issue is one where I can’t help but question its dubious origins; one where, admittedly, the Chinese government is largely responsible for letting it get to where we are today. There is a serious aura of mystery as this highly infectious pathogen makes its way around the world killing people, while nations all over, including the most advanced of them all, such as is our U.S.A., find themselves impotently unprepared, caught off-guard if you will, to defend and withstand the inherent global threats of extinction associated with the pandemic.

China’s Mao Zedong Great Leap Forward: Led to the deaths of up to 50 million people

The fact that, as revealed by insurgents within the repressed media outlets in China have made disclosures,  pointing to the fact that the Chinese government ordered laboratories to stop conducting tests, destroy samples and suppress any news relative to this highly infectious virus makes me wonder, what is really behind all this? The fact that some Chinese doctors, who went public with information relative to the pandemic situation, were quickly summoned by the Chinese authorities and reprehended for their thoughts; the fact that many of these doctors have mysteriously died and/or disappeared; the fact that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government “let some five million people leave Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemy, without screening”, makes me wonder might not this Coronavirus or COVID-19,  be a manufactured crisis by China?

There is, I know, a school of thought out there who treats my contention as outright ludicrous, preposterous or outrageous – their reasons, mostly associated to mystic, and/or a spiritual belief in the ‘goodness’ of mankind, making the latter as incapable of any genocidal conspiracies, such as one designed to kill millions of people. Well, to this incredulous universe, I say, just look at history, as hundreds of millions have in fact been killed mostly resulting from man’s unending quest for power – go no further than China itself, where the biggest mass murder in the history of the world is attributed to China’s Mao Zedong in China’s Great Leap Forward policy which led to the deaths of up to 50 million people.

So, in defense of my “far-out” contention of this Coronavirus being a manufactured pandemic, let me just state a few of the arguments leading to my assertion. First and foremost, I begin by reminding the disbelievers, that we are dealing with China – a Communist government.  Besides their seemingly capitalist-thriving economy, and despite what many would want you to believe, never forget the fact that Communists and Communist regimes, have no sense of morals whatsoever when it comes to “having it their way” – the end justifies the means, and that includes the disparaging of human life.

China’s Quest for Dominance: Belt and Road Initiative

Before going all-out in discarding my surrealistic inclines, a quick historical review is very much in order here. First, if we go back to the fifties and earlier, China was, if you will, one of the most backward nations in the world. As the largest populated country in the world with approximately 1.4 billion people, the logistics of managing such a large number of human beings was, and still is, in and of itself a political as well as an economic dilemma and nightmare, which only Communists and Communism can deal with in the form of a highly tyrannical regime where government has utmost control of every life.

Back in 1979, some of the brighter minds in China’s authoritarian regime came upon the realization that their traditional agricultural catabolic economy was, in fact, outdated, while at the same time realized the enormous untapped potential available to them [the government] in terms of human resources – a magnanimous working-force, who could, for all intents and purposes, be exploited inasmuch as they [the people] could be put to work and produce all sorts of goods for pennies on the dollar, allowing for the country to competitively enter into the world’s capitalist marketplaces, as well they did, allowing for an elite circle of administrators to enrich themselves beyond belief.

The rest is history. Since that turning point in 1979, China is today running a close second in the race for geopolitical dominance – second only to our United States of America, albeit not very far behind. By 2013, China’s resurgence had them on a strategic path of continued development as evidenced by the Belt and Road Initiative [BRI or B&R], a global development strategy designed and conceived exclusively to gain world dominance involving infrastructure development and investments in 70 countries and international organizations. China’s BRI initiative is, to this day, one of the largest investment projects in the history of mankind. Since 1979, China has been among the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world, with real annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 9.5% yearly through 2018 – a pace described by the World Bank as “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history.”

Most of China’s growth and expansion has come at the expense of the United States

Most of China’s growth and expansion has come at the expense of the United States, as our unhinged capitalist lure for profits and profitability had us buying most anything and everything we could buy from them at relatively low prices, notwithstanding the fact that most U.S.’s administrations since 1979, especially Barack Obama’s thought China’s enrichment made them a more manageable enemy as otherwise their remaining a stagnated world power.

Our deranged greed did not come without a price. By the time Donald Trump became president in 2016, China had dangerously become the U.S.’s biggest banker,  while China owns almost a fifth of all the U.S. debt owed to foreign nations. The Chinese government uses these dollars to buy U.S. Treasuries. Were China ever to call in its debt holdings, we, the U.S., would be in deep trouble.

To make a long story short, in time, the U.S. became dangerously dependent on China. One of the most troubling areas of dependency is associated to our unprecedented reliance on China for pharmaceuticals,  as most all our active pharmaceutical ingredients, better known as API’s and the basic components for all antibiotics and other prescription drugs consumed by Americans today come from China. Think of what this could mean if there ever was a biological war between our countries. Think of what it would mean to Americans if China were to ever suddenly stopped making antibiotics. Think only of what this would do to us as a nation, making this Coronavirus pale in comparison.

In short friends, there isn’t a question, none whatsoever that, today, China stands as a potential threat to the U.S., in more ways than one. As contended by our president Donald Trump many times, among the most egregious things China has been able to get away with—albeit with the blessings of all the past presidents over the past forty years has been their discernible cloning of our technologies and know-how expertise.

U.S. China Trade War

I very firmly believe that Donald Trump is and has been [the] only U.S. president in history to have recognized the enormous threat that China represents to our nation, let alone the highly unbalanced nature of our bilateral economic ties with them – one where the latter was unequally rewarded by billions of dollars, mostly the result of unfavorable trade practices which had the U.S., in the losing end, paving the way for the start of what many choose to label as Trump’s trade-war.

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, ironically comes at a time when Trump’s so-called trade war with China comes at the expense of the latter [China] having to, as they say, “bite the bullet” by taking a large hit on many of the goods and services they were used to providing us with – a serious setback in their path to expanding their global dominance if you will.

While many look upon Trump’s relationship with China’s president Xi Jinping as a cordial one, as indeed it may be, do not kid yourselves into believing this is the start of a honeymoon. It is not. Xi Jinping’s “cordialness” may very well be looked upon by the almighty China’s Communist Party and its leaders as a weak and a potential threat to their status-quo and everything they were hoping for in terms of geopolitical prowess. To many in the world, Trump’s relationship with China may come as a blessing in disguise – to others in China’s Communist Party and otherwise, Trump and his politics are all but “a thorn in the side.”

And, this my friends, is what I believe supports my outlandish proposition as to what might have really propelled this pandemic attack. Let’s face it. This presumed insignificant trade-war, started by President Trump, may in fact be much more significant to them than first meets the eye.  It may, one can readily assume, have had such a significant impact on the future of China, well-worthy to them to start a war with their number one rival and purportedly the cause of all their perils—the United States of America. On that premise, there could also be the realization by China that conventional wars, including but not limited to a nuclear war, might, in fact, be a lot more than they are willing to risk, so why not a peaceful biological war instead—one they knew they had a chance of winning as the enemy was unprepared and, furthermore, even dependent on them in many ways.

Ironically, just in case you did not know or may be unaware of, many experts concur in the fact that, while the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the globe may have had its origins in China, the crisis will leave China in a much stronger position geopolitically relative to the United States.

In summary, as I said at the beginning, I cannot really assert that China was, in fact, responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. I am, however, asserting that you cannot rule them out as capable of doing it—more so at a time in history when they were abruptly interrupted in their path to world supremacy. Food for thought.

May God save us and may God save the United States of America.

On May Day The Comeback Must Begin

The economy demands to insure the future viability of our nation

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 6, 2020

On May Day The Comeback Must BeginThe world is forever changed with the advent of this pandemic. The casualties may include traditional forms of greetings such as handshakes and hugging as more people embrace the new standard of “social distancing.”

Possibly, large public events will become rare occurrences. Fewer people will shop at retail locations or attend movie theaters, as the rush toward online shopping and entertainment will be accelerated. Popular modes of travel such as cruise ships may find fewer customers in the future as the many coronavirus worries may disturb American life for many years to come.

Massive changes have impacted our economy

Already, massive changes have impacted our economy, inflicting financial damage to almost all Americans and businesses of every size. At the end of February, the United States had the best economy in the world, adding 273,000 jobs with rising wages and an extremely low unemployment rate of only 3.5%. The Trump economy was booming, the stock market was hitting record highs and the American public was confident about the future of the economy. My, how times have changed.

Since that idyllic period, worries about the coronavirus have exploded and the nation’s economy has been essentially shut down, except for certain critical areas. All indicators have moved to negative territory. For example, the stock market is down about 30% from its February all-time high.

On Friday, the March jobs report was released, and it was brutal. Amazingly, it is only a small taste of what will be coming in the months ahead. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate increased to 4.4% and 701,000 jobs were lost. This was the first report in 113 months to show a loss of jobs in the country.

Not surprisingly, the leisure and hospitality industries were hit the hardest with a loss of 459,000 jobs. Almost all job sectors, including manufacturing and retail, were negatively impacted by the nation’s response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come as some analysts expect an economic decline of 34% annually in the second quarter. There could be a loss of 20 million jobs by the end of April, with the unemployment rate soaring to 15%. This would erase all the job gains over the previous decade.

Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Swine Flu

According to economists at the Federal Reserve’s St. Louis district, the unemployment rate will eventually reach over 30%, eclipsing the record 24.9% unemployment rate in 1933, during the Great Depression.

Surely, the coronavirus is deadly. Some estimates show that between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans will die as a result of the disease. However, our nation has faced similar pandemics in the past and the response has been far less draconian.

In 1957, the “Asian” flu swept across the world killing 1.1 million people, including 116,000 Americans. In 1968, the “Hong Kong” flu killed 1 million people worldwide, including approximately 100,000 Americans. In 2009-2010, the “Swine” flu infected over 60 million Americans and approximately 12,500 were killed.

During none of these previous pandemics did the nation shut down the economy or take drastic steps of social distancing. The sport leagues were not cancelled, businesses remained open and Americans continued with their daily routines. Sadly, thousands of people died during these pandemics, but the country allowed businesses to continue operations. Thus, the country did not suffer from related social costs that will be associated with our response to the coronavirus.

Certainly, national guidelines and “stay at home” orders will lessen the number of coronavirus victims, but evidence will likely show an increase in domestic violence cases and suicides. As Americans lose their jobs and see their savings shrink, the strain on mental health will be severe. Those already suffering from mental illness will be heavily impacted and there will be more people in acute need of medication to cope with the disaster.

Media keep their focus on the depressing stories because they know Trump is vulnerable with a stalled economy

It does not help to have the mainstream news outlets and social media spending each hour of the day promoting fears about the coronavirus. It seems the focus of the reporting is to literally scare the living daylights out of Americans by constantly harping on the number of infected and dead people. This type of fearmongering increases ratings and serves to focus on negative statistics that can be used against their number one enemy, President Donald Trump.

While the President tries to emphasize positive news, the media keep their focus on the depressing stories because they know Trump is vulnerable with a stalled economy.  If the President’s poll numbers decrease, the media accomplish one of their cherished goals.

Because of the damage it inflicts, it would be wise for Americans to avoid becoming saturated in the “doom and gloom” coronavirus news. Instead, they should spend plenty of time each day exercising, communicating with friends and family and trying to focus on worthwhile endeavors such as learning a new skill.

While individual Americans need to avoid feelings of depression, our country must avoid falling into another Great Depression. If the national guidelines continue past the end of April, the impact will be incredibly severe and may be irreparable.

The President should declare that on May Day, at least parts of the nation will be reopened for business. This may not be what the health experts recommend, but it is what the economy demands to insure the future viability of our nation.

On Palm Sunday Christians Not Just Staying At Home——But PRAYING At Home

No Pope, no closed churches, no braying donkeys, not even a pandemic can ever change what Palm Sunday and Holy Week lead to. Easter Sunday and its forever message: “He is risen!”

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 5, 2020

On Palm Sunday Christians Not Just Staying At Home——But PRAYING At HomeSomething ravenous world globalists can never change:  Palm Sunday 2020 with people the world over not just staying at home, but PRAYING at home.

Tragically true: For the first time in history, all churches will remain closed during Holy Week.

Holy Week 2020 begins with Pope Francis—who apparently no longer lays claim to being Vicar of Christ—celebrating Palm Sunday Mass in an empty Vatican church:

It’s Palm Sunday in ‘The Time of Coronavirus’ and donkeys are renting the air with loud braying

“In the latest Vatican yearbook, the Annuario Pontificio, the title “Vicar of Christ” does not appear on the listing for Pope Francis.(Catholic Culture, April 3, 2020)

“In the 2020 edition of the Annuario, the page devoted to Pope Francis is headed simply by his name: Jorge Maria Bergoglio.

“ Past editions have always been headed by the titles accorded to the Pope, beginning with “Vicar of Jesus Christ.” Other titles have been “Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman province, Sovereign of the Vatican City-State.” In the 2020 edition, these titles appear at the bottom of the page devoted to Pope Francis, identified only as “historical” titles.

“Such a change would undoubtedly have required the approval of the Pontiff.”

It’s Palm Sunday in ‘The Time of Coronavirus’ and donkeys are renting the air with loud braying.

The braying of globalist donkeys defiantly attempts to celebrate the cancellation of something impossible to cancel: Easter Sunday.


When COVID-19 passes—and it will, because ALL THINGS ARE PASSING—untold legions of Christians and their undying belief in the Almighty,  will still be there.

Someday in the distant future historians will write that the year 2020 was the one when ‘Easter Came Home’.

Brick and mortar churches,  reassuring as they have been, are not the only places to pray during Holy Week.

But braying donkeys will never see that the human soul all were born with is far more enduring than anything constructed of mere brick and mortar.

Amidst the celebratory braying of the globalist donkeys, untold millions of Christians worldwide, are thinking today of the Savior who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, preparing for His death in less than a week.

Even the Fake News of our day cannot touch, in any way,  the true story of the first Palm Sunday that happened almost 2,000 years ago, or the many Palm Sundays that made it through many pandemics in all the years that followed:

“On the Sunday morning after the dinner party given for Jesus in Bethany, He entered the Holy City of Jerusalem in a distinctly unique way.  (From: “Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message.”)

“First, he sent some of his apostles to borrow a donkey from an acquaintance.  This probably struck them as odd.  They had gone into Jerusalem many time before, always on foot.  Why the donkey now?

“But even before getting into the city, they had to cross the brow of the Mount of Olives, a hill to the east of the city, to contemplate the beautiful view of the Holy City, gleaming in the morning sunshine of a fine spring day.  They were Jews; this was their capital city.  But more than that, this was their HOLY city where God dwelt with His people.  The temple stood there in its glory, proclaiming to the whole world the sovereignty of the Jewish God Yahweh.

“They paused there to contemplate the scene; it made them proud and happy.  All but Jesus, that is.  He wept and said, “Oh, Jerusalem, if only you had realized your opportunity!  I would have gathered you to myself as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you rejected me.  And therefore, you will be destroyed, with not one stone left upon another.”

“Having said this, he went flip-flopping down the steep Mount of Olives, across Kidron brook, which was probably dry and up into the city.  Then something unusual happened.  People gave Jesus a royal welcome, probably because he had recently raised Lazarus from the dead.

“They stripped branches from the trees and put them in His path.  They even laid articles of clothing along the road, in their simple attempt at a red-carpet treatment.

“And they shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David,” That would be equivalent to their saying “Hooray for the promised Savior.”

 “And then, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”  When His enemies heard the shouting, they said to Him, “You hear what they are shouting?  Make them stop.”  That is, make them stop using Messianic titles in reference to you.  Jesus answered very powerfully: if they were to stop, the very stones would cry out.  When Christ enters Jerusalem to die there for the salvation of the world, He must be acclaimed and welcomed, even by stones, if human voices will not acclaim Him.

“The reason why Jesus chose to enter the city on a donkey was to fulfil the prophecy of Zecariah who foretold that the Savior would come riding upon a donkey, the symbol of humility because poor people used donkeys, and the symbol of peace, since donkeys are no good in battle, being as slow, small, and unresponsive to human command as they are.  So the Savior—poor, humble, and a man of peace, comes to this Holy City, accepts the Messianic titles of the Crowds and prepares for His death in less than a week.  The people gave Our Lord the red-carpet treatment by strewing branches of trees and even articles of their clothing in the streets before Him.  And so do we celebrate Palm Sunday by way of welcoming our Savior into our lives, coming as He is to accomplish our salvation.

“Thank you for seeking God’s truth.  God bless you. Father Victor Brown, O.P.

“Note:  Father Brown composed this message some years ago. Please pray for the souls of the faithful departed, including Father Brown”.

No Pope, no closed churches, no braying donkeys, not even a pandemic can ever change what Palm Sunday and Holy Week lead to.  Easter Sunday and its forever message: “He is risen!”

Did Bill Gates Buy the CDC?

Dr. Anthony Fauci has a $100 million conflict of interest which is why he was opposing Trump. He is in league with Bill Gates who has pledged $100 million for Fauci to play with. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID, a division of National Institutes of Health, NIH) director Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was against using chloroquine, said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “There’s no magic drug for coronavirus right now,” and lectured, “Let me put it into perspective for the viewers .. there has been anecdotal non-proven data that it [chloroquine] works… but when you have an uncontrolled trial you can never definitely say that it works.”

I have warned that the CDC takes private money through its foundation. Gates even gave CDC Foundation $13.5 million. I do not believe we can trust Fauci in the least. The CDC nor the NIH should NEVER be allowed to be bought in this way. It is Gates who wants to inject us all with microchips. I seriously do not understand if all his money has simply gone to his head.

Trump should fire Fauci first and secondly shut down all private donations from anyone, especially Bill Gates. This is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. Gates should be investigated and all his connections. Anyone who sold all their stocks and bonds just in advance should be hauled out for Insider Trading. But these people typically also OWN the SEC. Trump needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor and never someone from New York City.

Sunday Talks – Steve Bannon Discusses His Thoughts to “Crush” Coronavirus…

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon appears on Fox News to discuss his thoughts on how to mitigate and eliminate Coronavirus from the United States.

Among Comrade Bannon’s proposals:  Shut down all inbound international air travel. Shut down all domestic air travel. Forced federal shut down all ports of entry, allowing only commerce. Initiate forced quarantine zones around major metropolitian areas keeping people from leaving.  A forced shut-down all vehicle travel on interstates, except supply chain transports. A federally enforced closing of states to cross border traffic. WATCH:


Yikes.  Civil liberties? Meh, details… details.

I’m just sharing information….

Steve Bannon was, perhaps still is, well regarded by many people; and formerly held a position of influence in the White House.

I cannot even fathom the totalitarian nature of what Bannon is suggesting.

What America would even re-emerge from that type of action?

Your thoughts?

New York Ministry of Coronavirus Compliance Begins Using Drones to Monitor Citizen Compliance…

CBS News is reporting on drones flying above New York metro-area parks that are now monitoring coronavirus distancing requirements and warning residents to comply.

Do not be alarmed comrades.  Currently the drones are not armed and only use speakers to broadcast warnings of violations to non-compliant citizens. The voice has a ring of familiarity to it. WATCH and LISTEN:

CBS News


Embedded video

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ANNOUNCEMENT: “This is the anti-COVID19 volunteer task force. Please maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Again, please maintain social distancing. Please help stop the spread of this virus. Reduce the death toll and save lives. For your own safety and your families safety please maintain social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation. We are all in this together.”

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing – 7:00pm ET Livestream….

Unfortunately, with President Trump effectively communicating the latest information on the federal efforts to mitigate COVID-19, more corporate U.S. resistance media have decided not to carry the live broadcasts from the White House task force briefings.

Today at 7:00pm ET the White House will hold a briefing for the public and media on the latest mitigation efforts against the coronavirus. [Livestream Links Below]

White House Livestream Link – C-SPAN Livestream Link – RSBN Livestream Link



U.K. Queen Elizabeth Speaks to Nation as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is Admitted to Hospital…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken to the hospital for treatment as he battles coronavirus. “On the advice of his doctor, the Prime Minister has tonight been admitted to hospital for tests. This is a precautionary step, as the Prime Minister continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus ten days after testing positive for the virus,” Downing Street said.  Prayers for his recovery.

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth II addressed the nation:

Keeping a humorous spirit about the issues. A funny video from the U.K. WATCH: