Bill Gates Medical Tyranny and his Plan to Take Over the World

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”

These are the words of one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Rush. He signed the Declaration of Independence. Today his fear is realized, but the medical dictatorship is not undercover. It’s now in our faces and turning us into submissive citizen cattle.

Using fear as a whip, the tyrants have herded We The Sheeple into our homes, where we’ve been told to remain for an indefinite period of time.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He’s a top medical ‘authority’ who is also good friends with Hillary Clinton and the Deep State. Fauci is a medical Napoleon (though not as tall) who recommends a nationwide lockdown and a month of ‘social distancing.’ These recommendations are unconstitutional, but they are backed up by brute force regardless. Kentucky courts recently ruled that coronavirus patients had to wear GPS ankle monitors if they refuse to stay at home. They say ‘it’s the law.’ Just like that.

The AMA, the WHO, the CDC and the rest of the medical authorities are corrupt and in league with the globalist Deep State. None of them care if our constitutional rights are violated. Our federal government doesn’t care about us, either. Our rights be damned. They think we can be bought off with a paltry thousand bucks or so. Rights that were hard fought for and won by bloodshed are now easily traded in for ’safety.’

Bill Gates is a eugenicist and medical tyrant who controls a foundation that is intertwined with Big Pharma and medical institutions worldwide. His goal is to jab needles containing coronavirus vaccines into the arms of every human being on the face of the Earth. He also wants us all digitally tracked. With each vaccine, Bill wants to add a tiny, digital element which will provide biometric identification. If this isn’t the ‘mark of the beast,’ I don’t know what is.

We have not protested or pushed back against this medical tyranny. That emboldens control freaks such as Gates. Things will get worse. We have already been forced into our ghettos. What’s next, digital arm bands of sorts? (Yes, history does repeat itself). Why not just tattoo us like the Nazis did, Bill? Will you demand bluetooth armbands be worn to wirelessly transmit medical data at all checkpoints? We won’t hear that old phrase “Your papers, please” everywhere because the ‘authorities’ will know automatically.

What will happen if we refuse to be vaccinated, tagged, bagged? The tyrants will punish us. We might be fined. We will be vilified by their lying, mass media. We will not be able to travel, go to public places, or hold a job.

It’s hard-core tyranny and it’s coming our way, but we must resist the ‘mandatory’ vaccinations to come.

Resist the Deep State’s medical tyranny!

—Ben Garrison

EWTN Reporter Owen Jensen Would Have People Go Hungry

Jensen must have lots of food at home. Hope he isn’t hoarding it

Judi McLeod image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 6, 2020

EWTN  Reporter Owen Jensen Would Have People Go HungryThere must be plenty of food at EWTN White House Correspondent reporter Owen Jensen’s house.

Otherwise why would he want President Donald Trump to consider a shutdown of all businesses nationwide—including grocery stores and fast food outlets?

“Obviously, we know anyone can spread the disease unwittingly,” Jensen said when it was his turn to question President Trump.  “So, why even have a few businesses open? Why not just shut everything down?” (Daily Wire, April 5, 2020)

“There are grocery stores that are open, fast food places,” Jensen continued. “Why even take a little chance? Just shut it all down.”

“We’ll answer that question later,” Trump responded. “All I can say is that right now, things are looking really good and opening up with a bang will be a great thing.“

White House correspondents who cover the president’s Coronavirus Task Force are supposed to report back to the people on the latest status of the COVID-19 coronavirus,  not use the opportunity to tell the president what to do.

If the president took Jensen’s suggestion to heart and shut down all businesses nationwide, including grocery stores and fast food outlets, people would go hungry.

Owen’s snarky suggestions to the president

You would think that working for Catholic television network EWTN that Jensen would know all about sharing loaves and fishes.

When Jensen is not making snarky suggestions to the president, he tweets out messages that are well, downright pious.

He wants folks to pray for transit workers, people not riding escalators and riding Metro.

Doesn’t he pray for them to have food?

Many of the tweets are about him, and he always removes his glasses first:

Owen Jensen@owentjensen

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Owen Jensen@owentjensen

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Journalists social distancing in briefing room.

Owen Jensen@owentjensen

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Jensen must have lots of food at home.  Hope he isn’t hoarding it.

The COVID illusion and the currency reset

The reset: not all at once; step by step

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 6, 2020

The COVID illusion and the currency resetWhen this highly destructive farce is over, there are several ways things could go.  In this article, I describe one path.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank (WB) are joined at the hip.  In 2018, they double-knotted their ties by forming a partnership to monitor outbreaks and epidemics before they spread.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

Basically, behind the scenes, the deal looks like this: WHO creates the illusion of global epidemics; WB steps in later, to pick up the pieces of the result—-injured national economies—-by shelling out loans to governments.

These loans always carry conditions.  The prime condition is: let in private, roaming, foreign, predatory, private investors so they can take over vital sectors of a nation: energy, agriculture, water, etc.

But this time, WHO, as planned, has gone ballistic.  The lockdowns are shredding economies.  It’s not going to be “here’s a loan.”

It’s more on the order of: we have to bail out everybody.

How is that done?

Step by step, through switching over one kind of illusory money for another kind of illusory money.

“We invented one kind of money out of thin air, and it reached the end of the line.  Now we have to invent another kind of all new money out of thin air.”

Universal guaranteed income (UGI)  Eventually, for everyone

Universal guaranteed income (UGI).  Eventually, for everyone.

It, too, comes with conditions, gradually implemented.  Basically, the deal is: “we pay you, and you obey us.”

The behavioral side of the model is the Chinese regime, which works obedience through a “social credit score.”

Infractions lower the score.  In which case, the violator can’t travel on a plane or send his kids to certain schools or stay in certain hotels or start a business.  There are levels of punishments.

Infractions include walking a dog off a leash, spreading fake news, crossing against a red light, failure to separate garbage properly, business fraud—-little and big offenses.

Under a global UGI, it would be: “Here’s your monthly digital check, now follow orders, or your money might be reduced.  Be a good citizen.”

Of course, a system like this requires complete and utter surveillance, public and private, every which way.

The holy grail is energy quotas for every person.  “Mr. Smith, this is your wall talking through the glorious Internet of Things.  Your energy number for the month is reaching its limit.  I want to help you avoid that limit and the social credit score penalties that would be enforced.  I’m going to initiate brown-outs and dimming in your home for the next two weeks.  Your Internet will be shut down—-excepting the hours of midnight to three in the morning.  Cook all your meals for the day between four and five am…”

Behavior control

Behavior control.  What’s going on now is a tune-up for the future.  Now they say: stay indoors, don’t let in visitors.  Stand in line outside stores, keeping a distance of six feet.  Report people who appear sick.  Get tested.  Wash your hands a dozen times a day.  In the future, the list of rules and regs will be different, but the overall theme will be the same: be a good citizen and contribute to a better world.  Be sincere and earnest and helpful.  Don’t rebel.

And just like now, many, many people will respond: “Yes, thank you.  I like the straight and narrow.  I like the feeling of contributing to something larger than myself.  I like the collective.  I like the fact that we’re all in this together.”

A sub-population of these people will want to do more.  They’ll want to join the government.  They’ll want to help the government enforce the rules.  They’ll want to “express their energy.”  They would, if asked, gladly march in columns down streets, salute, hand out summons, make arrests, and even commit violent acts under orders.

They would wear crisp uniforms, and take oaths.  They would want ranks and seals.  They would like to be called ELITE.

Because history means nothing to such people, they’ll never know names like SS, Red Guards, or Stasi.  But that’s what they’ll be.

Unless the whole plan for a technocratic Brave New World is exposed and falls apart, because enough people remember another name and know what it means:

The first great propaganda theme will be: HELP US BUILD A BETTER WORLD


When this fake pandemic crisis is declared “done,” several themes will emerge.  They will be promoted in various ways, employing many messages.  I’m talking about official government and media propaganda.

First of all, the “pandemic” will be described as major turning point in human history.  A great shock to the system.  All sorts of professional shills and bullshitters will talk about BP and AP.  BEFORE THE PANDEMIC and AFTER THE PANDEMIC.

We will be told, “We can’t go back to the way it was before.”

The first great propaganda theme will be: HELP US BUILD A BETTER WORLD.  This message is for the sincere people who want to pitch in and do good, in a collective sense.  “Let’s build a better world where we can avoid these pandemics, or see them earlier.  Let’s form a civilization where equality and justice for all is the top priority.  Let’s all share and care…”  If you’re looking for logic, forget it.  In whatever way they can, the propagandists will imply that somehow the pandemic was a signal that we must “do better.”  We must “get through it together” as we did during the crisis.  The love we showed then must be the love we show now.  An appeal to idealists everywhere who fall for vague generalities like cats fall for catnip.

The second great theme, aimed at the educated class and the technical types and the scientists and “thinkers,” will be: ORGANIZATION.  “We must organize world civilization more effectively.”  Because somehow, that was the problem Before the Pandemic.  Lack of organization allowed things to get out of hand.  We can’t any longer be separate groups and nations going their separate ways.  Too much disorder.  We need better structures in every phase of life.  We need more interconnection and coordination.  The educated class loves this stuff.  It fits their image of success.  If society operates like a machine, problems will be solved.

Floating is an illusion.  The tide moves in a planned direction.  Toward a shore that isn’t pretty

The third great propaganda theme is aimed at all sorts of people who emerged from their lockdown and self-isolation, took a walk in a park on a spring day, and suddenly remembered what they had been missing.  Their relief nearly reaches a point of hysteria, as at the end of a World War.  The theme is: NEVER AGAIN.  “We don’t want to go back to those dark days under any circumstances, and whatever it takes, we’re on board.  Tell us what to do.”

With these themes in hand, the technocracy can be enacted.  We’re all for building a better world.  We must organize it with t’s crossed and i’s dotted.  And we must never go back into the dark.

Unless people remember what is left out.  THE INDIVIDUAL.  And FREEDOM.

Technocratic operators are counting on us to forget.  They’re counting on many people who value freedom to say, “Well, it’s all hopeless.  I know what freedom is, but too many others don’t.  So why bother.  I’ll just surrender and float on the tide.”

Floating is an illusion.  The tide moves in a planned direction.  Toward a shore that isn’t pretty.

Are things pretty now?

That’s called a clue.

US Deterrent Against War was Our Economy – Not Nukes!

The most important threat that Bill Gates has done is he has invited war. He has so weakened the economy of the West that he has placed the West in the very same position as the Roman Empire. Once it was weakened from within, that is the calling card for others to attack. The power of the United States was not our nuclear missiles. The fact that the United States had the largest consumer economy in the world that the rise of Europe from the ashes of World War II, Japan, and China, were all dependent upon the American consumer. Destroying that base means that these other nations no longer can be sustained by selling to Americans. If Americans catch a cold, the rest of the world gets pneumonia.

It is a basic military strategy that the next war will be fought with a multitude of means. That is not limited to strictly military. While World War I was fought with chemical weapons, the next will be fought with biological weapons which will fall under the non-military category. They will be deployed to strike during times of conflict. With people like Bill Gates and his single-minded objective of reducing population,  he has created that internal conflict and destroyed the American consumer market which was our greatest deterrent to war.

As other economics now implode unable to sell to Americans because he has advocated shutting down America and has his lap-dog Fauci impose it, he has set in motion the greatest threat to world war. Germany, for example, is a mercantilist economy dependent upon selling manufacture to everyone else. Germans rank among the poorest in Europe. Italians have a greater net worth. As all of the external economics move into major declines and their people suffer, the plot thickens to blame this on Americans and tensions will rise.

Additional non-military strategies, of course, hacking into websites, targeting financial institutions, terrorism, using the media, and instigating class-warfare internally. But encouraging the west to move to digital currencies, then you both hack the system and target the power grids. This will undermine the economic ability to even fight. That is what the Germans were doing to Britain. Counterfeiting British pound notes and dropping them from planes with the hope of undermining the economy.

Bill Gates is a threat to World Peace. He has been using the World Economic Forum to infiltrate world leaders.

Bill Gates Will Fail

COMMENT:  Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I read with great interest your article on what Bill Gates is preparing for us. Rest assured he will fail 100000000%
Do you know why I am so sure?
It is very simple: I write from Europe and I know that there is a sport that is not your favourite but it is the VERY PASSION OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE on this planet and that is soccer/ football. If anyone tries to kill this sport (as I understand by what Bill Gates is hinting at,” no mass gatherings”) he would be going against these several billions. Bill gates and all his supporters will be squashed before they have a chance to make any serious progress. I suspect that already all the political class in many countries is fully aware that they can’t hold the population at home for months on end.
People will come out and demand their soccer games and their basketball games and their rugby games and let’s see how Bill Gates and his supporters are going to stop them, NO CHANCE !!

Your great President, President Trump said just recently that he would like to see the Stadiums full again soon. He understands the people very well.

We live in a very connected world and there is no one who knows that better than you !! It is enough that several countries will not be able to stand up to the their populations and will allow mass gatherings for sports events and there you have it , a snow ball that will encircle the globe, snow ball that Bill Gates and his ilk will be impotent to stop.

I fully support you and everything you wrote in that article, really very important, but I am also seeing the confrontation these leftists loonies are going to have with people who will not think twice before rising up to have their games again or else …..

Kind regards,

REPLY: I fully concur. Our models show that this is part of the cycle the computer has been forecasting the rise in civil unrest on the War Cycle and then we have the Revolutionary Cycle which was also due here in 2020. On top of that, I have been warning that the computer was showing that this 2020 presidential election would be the most violent since the 1960s. Still, add to that, the computer forecast that the Democratic Party may split.

There is certainly the youth who believe in Bernie and are pushing for an independent run. They have expressed deep resentment about the Democratic Party as being corrupt. They are unlikely to vote for Biden. He is not raising money for many see he lacks enthusiasm. The secret agenda has been to draft Hilary. We may see stiff resistance to that among the ranks. Then we have Cuomo from New York who keeps trying to grab the national microphone to get attention and many see he has been toying with a possible draft or at the very least a VP position.

Biden, instead, brought Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer onto his newly launched podcast because he thinks he needs a woman running mate, regardless of her qualifications. This is what politics has come down to, gender and race. Nothing else matters because they assume the people are too stupid to know better. Women will just vote for a woman and blacks will vote for blacks. They assume we are all just superficial morons.

Bill Gates, in my opinion, has become a megalomaniac, which is a person who is obsessed with their own power. His views on reducing the population are clearly instilled in him from his father since childhood who was highly criticized as supporting abortion among minorities to reduce their number – hence a closet racist. This predetermined conclusion from his father made him quickly embrace the Global Warming for the threat was the world population growth which he took upon himself had to be stopped, like his father.



His vision of implanting chips in everyone is really so strange it is definitely reminiscent of the Nazi-Era – “Papers Please!” A lot of people are seeing him as the anti-Christ inserting the infamous 666 in people and without that, you will be prevented from buying or selling.

I think Gates is so off the track it is hard to even decide where to start a debate. There is nothing he proposes that I find reasonable and points to failed attempts throughout history. One of the earliest known references to paperwork that served in a role similar to that of a passport is found in the Hebrew Bible. Nehemiah 2:7–9, dating from approximately 450BC, states that Nehemiah, an official serving King Artaxerxes I of Persia, asked permission to travel to Judea; the king granted leave and gave him a letter “to the governors beyond the river” requesting safe passage for him as he traveled through their lands.


Already we have people in the government taking Bill Gates’ proposals that people be locked down without proof they are disease-free. This same idea is surfacing in some Baltic states. The idea of a passport was expanded to having documentation to travel within your own country. The Chinese bureaucracy as early as the Western Han, if not in the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC) required such details as age, height, and bodily features to be able to travel. These passports known as Zhuan determined a person’s ability to move throughout imperial counties and through points of control – Papers Please! Even children needed passports, but those of one year or less who were in their mother’s care might not have needed them.

Bill Gates will unleash civil war. You cannot suppress people in this manner. I think he is highly dangerous and a megalomaniac. His ideas of reducing the population were clearly installed during his childhood. I find it very disturbing that and he and Soros of trying to impose their ideas upon society by force.


Fake Statistics to Boost Deaths of COVID-19 Proving this is Political

COMMENT: Martin,

As always…THANK YOU.

I have been reading your works since you were writing from the hole. So much gratitude for your surviving and for putting that behind you and getting on with your life’s work and gifts to humanity. I now read your works from the daily blog and as a Pro subscriber. Your and Socrate’s perspectives are instrumental in the lens from which I view/interpret the world.

I feel strongly that the below is important further information on the skewing of statistics in the COVID-19 debacle by CDC directive. I became aware of it through Green Med Info, of which the website link and full article are at the bottom of this email.

Immediately below is the pdf and link to the CDC document cited in the Green Med Info article. Operative words, and why I am sending this to your and Socrates attention is in the last paragraph:  “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

Sending this from down under in Oz where the beaches are still open, as are the National Park walking trails just up the valley here on the S.E. coast of Queensland.

Gratitude and Deep Bows,

REPLY: Yes, thank you. I have a cousin who is a nurse and many clients working with these very people. So I know what is going on. Any death from the flu is assigned to this coronavirus. They are attributing the cause of death to this virus without confirmation:

Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause?
The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate.
However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID19 being the underlying cause more often than not.

Download Here:


Bill Gates is the Greatest Threat to Your Future

Bill Gates is the single greatest threat to your future. His entire agenda is to outlaw all gatherings until you are vaccinated and chipped so they know you are vaccinated. This man is conspiring to take down Western culture. The Left has jumped on his band-wagon so rapidly, this is an unquestionable coup with the VERY SAME objective of the Global Warming he also has been pushing. We are in a very battle for our own freedom. He is wiping out the economy and all jobs unless you accept his agenda. He has destroyed small businesses and pushed his personal agenda to deprive people of their livelihoods and he has suppressed the poor even the worst. They were living pay-check to pay-check.

This is exactly the approach of Adolf Hitler took before he turned against the Jews. He was systematically killing invalids and war veterans who had been handicapped during World War I. They were inferior and this is what Gates is proposing with his vaccines that you are inferior without it. You either accept his chips, or you will be permanently confined to your house and starved to death I suppose because you will be unable to hold a job.

Hitler took the physically and mentally handicapped and viewed them as a threat to his Aryan race and these people were deemed as “useless” to society, and, ultimately, unworthy of life. There are countries already considering bans on entering the public unless you have been vaccinated. It is one thing if we were facing the Black Death with 50% death rates. We are running 10% of the death rate of the flu. So what is going on? This makes no sense for a virus. There will be many more so do we need a chip for every disease? Refuse and we are a threat to his great society? Sounds very Aryan race to me.

Hitler rose to power PRECISELY on the Pi Target – 1932.89. Bill Gates has unleashed his conspiracy against the people precisely on the turn of the ECM on January 18, 2020. There was a meeting in Switzerland where select people were told this virus would crash everything so get out of your stocks and bonds (this is not speculation or a guess).

We are looking at an authoritarian government coming to the West by 2024. Bill Gates is openly destroying the Industrial Revolution and proposing to imprison us unless we accept his dogma. When like minds such as his and Soros end up at the end place, it is called a conspiracy. Socialist politicians are far too eager to accept this simply because they know their systems are collapsing.

Bill Gates’ father was on the board of Planned Parenthood which many saw as a covert means to justify abortion among minorities in a very similar way to Hitler’s cleansing. Bill Gates in an interviewsaid:  “When I was growing up, my parents were almost involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that.”

His views of overpopulation are dominated in his CO2 arguments on how to prevent climate change by reducing the population. He and his puppet Fauci are trying to block anything other than his vaccine when studies in France have shown 100% effective use. Gates is cheering the death toll to support his agenda.

The leftist hate Trump and send me such hate mail while pretending to be pacifists. They think freedom is their right to force everyone else to comply with their vision. My vision is to just split the country and the left move left and everyone else moves to the right and construct a wall down the center. I believe you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I was not born to be some else’s slave and do not want them to be my slave. They are not satisfied with that – they must oppress everyone to their idea. That is authoritarianism and they can’t even see that.


There is So Much Professional Dissent Against Fauci & Gates


What is discussed here is the way cycles work. Professor Wittkowski explains that because of this insane intervention to try to flatten the curve, they have deliberately prolonged the crisis and have prevented the majority of the people from building a natural immunity to this virus so vaccines would NOT be necessary, proving Bill Gates is WRONG!!!!!


I have explained that the very same impact of prolonging the bear market took place in Japan and undermined their entire economy. The government intervened to flatten the downward curve which only prolonged the bear market. Why? Institutions kept holding on because they believed the government would support the Nikkei and make it go back up. The institutions would not add to their portfolios for their confidence had been destroyed. This became a market where they would use every rally to sell.

In the case of the 1929 Crash, it was over and done within 34 months compared to nearly 26 years in Japan. Yes, it fell dramatically. If the government intervenes, the bear market is merely prolonged because people hold rather than liquidate and move on.

The advice being carried out by Fauci and Bill Gates is ABSOLUTELY wrong, and it has unnecessarily destroyed the economy. There should be a class-action suit filed against the Gates Foundation – NOW!!!!!!

ABC’s Jonathan Karl Invites Chinese Communist Party to Attend White House Coronavirus Briefing…

Remember when President Trump said the U.S. media were the enemy of the American people? Well, consider this… In another clear example of how the U.S. media will do anything in their effort to undermine President Trump, yesterday they held hands with Chinese communists.

ABC News chief Washington DC narrative engineer Jonathan Karl is the current rotating head of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA).  The WHCA has a customary and traditional role of selecting the journalists who will participate in the White House daily briefing.

Yesterday WHCA head Jonathan Karl invited a known propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the briefing room to question President Trump.  However, President Trump immediately pegged the CCP propagandist and asked her directly:


The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is actually owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer. [LINK]

That said, the bigger question should be asked of Jonathan Karl:  Why did the White House Correspondents Association intentionally invite a communist propagandist to attend the briefing?… Asking questions about a crisis the Chinese communists created?

Perhaps more disturbing; and clearly exhibiting his political alignment with the effort; Dr. Fauci signals his approval for Jonathan Karl’s efforts as he exited the briefing.  WATCH:

Replying to @allidoisowen

Embedded video

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After Fauci deliberately ensured he was the last person to exit the stage, he attempted the sly signal of a ‘job well done’ in return to the salute he received from Jonathan Karl.

Again WATCH:

Jennifer Jacobs


Embedded video
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Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden Tied in National Poll of Democrat Likely Voters…

The DNC Club, and specifically the super-delegates who hold ultimate power, have been very smart in how they are playing out the final DNC candidate for the 2020 presidential race.   While the polling shows a dead heat; if you ask the club voters if Joe Biden will be their candidate, a much bigger majority admit he will not.

Interestingly, the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters, including those who are admittedly in the never-biden camp, would welcome Andrew Cuomo as the alternative.

The objective, as it first appeared to become clear, was/is to position NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as the reluctant ‘consensus’ nominee.  A candidate maneuvered by necessity into position; a radical departure from the traditionally controlled voting system within the club; but not really as radical as one might think considering private club rules.

RASSUSSEN – […] The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 46% of Likely Democratic Voters still believe Biden would make a better presidential candidate for their party this fall. But just as many (45%) opt for Cuomo instead, even though he isn’t even in the race. Nine percent (9%) are undecided.

Among all likely voters, it’s Biden 38%, Cuomo 38%, with 24% not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Fifty-three percent (53%) have a favorable opinion of Cuomo, who has been in the news battling the coronavirus’ devastating hit on New York State. Just 33% view him unfavorably. This includes 25% with a Very Favorable opinion and 14% with a Very Unfavorable one. Another 14% don’t know enough about Cuomo to venture any kind of opinion of him.

As recently as August 2018, just 29% of voters shared a favorable opinion of the New York governor. Sixty-seven percent (67%) disagreed with Cuomo’s comment at the time that “we’re not going to make American great again. It was never that great.” (read more)

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t exit the DNC convention (however it is held or handled) as the consensus nominee… well, I’ll eat a rice cake.

The ‘good cop bad cop’ routine with NY City Mayor Bill deBlasio just seemed a little too scripted… Then the framework of a usefully constructed contrast narrative started to become clear… Then, as if on cue, all national broadcasts started being interrupted for maximum exposure; again a little odd.

A deep, very deep, connection to Bloomberg reappeared as a little flashing light in the corner of the picture… Then the Murdoch’s started to shape the landscape; curiosity piqued… Followed by positioning that seems a little too centrally located in the political sphere.. Then Hannity and Bannon started singing his praises.  Well, Bannon doesn’t exactly have a good track record of judgement… I digress.  But it really wasn’t until the CIA started publishing their endorsement that things possibly started making sense.

It would take the construct, at least the optics of, a reluctantly drafted candidate to pull it off. Then again, what is all this – if not that.  Watch Cuomo’s eyes:


Notice how the graphics appearing on the screen are timed to prompt the oration; and all of it is targeting heart message, emotion over logic.

There is a teleprompter directly in front of and below Cuomo so he can reference the graphics as he gives his press remarks. You can see him checking the monitor for the next prompt. This is all rehearsed. Everything about this is a production.

A prepared script, graphics with points of emphasis, along with national media interrupting all broadcasts to run these messages, this draft nomination effort is brilliantly designed.

Meanwhile, voters in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, California and Michigan are wondering why they are watching a New York governor presser every day on their televisions.

You have to admit these are brilliant political operations.

Andrew Cuomo cannot hint he would be open to such a convention possibility because the democrat voters, who don’t understand private political club rules, may suddenly realize their precious “democracy”, vis-a-vis an election process, is really not what they think…

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