White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses Coronavirus as an Actual and Economic Contagion…

White House Manufacturing and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro has been advocating for a return to U.S. production of medical products as a matter of national security.  With the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus and a rapid depletion of medical response products, Navarro’s concerns carry more weight than ever before.

President Trump has tasked Navarro with lead position coordinating the administration response to U.S. supply chain impacts.  In this interview with Charles Payne, Peter Navarro outlines the ongoing efforts to address all Coronavirus impacts.


On the economic front President Trump has positioned the U.S. to withstand supply chain disruption better than most consumer economies. Starting from a position that the U.S. was too dependent on Chinese products; over the past two years Trump has pressured companies to return to the U.S. or find alternate suppliers outside China. During the two-year tariff battle many companies did exactly that. As a result those companies are not dependent on Chinese component goods. A proactive position is now helping many U.S. companies avoid the China economic contagion, and insulating their business interest.

Demonizing China & Russia – A Covert Means to Justify War?

QUESTION #1: Mr. Armstrong; The latest conspiracy is claiming that the Chinese are behind the coronavirus and it was a biological weapon. The new twist is the claim there is a “Gain of Function” attribute they engineered. The claim now asserts that there is peer-review citing a study Antiviral Research (Vol. 16, April 2020) entitled, “The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade.” This simply means it spreads like the flu.

People are insisting China is covering up the mortality rate, but the evidence outside of China does not alter the mortality rate. It seems to me that someone or some group is now trying to turn people against China as they have done with elections and Russia. Is this what you warned about as the preparatory stage for war?

HL (Translated from French)

COMMENT #1: Note For Mr. Armstrong: You can make fun of “tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists,” but if you publish/mention this, there goes your “Future Asylum In China” Option.  Ah, the compromises people make.



ANSWER/REPLY: This latest conspiracy is being spun using Francis A. Boyle who is a lawyer, not a doctor. I find it very curious that there is a conspiracy desperately trying to turn this into a deliberate biological weapon by claiming there is a peer-review confirmation of such a fact. I have been keeping tabs on this since we have staff throughout Asia, including inside China, the Middle East, and Europe. I prefer facts rather than speculation.

First of all, there is no April issue as yet and it is not Vol 16, but Vol 176. There is no claim that this is a biological weapon for if it is, then we are looking at the biggest dud in history. Read the papers yourself. Here is the real abstract. Biological weapons have a kill rate of 60%+, not 2%. Claims that China is covering it up seems to be strange when the same death rates appear outside of China.

We were going to have a WEC in Shanghai. We had the hotel booked and we would have had to pay more than $100,000 to cancel. The Hotel itself was under strict control and they allowed us to cancel the event without any penalties because of the coronavirus. This has had a very damaging impact on the Chinese economy and that will show up in the first-quarter figures. We have been in direct contact with people there and we have staff there in China.

There is ABSOLUTELY no indication that this is a biological weapon, for if it is, it was indeed a dud. It appears that perhaps the conspiracy network is being used to whip people to a frenzy to see the Chinese as demons to justify war. The polls show that among Democrats, 70% see Russia as What we need to be concerned about is the FACT that viruses do mutate all by themselves. This has already begun to mutate. If it develops more like SARS, then we have a problem.

Even if we accept all the conspiracy theories and say this is a biological weapon of China, what does that change? The death rate remains the same. All it will do is feed the conspiracy network to justify war. I know for a fact that bankers have deliberately created conspiracy theories to get people to buy precious metals and then they sell them at the highs and crash the market. Do not ignore the fact that the government will manipulate people using such conspiracies and then pretend to deny them. They do studies on how to manipulate society. I have seen this first hand!

I fail to see the purpose of this unless, like the Russian conspiracy in elections, it is to deliberately demonize an opponent to justify war later. This is standard operating procedure used all the time to get people to support war. The Germans took an advertisement in the New York Times warning that the US was shipping weapons to Europe hidden on passenger ships and they intended to sink it telling people not to sail on that vessel. To get Vietnam, Johnson lied to the people about the Gulf of Tonkin incident when the Vietnamese never attacked America.

CIA agent who grilled Saddam Hussein says everything the US thought it knew about the man was WRONG _ Daily Mail Online

Then there was Saddam and his infamous weapons on mass destruction. To prepare for Syria, again they were spinning stories that Assad was gassing his own people. You must demonize someone to justify war. This is war politics 101.

My concern is this appears to me to be indeed the preliminary tactic to demonize opponents to justify war. So we go to World War III for denying Hillary the White House & the coronavirus? Already, 52% of Americans now think that Russia poses a “critical threat” to the United States. Back in May 2018, 46% of Democrats saw Russia as an enemy compared to 27% of Republicans. This was all created by the claim that Russia interfered with Hillary becoming president.

I am aware that there are people in this conspiracy network who would join the bankers in New York City and their lawyers, in particular, to figure out they can get me to commit suicide by shooting myself in the back of the head three times, as a friend put it.

Just take a deep breath. There is such a thing as the Deep State which loves to spin such conspiracies in hopes they will lead to justifying their thirst for more power. They salivate over the idea of getting everyone so panicked that they refuse to use cash, surrender it all, and accept electronic digitize money once and for all.

Beijing Admits Coronavirus Didn’t Start in Wuhan Food Market – Senator Cotton Tweets Vindication…

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) now admits to an internal report showing the Coronavirus did not originate from the Huanan food market as they initially stated.

Senator Tom Cotton has previously questioned the origination claim because there is a level-4 biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China, where the Huanan market is located.  Tonight Senator Cotton tweets vindication toward his original suspicions:

(Via Global Times) A new study by Chinese researchers indicates the novel coronavirus may have begun human-to-human transmission in late November from a place other than the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan.

The study published on ChinaXiv, a Chinese open repository for scientific researchers, reveals the new coronavirus was introduced to the seafood market from another location, and then spread rapidly from market to market. The findings were the result of analyses of genome-wide data, sources of infection and the route of spread of 93 samples of the novel coronavirus collected from 12 countries across four continents.

The study believes that patient zero transmitted the virus to workers or sellers at the Huanan seafood market. The crowded market facilitated the further transmission of the virus to buyers, which caused a wider spread in early December 2019.

According to the researchers, the new coronavirus experienced two sudden population expansions, including one on January 6, 2020, which was related to the Chinese New Year’s Day holiday.

An earlier expansion occurred on December 8, implying human-to-human transmission may have started in early December or late November, and then accelerated when it reached the Huanan seafood market.

On January 6, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a second-level emergency response, which the researchers said served as a warning against mass public activity and travel.

If the warnings had received wider public attention, the number of cases spreading nationally and globally in mid-to-late January would have been lower, said the researchers. (read more)

Senator Tom Cotton Discusses Latest on Coronavirus: “Situation is Very Grave”…

Senator Tom Cotton appears on Fox News to discuss the latest on the troubling issues with the Coronavirus.  China has approximately 70 million people in quarantine during their effort to contain the spread of the virus.

Senator Cotton has been a leading voice in the U.S. warning about the potential risks from Coronavirus spread.  Interestingly Mr. Cotton explains the origination of the virus did not come from the food market initially blamed. However there is a level-4 bio-lab within a few miles of the Wuhan market. Occam’s razor? Interesting information.

China Protest Forcing Review of Local Decision Making

Doctor Li Wenliang who sounded one of the first warnings on the Wuhan coronavirus, and was silenced by Chinese authorities, has died from the virus. This has actually led to a widespread protest in China emphasizing the problems with a sometimes authoritative local government. The clash between the local government’s decisions and those on the national level are coming under closer review in Beijing.

The Zombie Apocalypse May Be Here – But it’s the Bird Flu not the Coronavirus

The more traditional bird flu has appeared in the same area of China. The bird flu outbreak was reported Saturday in Hunan, which borders the province of Hubei where the coronavirus broke out in December. Officials said, “The farm has 7850 chickens, and 4500 of the chickens have died from the contagion.” This is a known virus that is a fatal illness among birds, known as H5N1 virus, which causes “a highly infectious, severe respiratory disease in birds,” according to the World Health Organization. The Chinese government announced that it has culled 17,828 chickens as a result of the H5N1 outbreak, according to Reuters.

Keep in mind that these viruses that start in animals can make the jump to humans. Even the AIDS virus, HIV, came from monkeys. Back in 1999, researchers found a strain of SIV (called SIVcpz) in a chimpanzee that was almost identical to HIV in humans. These scientists then conducted more research into how SIV could have developed in the chimps. What they discovered was that the chimps had hunted and eaten two smaller species of monkeys (red-capped mangabeys and greater spot-nosed monkeys). These smaller monkeys were infected and then the chimps consumed these infected monkeys and the two different strains of SIV mutated and joined together to form a third virus (SIVcpz) that could be passed on to other chimps. This is the strain that can also infected humans.

The coronavirus appears to have made the cross to humans by people eating bats. This new outbreak of a bird flu is not easily transmissible to people. The World Health Organization has called on countries to be on guard because the virus can mutate into a transmissible form to cross to humans (The New York Times).

This version of the bird flu is far more deadly to humans than the coronavirus that the conspiracy world has turned into some zombie apocalypse with spliced HIV. Humans who would contract this bird virus would have a mortality rate of 60% in cases studied over the past 15 years. That makes it far more dangerous than SARS or this novel coronavirus, which has had a 2% mortality rate so far despite all the  conspiracy mongering of 10% and the attribution of the fall in the US share market is caused by this coronavirus.

OMG! If we all do not drown from climate change or get skin cancer because ice and snow reflect and magnify the sun (which is why you can get sunburn while skiing), then the virus will get us. Just close all the markets and governments should abolish all taxes and we party like its 1999

Prayers – Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has Advanced Lung Cancer – Video…

Oh no.  Mr. Rush Limbaugh just informed his radio audience he has advanced lung cancer.

Video segment 01:43 WATCH: (prompted just hit play)

Coronavirus as a Financial Contagion – Chinese Markets Suffer Steep Losses Upon Opening…

Even before the Coronavirus surfaced in China there was lower manufacturing factory activity within the Chinese economy.  The necessary response within China to control the spread of the Coronavirus has been to shut down most commerce.  Factories, schools &  businesses throughout China are empty as various containment measures are underway.

The direct result of this response is a severe drop in economic activity.  Many analysts are speculating about how this cessation of production might impact supply chains that use Chinese component goods.  Obviously, with manufacturing facilities closed any downstream multinational company relying on those products may have supply issues as soon as existing inventories deplete.

There is a natural lag before the manufacturing void hits the consumer market; however, the financial markets are forward looking and they are already reflecting severe drops in stock prices, depending on the dependency/exposure of the company and/or sector.

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese stock and commodity markets fell heavily on Monday as the death toll from a coronavirus epidemic in China rose to 361 and investors retreated into safe-haven assets in the first trading session after an extended Lunar New Year break.

Markets plunged at the open in their first session since Jan. 23, when the outbreak of the newly identified virus had claimed only 17 lives in Wuhan city, the epicenter of the outbreak, in Hubei province.

[…]  The Shanghai Composite index shed 8% to hit one-year low on Monday, wiping almost $370 billion off the market value, according to Reuters calculations.

The yuan began trade onshore at its weakest level this year. Iron, oil and copper traded in Shanghai all dropped by their daily limits, catching up with global price falls as the spread of the virus has weighed on the world’s growth outlook.

Investors were bracing for volatility when onshore trade in Chinese stocks, bonds, yuan and commodities resumed, following a steep global selldown on fears about the impact of the virus on the world’s second-biggest economy.

Looking to head off panic, China’s central bank injected 1.2 trillion yuan ($173.8 billion) of liquidity into the markets via reverse repo operations on Monday. (read more)

In a very ironic way, any company that readjusted their supply chain, during the two years of uncertainty over U.S. -vs- China trade discussions and tariffs, will likely be in a much better position than those companies who remained anchored to Chinese manufacturing dependency.

It is going to be interesting to see what the scale of these downstream economic effects are going to be.  Many multinationals have adopted very thin supply chains and use ‘just-in-time’ delivery for replenishment.  If those companies cannot get resupplied they will be at the greatest financial risk.

Simultaneously, there’s an ironic cover for China within the lack of economic activity.  Any pre-existing economic malaise or contraction can now be disguised by Beijing as the result of the current Coronavirus shut-downs.

Coronavirus & HIV – The Truth?

The conspiracy network is alive and thriving and the gist of this is that the coronavirus is created in some lab because it has a sequence that is similar to HIV. I have two very good sources and they point out that this claim is MOST LIKELY completely bogus. Why? Because this very same sequence also exists in many other viruses and it is NOT unique to the coronavirus or HIV, which by the way was a virus.

This claim comes from a questionable scientist based in India where he took the genome sequences of Wuhan coronavirus, without any peer review, and claimed that it had similarities to the genome of…HIV. Some have argued this is why it is even spreading so fast. Sorry, that is because of how it is transmitted which is like the seasonal flu whereas HIV was transmitted predominantly from sexual contact.

Reliable sources found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Most interestingly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag.

Before we jump to the next zombie apocalypse, I question why any reliable scientist would sport out such findings without peer-review. Everything is turning on this distrust of China. If the coronavirus was splice in a lab by them for military purposes, then surely they would not hand the evidence over to the rest of the world. Let’s be rational here.

Given that the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) appears to have four additions to its genome that similar viruses, like SARS and MERS, are lacking. This implies a lower death-rate, but perhaps a higher contagion rate being more similar to the seasonal flu. These additions being touted by the scientist in India claim they are identical or extremely similar to parts of the HIV genome. The authors go on to speculate that this may be why the coronavirus is spreading so quickly, and also that something sinister may be afoot. He did not bother to elaborate on what methods were used to genetically insert these into the coronavirus.

Sources checking whether it was true that HIV and coronavirus have similarities found that while these sequences do pop up in HIV, they ALSO pop up in so many other viruses. There’s absolutely NO EVIDENCE that they are immediately suspect or that they were somehow genetically spliced in by the lab in China which is the implication. One out of four sequences is indeed found in both Wuhan coronavirus and HIV. The same sequence also appears in a virus that infects Streptococcus (spherical bacteria), which is of a rat virus in origin. They also appear in what is known as an “acute bee paralysis virus.”

Sorry, perhaps the culprit may just be mother nature and not some mad scientist in a lab. We should wait for a peer-to-peer review, but this claim from India appears to be bogus on the surface. It is not pointing out that this sequence also appears in many other viruses

What Percent of the Population Has the Coronavirus?

QUESTION: Marty, it seems that this virus is turning into a major scaremongering contest to boost ratings for people like CNN. Even if we take 10,000 cases in China with a population of 1.3 billion, the number of people infected is infinitesimal. Most people who get flu symptoms do not go to hospitals. It seems to me that even if there were 200,000 people infected with the vast majority never going to the hospital, this is really blown way out of proportion. Do you have any other info?

Thank you for being the only sane person out there.


ANSWER: The population of China is 1.386 billion. If we look at the stats from last year’s flu season, which peaks between December and February according to CDC, the 2018-2019 season, the CDC estimated that 16.5 million people went to a health care provider for the flu and more than 34,000 people died in the US last year. That was 5% of the American population. The proportion of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness increased slightly to 1.7%, which is below the national baseline of 2.2%. Even if we assume that 5% of the population in China get this coronavirus, that would still be less that 0.005% of the population of which about 2% would die. Even if the death rate were 10% as the conspiracy theories love to claim, then the loss to the population would still minimal.

This is by no means at the Black Plague level or some biological weapon with a kill ratio of 90%+. There may be many more people with the virus, but they do not seek medical outpatient help because it is still only like normal flu.