Release of the documentary film, VAXXED II: The People’s Truth. 

Margaret Mead once wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This week a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, led by Polly Tommey, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Brian Burrowes, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Dr. Brian Hooker are trying to change the world with the release of their documentary film, VAXXED II: The People’s Truth.  The film, which simply features parents talking about the reactions of their children to vaccines, including autism, paralysis, and death, has so threatened Big Pharma that the theaters showing the film must remain secret until the day before a showing.

This is not just a fight against Big Pharma.  It also involves a fight against Big Tech, as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are attempting with all of their billions of dollars to censor vaccine safety information across all their platforms, just as they are doing with political content supportive of President Trump.  Big China is also part of this axis of evil as a major portion of the vaccines and pharmaceuticals are being produced in China.  Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big China are part of an unholy alliance which is harming people all over the world, including Chinese citizens.

Big Pharma brings you your evening news, with estimates of anywhere from 40-60% of advertising revenues coming from Big Pharma.  Just watch an hour of your favorite news broadcast and count the number of Big Pharma commercials.  This includes the new outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, as well as Fox News.  Nobody escapes my condemnation.  Not Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and certainly not Jason Chaffetz, who was EXTENSIVELY briefed on CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, the subject of the first documentary, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

President Trump also comes in for substantial criticism, as his statements prior to becoming our Commander-in-Chief, were supportive of getting to the bottom of these questions, and claimed he wanted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to head a Vaccine Safety Commission, a promise which three years later remains unfulfilled.  Parents want answers, and they want unbiased scientists, not industry shills to do the research.  It truly is a “FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE,” and this small group of thoughtful, committed citizens deserve to have their film shown in the White House theater.  Anything less will probably result in a massive loss of support for a second term for our President.

A  guest post by an autism parent

Ebola Rising Again in Africa

While the bad news is Ebola has risen again and spread, the good news is that there has been an experimental vaccine that appears to have been 97.5% effective. The survival rate for children under the age of 5 seems to be only about 25%. As reported by the Telegraph, the previous nine outbreaks ended in just a few months and the death toll was less than 300. This current outbreak has killed approximately 1,800 people so far, which makes this outbreak the worst to date in the region. West Africa’s outbreak of 2014-2016 killed 11,323 and remains the deadliest on record.

Elijah Cummings, Corrupt Democrat Who Weaponized IRS to Target Catherine Engelbrecht, is DEAD…

Elijah Cummings is dead.  He was 68.

Cummings Corrupt Legacy Here

News reports indicate his death was due to a toxic infection, possibly a severe strain of Treponema pallidum that was dormant and reanimated following surgery.

Defeating Tomophobia: The Future of America Depends on It

Published on Jun 10, 2019

There are many ways Progressives might defeat Conservatism and destroy this country. But there’s one which you can personally prevent. Yes, you! Bill Whittle explains how defeating tomophobia among Conservatives is crucial to the pursuit of happiness. In fact, the future of America depends on it. Firewall is a production of the Members at We invite you to consider joining the ranks of these happy warriors.


The New Super-bug Reaches USA

Back in May 2018, a Brooklyn man entered Mount Sinai Hospital. A blood test revealed that he was infected with Candida Auris (CA) which is a newly discovered fungus that can be deadly if it enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. It is now one of the super-bugs immune to antibiotics. If CA enters the bloodstream, infections can spread throughout the body. It can also infect the ears and wounds. Some say this is a new mysterious disease.

This CA fungus preys on people with weakened immune systems. It has emerged in recent years and is quietly spreading across the globe. Over just the last five years, shown up in Venezuela, swept through a hospital in Spain, appeared in India, Pakistan, and South Africa. It is now appearing in the United States and may be spreading with immigration.

It is actually s type of yeast that can kill patients. Here in the USA, it has reached New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified it now has classified it among the “urgent threats.”

As the climate turns colder, this correlates to when a disease spreads and becomes pandemics. The Black Death was just one of those events which correlate to a colder climate.

The Marijuana Tax – How Did it Become Illegal & Why?


Marijuana has been prejudiced over the years by people who have never understood the risks and because there was concern that marijuana might compete with the paper industry. There was a campaign waged against marijuana that was born out of an anti-immigration movement against Mexicans. The Mexican Revolution began in 1910 and ran into about 1920. Consequently, many Mexicans immigrated to the U.S. to escape the conflict. This Mexican population had its own uses for cannabis, and they referred to it as “marihuana.” Not only did they use it for medicinal purposes, but they smoked it recreationally -– a new concept for white Americans. U.S. politicians quickly jumped on the opportunity to label cannabis “marihuana” in order to give it a bad rep by making it sound more authentically Mexican at a time of extreme prejudice. Many Americans became worried that there was some danger this drug would bring, thanks to newspapers calling Mexican cannabis use a “marijuana menace.” 

During the 1920s, many anti-marijuana campaigns were conducted to raise awareness about the many harmful effects the drug caused. These campaigns included radical claims stating that marijuana turned users into killers and drug addicts. They were all obviously fake, and made up in an attempt to get rid of Mexican immigrants. We begin to see newspaper articles appearing during the 1920s that were demonizing marijuana. In February 1925, as states were beginning to ban marijuana, the Times reported that a 27-year-old Mexican named Escrado Valle, “crazed from smoking marihuana…ran amuck today in a local hospital and killed six persons before he could be subdued.” Later that year it announced that the Mexican government had banned marijuana “To Stamp Out Drug Plant Which Crazes Its Addicts.” In 1927, the Times picked up on the theme of marijuana-crazed Mexicans again, reporting that “a widow and her four children have been driven insane by eating the Marihuana plant.” The paper cited “doctors” who “say that there is no hope of saving the children’s lives and that the mother will be insane for the rest of her life.” Yet according to the story, the family accidentally ate fresh cannabis plants, which are not psychoactive.

“A widow and her four children have been driven insane by eating the Marihuana plant, according to doctors, who say that there is no hope of saving the children’s lives and that the mother will be insane for the rest of her life,” read a New York Times story from 1927.

There has been much speculation that the reason for the campaign against cannabis began as an effort to demonize the hemp industry because it was feared to be a low-cost substitute for paper pulp. The paper industry, and more specifically the newspaper industry, led the charge against cannabis with Anslinger. William Randolph Hearst was a major player in demonizing marijuana. The lawyers involved in crafting the marijuana tax commended Hearst for his relentless published articles and “for pioneering the national fight against dope.” Hearst was a major newspaper publisher but also had significant investments in the paper industry. It was Hearst who pushed hard for the regulation and tax on Marijuana beginning in 1932.

Andrew Mellon and the DuPont family also had major investments in the timber and newspaper industries and a rise of hemp would have seemingly undercut their profits. Curiously, years later, manufacturing paper with hemp as the raw material proved that hemp lacks the qualities needed to become a major competitor of the traditional paper industry, as it does not contain a high enough concentration of cellulose to be an effective substitute.

NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Suffers Heart Attack….

According to a tweet from President Trump National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow has suffered a heart attack and is being treated at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Thoughts and prayers for Mr. Kudlow and his family.   UPDATE Statement Regarding Larry Kudlow:

Earlier today National Economic Council Director and Assistant to the President Larry Kudlow, experienced what his doctors say, was a very mild heart attack. Larry is currently in good condition at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and his doctors expect he will make a full and speedy recovery. The President and his Administration send their thoughts and prayers to Larry and his family, Sarah Sanders, Press Secretary.  (link)

How Cycles to Diseases are Ignored


It is amazing to me how, outside of physics, the world remains ignorant to the cycles that control absolutely everything right down to the cycle of life. Ebola, like everything else, conforms to cycles. Now another outbreak has just blinked in the Congo where there have been  two confirmed cases after a resurgence nearly 10 months from the last outbreak.

It is amazing how cycles never seem to be understood. Just about everyone has heard of the Black Death of 1348 and the Great Plague of 1665 that devastated London.

  • Great Plague of England (1348–1350)
  • London Plague (1592–1594)
  • Great Plague of London (1664–1665)
  • Bubonic plague The Third Pandemic (started in China; 1855 and was periodic into 1950s globally)

Nonetheless, both of these major events were no doubt terrible outbreaks of a disease that killed thousands of Londoners. However, what is less well-known than these famous outbreaks is that these were only two of nearly 20 outbreaks that London suffered between 1348 and 1665. That’s right. There were 20 such events with a cyclical frequency of about 16 years, killing around 20% of London’s population each time. There were four major events which conform to a cycle of about 112 years. There were even lesser outbreaks inbetween the major ones and sometimes the disease could continue for several years in a less serious form. When we put the entire list into the computer up until the present era, what popped out was a frequency of 8.6 years. Obviously, this too moves like the ECM, builds in intensity, and produces the big events. The next big one comes up in 2033 — one year after the ECM peaks.

There are diseases that have wiped out the population when it turned cold and there was a poor harvest. That type of event took place in 1555, 1586, 1596, 1623, 1723, and later in 1846. This cluster of disease was caused when the energy output of the Sun was at a minimum and the climate turned cold. The 1846 event was hot and dry. This is what we must be concerned about with global cooling.

The greatest danger is the fact that with the migration of refugees into Europe, this presents a serious risk for carriers of the disease. Politicians are totally ignorant of life in general. It was Gaëtan Dugas (February 20, 1953 – March 30, 1984) who was a Canadian employee and flight attendant of Air Canada who brought AIDS from Africa to North America. It was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who traced it all the way back to this one individual they called “patient zero.” Despite the fact this has been disputed, the point is that someone, if not Dugas, crossed borders transporting the disease with them.

The one disease that the migrants have brought into Europe has been tuberculosis. Just being exposed to a person in the same restaurant or airplane carries the risk of you becoming infected as well. I turned up positive because of my travels and had to be treated.

There is another tremendous risk which is criminal prosecutions in the USA. Anyone charged with a crime takes precedence over anything else. America is importing diseases from South America and Africa because the prosecutor needs to further their career. If the person is sick, who cares. They must be punished and that takes precedent. They never provided any health care for prisoners in London. The plagues would begin in the prisons. Not until they figured that out and judges with prosecutors began to die did they begin to take care of prisoners. It was not for them – it was for the judges and prosecutors. Still, many prisoners die because they are not taken care of. They will report that in Britain, but the American press ignores the treatment of prisoners and always supports the government as a general rule.

There is no question that with all the cross-border connections taking place right now, it is impossible to contain any disease to one area.

Global Cooling Reducing Food Supply

What food is not hit by various Pandemic diseases, the weather seems to be wiping out the rest. In Germany, farmers have experienced 42% less crop in fruit in 2017 compared to 2016. According to the Federal Statistical Office, all crops are affected by drastic losses due to extreme cold. The reason is being attributed to the strong night frosts from the end of April in 2017. Everything from pears to cherries has been affected.

I myself had some Bird of Paradise plants in my front yard. It turned very cold here in Florida for a night or two. All four of my plants died.

Global Cooling is far more dangerous than Global Warming. It is amazing the propaganda machine they use seems bent on making sure we are not prepared.

Pandemic Can hit the Food Supply

We tend to think about a disease that infects humans or even animals that results in widespread crisis. However, what is also unfolding is a rise in a disease that infects the food supply. Wheat leaf rust is a fungal disease that affects wheat, barley and rye stems, leaves, and grains. This is now beginning to appear as a PANDEMIC since scientists have shown that the first appearance of wheat stem rust disease that appeared in Britain about 60 years ago and had reappeared since 2013, was caused by the same virulent fungal strain that was responsible for recent wheat stem rust outbreaks in Ethiopia, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

We are beginning to see PANDEMICS in a disease that also infects agriculture. This is not a trend we want to see given our computer is projecting a rise in food prices going into 2024. This crop disease is on the rise and can seriously disrupt our food supply. The cocoa farms in southwestern Nigeria, which is the nation’s primary growing region, has been hit with the outbreak of a fungal disease identified as dieback. This disease simply kills the plant.