Can the United States Survive this Political Hatred?

It is absolutely insane what the government has done to the economy. Bank of America says 85,000 small businesses have asked for $22.2 billion in loans since 9 am. Meanwhile, Google has come to the aid of the Democrats and is allowing them to run Coronavirus Advertisements to further harm the economy and to blame every death on Trump. They are using this to simply win an election with no regard for the well being of people or the economy. Everyone is ignoring the fact that Italy even topped-out on March 20th. We may still see a peak in the USA next week.

Then America’s favorite, AOC, claims this is a racist plot and people of color should be given reparation payments because they are suffering more. This is becoming really disgusting and it makes one question indeed will the United States even survive as a nation-state by 2032.

Peter Navarro Responds to 3M CEO Excuses – Stop Complaining and Do Your Damned Job…

Suffice to say 3M CEO Mike Roman will not be sending a Christmas card to the White House this year.  White House manufacturing advisor, and policy lead for the execution of the Defense Production Act, Peter Navarro, tells 3M to stop with the PC excuses and just do their damned job….  Perfect.

Kraft and Conagra Shut Down Restaurant Supply Manufacturing Plants – Simultaneously Expand Retail Manufacturing Due to Excessive Demand…

Hopefully the advanced information CTH provided on the food supply-chain has helped to understand the issues, challenges and demands many are seeing.  Inside the food manufacturing industry the impacts of COVID-19 are stunning; crazy increases in business; and there are going to be interim shortages on popular products.

To understand the ongoing issues with empty shelves, and also prepare for future shortages on specific products (hint: buy extra pet food now), here’s some interesting background:

Champaign, Illinois – […] “We can’t make enough mac and cheese right now,” said Dilton “Dee” Gibbs, plant manager at the facility that makes half of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese sold in the U.S., as well as A-1 steak sauce, mayonnaise and salad dressings.

The packaged food giant, along with many of its peers, has had to ramp up production amid an abrupt reversal in consumer trends. Shoppers who in recent years shunned processed foods in favor of fresher, healthier and more premium products are now loading up on shelf-stable standbys as shelter-in-place orders force vast swaths of the nation’s population to prepare for a long stretch of cooking at home.

[…] Kraft Heinz, co-headquartered in Chicago and Pittsburgh, said demand for numerous products, from ketchup to Kool-Aid, has been up sharply since pandemic fears sent consumers into a stockpiling frenzy.

Macaroni and cheese sales, which grew just 1.6% in 2019, were up 27% during the 13 weeks that ended March 21 compared with the same period last year, the company said. Sales of Heinz vinegar have been robust, perhaps because people are using it not only to cook but also to make cleaning solutions.

To be sure, all sorts of food has been flying off the shelves. Year-over-year sales of rice, beans and pasta more than tripled during the week that ended March 21, according to Nielsen. Fresh meat sales doubled and oranges, dense with immunity-boosting vitamin C, grew 57%.

But products that had fallen out of favor in recent years are making a fierce comeback. Packaged soup sales shot up 237%, according to Nielsen. Canned meat surged 282%.

[…] Credit Suisse has projected that retail sales of packaged food companies will grow, on average, by as much as 15% to 30% during March through May. Some of the largest companies have announced production increases by as much as 40% to keep up with demand, it said.

[…] “The priority right now is producing the maximum amount of food that we can possibly produce,” [Conagra CEO Scott] Connolly told investors on a conference call Tuesday.

The company has shifted employees from its food service production lines, where demand has dropped drastically because of mandated temporary restaurant closures, to the lines making products sold in grocery stores.. Its planned rollouts of new products are being put on hold at some retailers that want to focus on core staples.

As a result, consumers might see less variety on shelves as companies focus on churning out the most in-demand products, said Geoff Freeman, CEO of the Consumer Brands Association, an industry trade group.

Unilever has said some variations of its products may be unavailable as it focuses on its most popular sizes of Hellman’s mayonnaise and flavors of Knorr meal mixes.

“There will be no shortage of product,” Freeman said. “Product will be there, but perhaps not some of our choice.”

[…] And the lean, efficient supply chains companies have adopted to save money also are being reconsidered as manufacturers weigh the benefits of redundancies in the event of an emergency, Fereday said.

There will likely be a move toward de-globalizing the supply chain in favor of local suppliers, he said. (read more)

Read that again, considering the influence of Big AG:  “There will likely be a move toward de-globalizing the supply chain”…  That is good news.

BACKGROUND – By now the majority of protein manufacturing has caught up. Beef and pork should be solid at your local market; however, chicken, while available, will lag to full replenishment capacity in the protein sector. The reason is: “chicken” is an ingredient component in many shelf stable items (soup etc.), that are still short as the manufacturing sector runs at capacity.

We enter a phase where grain commodities are now arriving at manufacturing.

♦ Between the Appalachian mountain range and the Colorado mountain range there is a massive amount of grain, meal, and derivative (farming) product generated. Thin component inventories, now exhausted at processing, are the cause of the current manufacturing supply chain stress… This lag will take a little longer.

There are train-loads of grain products heading both East and West daily; but there is a process of background prioritization taking place within the grain (total), flour, meal, rice and dried beans sector. The downstream ingredient system has a long-term and short-term priority schedule.

Example: total flour is prioritized to industrial bakeries for the production of bread. Nationally retail or consumer flour shortages are caused by prioritization in this part of the supply-chain.

Dry pasta will eventually catch up as manufacturers receive millions of metric tonnes of raw material. However, the canned pasta derivatives (think Chef Boyardee etc.) will come after. The same applies to macaroni (mac-n-cheese) manufacturing.

The grain and row crop farmers are loving the emptying of regional, industrial, dry storage silos; there will be a long-term benefit in the next harvest season.

Remember, chicken is a base ingredient for many shelf-stable items such as soup noodles (Ramen), as well as wet and dry soups. The temporary shortage of chicken will extend for an unknown time-frame as the retail chicken and manufacturing sector are both pulling from Chicken farmers. Because both segments are pulling inventory, the ability of soup manufacturers to catch up is a little limited. You are probably noticing that on retail shelves.

Chicken is also a big part of frozen processed food production. In addition to chicken nuggets, patties etc; it is also the primary ingredient for many blends of frozen dinner foods.

Rice is similar in that it is a base ingredient for a variety of sectors: plain rice, shelf stable blends, stuffings and many frozen prepared meals pull from rice harvests.

The manufacturing sector will catch up, but the raw material is diversely spread into multiple manufacturing segments; so it takes a bit longer.

A note of caution, the dry pet foods category could also see a slight shortage in manufacturing as they draw from rice and grain supplies.  You might see some empty shelves of dry dog and cat foods as a consequence. [Just an fyi]

Fruit juices are abundant as the seasonality of berries has left very little disruption in that sector. Water and enhanced water products that use fruit juices were only constrained by distribution issues (phases two and three), and those should be back to normal. Frozen fruit products and desserts also unaffected (except for distribution).

Dehydrated potato products will also catch up soon as the retail demand is never too extreme on an ordinary basis. They don’t need to manufacture too many dried potato varieties to catch up. Frozen potato products are only a distribution capacity issue. Good ol’ taters are solid.

Dried beans again are a multi-segment derivative. Used in dry and wet soups, shelf stable products, rice blends, pet foods etc. It might take a little longer to see raw dried beans back in stock as the manufacturing sector for the derivatives soaks up the beans. Wet beans (baked beans) should be back in business very soon; if not already.

Canned vegetable production is almost unimaginable in scale amid the big manufacturers. One can assume they are buying up the bulk row crops, wet beans and corn silos from all sources. However, on the positive side they can crank out canned vegetables at an astonishing rate and the restaurant bulk business doesn’t need it.

Overall, the majority of products should be back on our store shelves, sans some specific brands, very soon (depending on region). It’s the manufactured shelf-stable items that are now playing catch-up.

Meat cases should have ample products as the distribution was running 24/7 for almost the past month; again, with the single exception of chicken as noted above.

Retail eggs may take longer as eggs are also needed as a raw material.

On the paper and chemical side there is still a big void. However, that void is almost certainly an issue with “cube space” prioritization from phase two and three; and a demand shift from commercial to consumer.  First, ‘cube space’ is literally the amount of space it takes to ship products.  Paper goods take up a lot of shipping space and with demands on food – paper good distribution is not as critical or urgent.  Food comes first.

Second, toilet paper is two sides of a slightly different product, commercial and consumer.  Commercial TP demand is down 40% while consumer TP demand is up 40%.  The TP you use at home is not the same as the stuff you use at the office, school, restaurant, public restroom etc.  Both products manufactured differently; both packaged differently; both manufactured to fit different dispensing equipment.

Consumer, home use TP, now in +40% demand.  The industrial scratchy, big roll, individually wrapped, less appealing commercial TP not-so-much.   That is likely why the lack of toilet tissue has remained for so long… Sheesh, who knew.

Big manufacturing soap and chemical users also have been challenged with the extreme demand for sanitary products. Hand soap, hand sanitizing, personal hygiene and also surface sanitizing products are beyond extreme demand. Here I would place a note of caution… Again, prioritization has to happen.

When given a choice between laundry/dish detergent and personal hygiene products we can expect the manufacturers will prioritize production of the latter first.

This *could* lead to a shortage in laundry and dish soaps. Just keep that in mind if you are seeing some of your favorite brands in those sectors missing.

Think of a massive segment within our economy that was already working near capacity…. now demand has increased 40% overall within that industry….  It’s incredible we have not seen more widespread shortages considering the scale of this increase.

Keep on truckin’…

President Trump Has Long Demanded Critical Manufacturing Return to the U.S. – The Coronavirus Pandemic Outlines Why…

The lack of independent control over critical healthcare products is highlighting exactly why Donald J Trump has been demanding U.S. manufacturing firms return production to this nation for years.  White House trade advisor Peter Navarro drove home the point yesterday:

[Transcript] – Q: Mr. Navarro, what’s the status of the “Buy American” executive order?

MR. NAVARRO: “One of the — one of the things that this crisis has taught us, sir, is that we are dangerously over-dependent on a global supply chain for our medicines, like penicillin; our medical supplies, like masks; and our medical equipment, like ventilators.

We have — right now as we speak, over 50 countries have already imposed some forms of export restrictions in their country against the rest of the world. And what we’ve — what we’re learning from that is that no matter how many treaties you have, no matter how many alliances, no matter how many phone calls, when push comes to shove you run the risk, as a nation, of not having what you need.”

“And if there’s any vindication of the President’s “Buy American, secure borders, and a strong manufacturing base” philosophy, strategy, and belief, it is this crisis — because it underscores everything that we see there.

So the “Buy American” order, which — which is going through process, would do a couple things. It would simply say, — not during this crisis, because we don’t want to disrupt anything. I want to be really clear about that. But going forward, after this is over, the VA, DOD, HHS, and this government buys American for essential medicines, our medical countermeasures, and the medical supplies and equipment we need.

At the same time, it will deregulate so we can get the FDA and EPA to facilitate domestic manufacturing. And then, innovate. Because the key here — the key here is having advanced manufacturing on U.S. soil that can leapfrog other countries so we don’t have to worry about competing against cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, different tax regimes, and the massive subsidies of foreign governments who are actually directly attacking our industrial base.

So be patient with that, sir. It’s — the other priorities we have right now are to DPA and what the task force is doing. But if we learn anything from this crisis, it should be never again. Never again should we have to depend on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.” (read more)

From the outset of Donald Trump’s entry into the world of politics he espoused a series of key tenets around what he called his “America-First” objectives:

  1. The U.S. needed to have control over our borders, and a greater ability to control who was migrating to the United States.  A shift toward stopping ‘illegal’ migration.
  2. The U.S. needed to stop the manufacture of goods overseas and return critical manufacturing back to the United States.  A return to economic independence.
  3. The U.S. needed to decouple from an over-reliance on Chinese industrial and consumer products.  China viewed as a geopolitical and economic risk.

Donald Trump was alone on these issues.  No-one else was raising them; no-one else was so urgently pushing that discussion. In 2015, 2016 and even 2017, no-one other than Trump was talking about how close we were to the dependence point of no return.

Given the status of very consequential issues stemming from the Chinese Coronavirus threat; and the myriad of serious issues with critical supply chain dependencies; wasn’t President Trump correct in his warnings and proposals?

In early 2017 President Trump and his administration coined the phrase: “economic security is national security”, and the economic team set about starting a very complex process to ensure the past three decades of trade policy was reversed.

One month after taking office, February 2017, President Trump met with labor unions and assembled a corporate manufacturing council, telling all of them they needed to change their thinking about manufacturing overseas.

The members of the council didn’t like the conversation; many of them were Wall Street multinationals who were themselves part of the historic shift in moving jobs to Asia and beyond.  Several months later the council disbanded amid the policy contention; but Trump persisted with the America First agenda.

President Trump, never wavered; he warned the corporate CEO’s they needed to adjust their thinking and bring back their manufacturing jobs.  Trump warned them to reorient their supply chains because they had become too dependent on China; and that dependency was manifesting as geopolitical risk if the U.S. and China were in conflict.

Time after time, conversation after conversation, in the background of events where few media were paying attention, President Trump spoke privately and publicly about the issue of over-reliance on Chinese products and critical goods from southeast Asia.

Then, after months of warnings, came the tariff hammer.

Those same manufacturing council executives and their Wall Street pundits screamed into every microphone they could find that President Trump was going to collapse the economy; that consumer prices would skyrocket; that Steel and Aluminum tariffs would mean everything from beer to soup would no longer be affordable.

Team Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and USTR Robert Lighthizer didn’t waiver.  President Trump accepted the criticism of “Tariff-Man”; he owned the downside and then expanded the tariffs even higher upon more goods.  The CEO’s shrieked louder, but eventually, reluctantly, some started moving supply chains out of China.

While Team Trump renegotiated trade with South Korea and Japan; and while Trump renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico and Canada; the president kept the pressure on those U.S. corporations and multinationals to return critical manufacturing to the United States.

Now, with the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, people are starting to awaken to the real dangers of our medicines, pharmaceuticals and critical health care products being made overseas.  Right now we see the clear reasons why President Trump was so adamant about a conversation no-one wanted, Wall Street hated, and few were paying attention to.

Heck, it is only now that most Americans realize just how many critical products are at risk…. and instead of thanking President Trump for the foresight, the incredible prescience he exhibited, the professional political class are criticizing him for over details around an issue they allowed to happen.

In many cases those who are now criticizing the weakness of our supply-chain are the same people who participated in creating a manufacturing system based on dependency, for decades.  The criticism is not only unreal to witness, it’s maddening in the scale of its hypocrisy.

It sure is blood-boiling to watch the media now. To see the media cheer-leading for a national health crisis -literally with smiling faces as they hope for an economic collapse- for the exact same gleeful reason they cheered the impeachment effort.   The level of U.S. media vitriol against President Trump is sickening.

The American mainstream media truly is the enemy of a prosperous and thriving America.

These times will never be forgotten.

God bless President Trump….

….And Thank You Prescient Trump.

We will never forget.

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing – 5:00pm ET Livestream…

Unfortunately, with President Trump effectively communicating the latest information on the federal efforts to mitigate COVID-19, more corporate U.S. resistance media have decided not to carry the live broadcasts from the White House task force briefings.

Today at 5:00pm the White House will hold a briefing for the public and media on the latest mitigation efforts against the coronavirus. [Livestream Links Below]

White House Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream – Fox Business Livestream





Maria Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO Mike Roman About Selling Healthcare Masks To Foreign Governments…

Everything you would ever need to know about a slimy multinational corporate executive is laid out in this interview with 3M CEO Mike Roman.  While answering questions globalist Roman tries to hide what 3M is doing by stuttering and stammering around cover words.

Keep in mind, 3M is a U.S. owned company doing manufacturing business inside China. However, Beijing took control over 3M and nationalized their manufacturing facilities.  But Roman doesn’t want to admit what happened. Listen carefully at 03:00:

“we have produced millions of respirators and now we have arranged to import more masks from China.  We have an agreement to allow us to export ten million additional masks a month out of China”…

NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Economy and Unemployment…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on Fox News to answer Sandra Smith’s dramatic questions about the U.S. economy collapsing and “dropping into the deepest recession in U.S. history.” The Trump administration has devoted enormous resources to the COVID-19 stimulus package to keep families and small businesses afloat amid the coronavirus outbreak.


Meanwhile Bill Hemmer is waxing philosophically about hearing the sounds of birds in Manhattan for the first time in generations and what that means to America.  According to the knucklehead COVID-19 appears to be forcing planet earth to heal itself from a parasitic human society that lost connection to their deeper selves.

Meanwhile on CNN Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin play the role of “influencers” for the WHO; selling with dramatic flare what it’s like to cope with Coronavirus, and how that changes you as a person to become more deep and connected to your center sphere… It’s a level of enlightenment only possible through the virus.

Friggin’ nuts.

All of this.

Schumer’s Butt

Now We Know Why Chuck’s Crying

President Trump:

“I’ve known you for many years, but I never knew how bad a Senator you are for the state of New York, until I became President” 

Senator Schumer thought he would zing Trump with a snarky letter telling Trump he is doing a terrible job leading the country in a crisis. Trump sent Schumer his “rebuttal “.

Schumer’s butt never knew what hit it…


You play with fire you get burned Cryin’ Chuck!


Patriots help patriots! Stay Safe folks and know that we shall prevail! 

Stop the COVID-19 Insanity Now

Now is not the time for passive acceptance.  Our health, wealth, liberty, and way of life are at stake, and so is our country

Eitan Adut image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 3, 2020

Stop the COVID-19 Insanity NowIt is the gross overreaction of certain government and business leaders to the Wuhan coronavirus of 2020, otherwise known as COVID-19, that is the danger to the United States, not the virus itself.  The abundance of data show that the virus is far less dangerous than the seasonal flu, and if the overreaction is not stopped and reversed immediately, it will severely damage the economy and the lives that depend on it.

Number of people who will die of COVID-19 illness will be a small fraction of those who die of the flu every season

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that during the 2019-2020 flu season since September 29, 2019 approximately 23,000-59,000 have died of the flu out of 231,654 confirmed cases.  That’s a confirmed case fatality rate (CCFR) of roughly 10% to 25%.  As of April 1, there have been 5,157 fatalities among 216,529 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States.  That is a CCFR of about 2.4%—which is only about 10% to 24% of the CCFR of the flu.  However, because most people with non-life threatening symptoms don’t present themselves to health facilities to be tested or counted for statistics, the CCFR for both illnesses vastly overestimate the actual chance of dying if infected: the infection fatality rate (IFR).  To calculate the IFR, the number of fatalities is divided by the estimated number of people infected.

So how can we know what the IFR is for contracting COVID-19? If people who manifest similar symptoms are both hospitalized and tested for COVID-19 as they would be for the flu, then we can make a rough comparison between them.  It is estimated by the CDC that about 38 to 54 million people have contracted the flu during the 2019-2020 season.  If we divide the flu fatalities stated previously, by the estimated number of infections, it would mean a flu IFR that ranges from about 0.04% to 0.16%.

Left are already calling for using this opportunity to nationalize industries, socialize medicine, explode the debt, universalize the welfare state, and to violate constitutional rights and liberties

If we know that the CCFR of COVID-19 is about 10% to 24% of the CCFR of the flu, then the IFR of COVID-19 is most likely a similar fraction of the IFR of the flu: 10% to 24% of 0.04% to 0.16% results in an IFR for COVID-19 of approximately 0.004% to 0.04%.  If that fatality rate holds, and a similar number of Americans contract COVID-19 as contract the flu, the total number of fatalities in the U.S.  from COVID-19 would be at most about 21,600—almost all of whom would be very elderly and infirm or immune compromised.  Even after the virus has run its entire course, under the worst case scenario, you would be about ten times more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetimethan die from COVID-19.

Given those numbers, it becomes clear that the number of people who will die of COVID-19 illness will be a small fraction of those who die of the flu every season.  So we should be asking questions that the hysteria promoting media are apparently avoiding:

  • Why haven’t states or the federal government ever taken these kinds of measures before for any other illness in history?
  • If the country is not shut down because of the flu, and wasn’t for the H1N1 swine flu of 2009, why shut it down for COVID-19?
  • How do the confirmed case rates of growth and fatality rates of growth in states with business closures compare with states without business closures?
  • What kind of effect can we expect the economic destruction caused by restrictions to have on long term health and mortality, including suicide?
  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage the vulnerable to self-isolate, than to close businesses and restrict everyone?
  • If there is a safe and effective treatment (hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin) and a vaccine, why continue the restrictions?
  • Are these the kind of measures we can expect from now on for the seasonal flu or outbreaks of similar illnesses which regularly occur several times per decade? If not, why not?
  • If COVID-19 can remain viable on surfaces for days, what is the likelihood of not coming into contact with the virus when grocery stores, hardware stores, banks, and post offices remain open and people still handle store items, shopping carts, money, credit card terminals, and the daily mail?
  • If shopping at grocery stores is allowed, why is shopping at any other store different?
  • How is it moral to have the government prevent small businessmen and their employees from earning a living and then demand of them the tax money to pay government employees who are not working during that same period?
  • Where can people find the constitutional authority for the federal or state governments to shut down businesses, and restrict gatherings and internal travel?
  • What are the limits to government powers under a declaration of emergency?

A state-by-state examination of the graphs of COVID-19 confirmed cases and fatalities indicates no correlation between the imposition of business shutdowns and either the growth rate of infection or the growth rate of fatalities. On the other hand, it is well documented that economic decline leads to a decline in health and life expectancy.  That makes sense.  Wealth is dependent on productivity.  Higher productivity creates a greater abundance of goods and services on which our health depends, which makes them more affordable: the basic resources we need, the quality of our medical care, the quality of our place of residence, greater freedom to engage in professions that are less hazardous or stressful, and time-off for relaxation and self-improvement.  Sudden economic decline, particularly business failure, bankruptcy, and unemployment are also significant contributors to death by suicide.  Ultimately, our health depends on our ability to keep doing, without interference, what each one of us does best.

Health will not be the only casualty of the overreaction, so will the American way of life and what we are conditioned to tolerate.  Freedom to do what we do best as individuals and to trade freely with others with reliable currency, under a reliable system of laws that protect our rights, is the reason that Americans enjoy such a high standard of living in general.  So far, various leaders in both major parties have undermined all of those things.  Americans are being threatened with arrest for going to going to work, going to church, operating and patronizing businesses, and being told that their currency will be inflated to pay companies and individuals for doing nothing—none of which have any basis in the federal or state constitutions.  Those on the left are already calling for using this opportunity to nationalize industries, socialize medicine, explode the debt, universalize the welfare state, and to violate constitutional rights and liberties.  If we allow these un-American precedents to be set over the pretext of dealing with an illness that could be less dangerous than the flu, is there any reason to believe that the American way of life and our current standard of living is likely to continue?

Many individuals and small businesses cannot survive weeks of no income

Whatever your talent, skill, job, or business, do you believe that government interference helps you produce more and better goods or services at a lower cost? If not, then how would the emergence of a new virus change that?  If the mandates, closures, and restrictions were not imposed, there would be no panic.  Individuals and businesses would always move to fill any need, whether it be treatments and supplies for a fighting a disease, or new demand for certain household goods.  Any shortages of ventilators, hospital beds, treatments, tests, and cures are the result of the heavy regulation over the field of medicine—many of which have come to the public’s attention due to the announcements of the temporary easing of some of them.  The shortages in masks, toilet paper, and shelf-stable food items are caused by anti-gouging laws.  Without them, prices could be temporarily raised to meet demand and discourage hoarding.  What is worse, finding what you need at a temporarily elevated price, or not finding what you need at any price?   Virtually everywhere you see shortages, government interference is responsible.  Make no mistake: it is not the virus that is causing economic destruction: it is the government.

Many individuals and small businesses cannot survive weeks of no income.  Not only will the proposed handouts not make up for their staggering losses, incurring debt to distribute printed “stimulus” or bailout money will cause even further economic destruction from inflation.  If the state and federal governments ruin the economy with their overreaction, people will lose their jobs and businesses, goods and services will become more expensive, and quality of life will diminish.  Time wasted in mandated idleness can never be recovered.

Many people will be misled to believe that the same government policies that caused the problems should be increased to solve them.  That will make the adoption of a total welfare state, socialism, and a centrally planned economy more likely: all of which will permanently decrease quality of life and increase mortality far beyond what COVID-19 would ever have caused.

Our enemies are watching closely

Also, our enemies are watching closely.  If we paralyze ourselves and destroy our economy because of something that is not even as bad as the flu, they must be imagining what would we do to ourselves if the virus had been more deadly.  What reason would they have to not use that form of attack?  This kind of weakness must not be shown to our enemies.

The precedent should never be set that this is the way to deal with a new contagious disease: putting people in a panic with grim tones and dour faces, getting people accustomed to dictatorial edicts, violating people’s constitutional rights with shutdowns and travel restrictions, increasing debt for “stimulus” and bailouts, and getting people used to receiving checks for doing nothing.  It would be much better instead for the government to do nothing.  That way, they won’t further interfere with the ability of the free market to meet people’s needs, including solving the problems caused by this illness or any other illness.

If politicians feel the urge to deflect media criticism by taking action, they should take the opportunity to make it clear to the American people that they have determined that COVID-19 is less dangerous than the flu, approve the existing vaccine for immediate use, repeal anti-gouging laws, and cut or eliminate the payroll tax.  They should also immediately end all restrictions, and stop with the bailouts, handouts, and “stimulus” bills.  In fact, every American should contact their governors, congressional representatives, and the White House and insist on those things.

Now is not the time for passive acceptance.  Our health, wealth, liberty, and way of life are at stake, and so is our country.

I want my Life Back! And I Demand Compensation!


Andrew G. Benjamin image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 3, 2020

I want my Life Back!Whomever you are, whatever you are doing at this very moment, the Chinese communists and their greedy, supremacist warmongers have ruined your lives. I can speak only for my life however, and here I will.

I want it back!

They put your children’s, parent’s and grandparent’s, relative’s, friend’s and coworker’s  lives in lethal jeopardy. They waged total war on the West and attacked every civilian.

The Chinese Communists have waged Bio-Warfare on you. The evidence is mounting!

Coroner’s examination of victim’s lungs prove that Covid-19 is a manufactured bioweapon with HIV and SARS components plus up to 30 batviruses, and partly responsive to HIV drugs. That fact alone proves thatCOVID-19 is a bioweapon that doesn’t exist in nature.

Reader “Wizardly,” not verbatim: Would the Chinese sacrifice several hundred thousands of their own to test and spread a killer disease to achieve their long-term aim of global economic and political domination?

They already have:

Estimates from Radio Free Asia show that up to 46,000 bodies have been cremated in Wuhan alone since the crisis.


Mao’s boys slaughtered 20 million. The Chinese communists imprisoned millions of Muslims, murdered political prisoners, then harvested their organs for profit, and threatened to withhold life-saving medications (only they make) from the U.S. “Remember TV ads showing a Chinese lecturer saying about the Chinese-American relationship, “and now they work for us”? Don’t forget it.”

Chinese Communists waged war on America deliberately, purposefully, with a clear and well-known agenda. They have expressed it publicly. Take China’s long-term plan to dominate global commerce, wealth and people.

Temporary inconvenience, and a few years of collateral damage? That will hardly deter them.

See, the surveillance state China has already erected.

You can expect the knee-jerking from the same Democrats who have, along with the businesses cited, colluded, cooperated, coordinated and yes, conspired to control the free flow of information in the US using the cited Google, Apple, Facebook and  others.

As the left shut down dissent on campus.

Have no doubt, China and US progressives are on the same page and have the same agenda.

And there go you and I by the Grace of G-d.

Our lives in America The Beautiful (VIDEO) in one of its most beautiful regions, was poisoned by a Chinese bio-weapon launched at us.

Your lives too!

There’s no escape.

But, one day one of you with long memories and a big pair will make America whole.

Our lives were taken. Even our second life in the astonishingly beautiful, peaceful, safe until now, America-loving, filled-with-young city of Budapest, Hungary, where we usually spend a third of every year. For good reasons seen at the videos at these blue links.

Go full screen to see what the Chinese communists have robbed. See what another American homeboy living there, the lead singer of Zoli Band, is experiencing. He’s the former frontman for the rock legends Ignite and Misfits. He’s walking through our neighborhood in that beautiful video.

“We Are the World” were all mugged. Sing it!

Tens of millions of the world’s citizens and their descendants will remember what China has done

Meanwhile, we see the most advanced and sophisticated medical care administered by tens of thousands of heroes, who stand by helplessly, as they get severely ill and die themselves.

We don’t know the fate of the American economy, the best in world history under President Donald Trump. It probably lost trillions as well as America’s economic future—as America’s progressives are high-fiving each other because the Chinese have given it to The Man. 9-11 cost the US $1 Trillion. We are way past $3 Trillion in subsidies right now—and add the $8T market wipeout.

The cost in lives and treasure is incomprehensible.

What I know is this: After this blight has passed, any Chinese high official or diplomat serving in an international city and mission might consider never leaving their facilities. Tens of millions of the world’s citizens and their descendants who never got justice, but death and pain, will remember what China has done.

Make no mistake! The Chinese released H1N1 infecting 60 million Americans with close to 13,000 dead. For six months Barack Obama and Joe Biden sat on their thumbs while stoking race riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oakland; and turned their backs as the Chinese robbed America of trillions in trade imbalances.

This, after the Clintons sold out America to the Chinese. America’s intellectual property, America’s security, technology, jobs, factories, and wealth.

This not being enough, shortly after they sold America out to the Russians!

For the Democrat elites, as a rule, politics is the business of lining one’s own pockets

For personal profit.

Exactly the crimes of treason, deception, malfeasance, dereliction of duty, corruption, quid pro quo, and self-dealing for which these two global criminals and Democrats had indicted this president!

As well as Barack Obama having first removed defensive missiles from Poland signaling for the Russians to invade Ukraine. Not enough, he expropriated a half billion of the taxpayer’s money without congressional approval for SOLYNDRA that donated to his campaign. That company went belly up. Hussein then sold Solyndra’s assets for pennies on the dollar. And more donations from the Chinese who picked up Solyndra through surrogates.

All told, through massive corruption, self-dealing, pay-to-play and illegal activities, Obama arguably removed a trillion dollars from the public treasury to get himself re-elected.

The collusion, cooperation, coordination and conspiracy of America’s progressive elites to progressively fill their coffers, will become legend. While doing that, they continue to aid the Chinese communists to gain global supremacy.

For the Democrat elites, as a rule, politics is the business of lining one’s own pockets.

Make no mistake, the Chinese loosened MERS on us, attributed it to the middle east, but being a coronavirus, it arguably came from China. Bird Flu, SARS too, and who knows what else?

I don’t fear the Chinese communists for writing these words. I didn’t fear the Russians who blew our home up. Not even when I got hit with shrapnel. We did not fear their border guards nodding drunk next to the machine guns they aimed out of haystacks as we crawled past them in the dark. I fear the Democrat assassins and the companies that do business with China far less.

Instead, they should fear people like us!

They should fear my successors in the real, red America and those Americans in blue states being awakened by our broken and malfunctioning health care system they had voted for. Obamacare.

Our numbers…are legion.

I demand compensation! I demand restitution!

I demand justice. I demand the freedom to repeat what I said here until the American People understand fully China’s Black Swan that the communists, Chinese and American, coordinated, while busying themselves with impeaching this president at the very same time!

I demand the freedom to sue in American or international courts to be made whole and get recompense. I want my life back. I demand the American People be given the same rights.

Mark my words: