Jim Jordan -vs- Dr Fauci

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Representative Jim Jordan asked Dr. Fauci when the COVID mitigation would be considered successful?  When exactly would Americans be permitted to recapture the rights the government has taken away?  What exactly are the metrics that define success?….

The essential response from Dr. Fauci was: “when I say it is.”  WATCH:

Czech Government Using COVID for Permanent Control

Armstrong Economics Blog/Eastern Europe Re-Posted Apr 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Czech government just issued the rules for when shops and services reopen (these rules are to apply until the country goes from the current 4th stage to the 1st stage – i.e. very few “cases” and pretty much no deaths… so, forever, basically):

– respirator masks obligatory for now everywhere (incl. outside); in stage 1 (i.e. when “pandemic” is basically gone, a surgical mask will still be required in all inside places!)

– social distancing and strict limitations on how many people can gather (in stage 5 only 2 people can gather together, incl. outside; in stage 4 it’s 6 people, and in stage 1 inside 100 people will be able to be together and outside 500 max… so, even when the “pandemic” is gone, no mass demonstrations etc…hmmm); PLUS, even in stage 1 everyone will have to keep “social distance” of 2 meters in all closed spaces!

– when shops, services, etc reopen people will NEED A NEGATIVE “TEST” to enter service establishments (such as hairdressers, etc), hotels and other such tourist places, restaurants, pubs and bars, etc! Plus, these tests will need to be done every 3 to 5 days (so if you stay in a hotel for a week, you’ll need to show a test at the beginning of your stay and a new one after 3-5 days!)

– just as the customers will need a “test” certificate to enter such establishments, the staff will also have to be tested every few days (the “test” requirement is only to be dropped in stage 1… i.e. pretty much never, because they’ll always manufacture enough “cases” via mass testing)

– cultural events (theater, cinema, etc), when they reopen, will also require everyone to show a negative test certificate

– testing will also be required (as it already is) in workplaces and schools

Back in October when Slovakia introduced this forced periodic testing, I knew it was to be implemented in many/most other countries (at least in the EU). And, sure enough, now several countries are already doing the same (incl. Austria, Slovenia, now CZ, UK in certain places, some German states are running a pilot scheme too, etc).

Interestingly, the Czech rules do not at all include any stage when all restrictions will be dropped. As a minimum masks and social distancing (and limits on how many people can gather) are to stay forever, it seems.


REPLY: The world monetary system is collapsing. Governments have been borrowing with no intention of repaying anything. They are using COVID to exert total control over the population in preparation for indeed the Great Reset, which is more than just BUILD BACK BETTER in a green fashion.

This is a total reset in the planning right down to what you use for money. Welcome to the Economic Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Anti-Vax War

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Apr 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: You are just a right-wing anti-vaxer.


REPLY: I am glad you believe everything every politician ever has to say if they are on the LEFT. The FDA was supposed to be independent. The government’s role under this social contract is supposed to stand between us and corporate greed. The government has used COVID for political objectives and this is not restricted to the United States – it is excessive in Europe. On the one hand, you on the LEFT hate capitalism and despise the rich and big corporations. But somehow you support big corporations simply because your left-wing politician orders you to be vaccinated.

I neither trust Big Pharmaceutical companies nor do I ever trust what a politician says and that goes to both parties. I think you have some serious issues of bias that will lead you down a very dangerous path. Because politicians are deeply involved in this whole COVID nonsense, they cannot be trusted because a politician will NEVER admit a mistake. These vaccines could kill off 50% of the population long-term and they will NEVER admit that. They are NOT impartial and will not stand between them and us. That is not an arrangement that gets my trust.

In finance, we MUST reveal all conflicts of interest. In politics, they hide everything! And you want to risk your life, your family, and your posterity to such a system? I have no idea if there are long-term risks. Nobody does. I for one am not interested in taking such a risk and I should not be compelled to do so. There have been nearly 2,000 people who have died following vaccinations. Then those who have been vaccinated may be even more susceptible to the variants as they come. So if you want to gamble with your life simply because you hate Trump/Republicans, go right ahead. If it were Trump telling us to do this I still would not comply. And by the way, if you think wearing a shield and a mask will do anything, think again. This virus will mutate for several years to come. I suggest you dig a pit and stay inside until at least 2024

What Fools these Mortals Be

Armstrong Economics Blog/Basic Concepts Re-Posted Apr 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Fauci is political and has abandoned all medical advice. Historically, herd immunity is estimated to affect 60 to 70% of the population. Even the Black Plague killed about 50% of the population, and the survivors were naturally immune. Dr. Anthony Fauci and I use that title very loosely, has constantly shifted that number upward to force people to get vaccines. What is really the objective here? It certainly has nothing to do with health when the number of deaths is 0.028% on par with the flu.

Indeed, when this fake pandemic began, Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did. Then he raised it to “70, 75 percent” in television interviews. Then in an interview with CNBC News, he said “75, 80, 85 percent” and “75 to 80-plus percent.” Fauci has lied about just about everything, and the mainstream media would be tearing Trump apart limb from limb if he had done such a thing. Fauci need not learn how to swim, for he has clearly the ability to walk on water.

Can CNN be sued for the Blood They Have on their Hands?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Apr 14, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Martin, I would visit my Dad in Boca and the TV would always be on CNN, but I could not hear it only read the subtitles.  I was disgusted to see the blatant propaganda and biased “reporting” which I read on screen.  As a proofreader at some of the top law firms in the US, I understood that neutral reporting did not exist at CNN.  This was during the Obama and Trump administrations.  Of course, during the Trump administration, CNN took a decided Left turn.  During the 2016 election campaign, almost every day, I would monitor the front page of the NY Times at a local newsstand.  For every two to three weeks of pro-Hillary “reporting”, there would be one day of neutral Trump reporting.  I saw that with my proofreader’s eyes and knew what was going on to my great disgust.

REPLY: I have heard from people whose father was 82 and died after four days of vaccination because they were panicked into getting a vaccine because of CNN. He died four days later. What about people whose children committed suicide because their future came to an end because of CNN’s reporting? I cannot believe all the emails from people who have suffered because of lockdowns, vaccines, and general fear instilled by CNN. Just as the First Amendment does not protect shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, CNN should have no protection from lawsuits because of their treachery. Even animals have been affected by these lockdowns. It was Trump who signed into law cruelty to animals was a federal crime.

In Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919) it was held that if the speech is intended to result in a crime, and there is a clear and present danger that it actually will result in a crime, the First Amendment does not protect the speaker from government action. In my reading of that case, CNN has deliberately interfered in an election and has violated the civil rights of countless people. If we then look at the holding of New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964), in order for CNN to be held guilty for a claim of defamation or libel, the First Amendment requires that the plaintiff show that the defendant knew that a statement was false or was reckless in deciding to publish the information without investigating whether it was accurate. I believe we have probable cause to take down CNN.

Crimes Against Humanity

FDA Pauses Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine After Six Women Developed Blood Clotting Issues

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On April 8th the CDC said there were no issues with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after several people reported reactions in North Carolina. [LINK HERE]

However, less than a week later the FDA is now instructing all medical providers to “pause” the vaccine as six women have developed blood clotting issues.  There have been more than seven million J&J doses administered.

WASHINGTON — Injections of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose coronavirus vaccine came to a sudden halt in much of the country on Tuesday after federal health agencies called for a pause in the vaccine’s use following the emergence of a rare blood clotting disorder in six recipients.

All six were women between the ages of 18 and 48 and all developed the illness within one to three weeks of vaccination. One woman died and a second woman in Nebraska has been hospitalized in critical condition.

Nearly seven million people in the United States have received Johnson & Johnson shots so far, and about nine million more doses have been shipped out to the states, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution,” Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, and Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the C.D.C., said in a joint statement. “Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare.” (read more)

President Trump implies the FDA relationship with Pfizer may have something to do with the decision.

What’s In YOUR Jab?

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If people really knew the ingredients in vaccines they’d reject the poisoned needles.

Of course, the ingredients listed in my cartoon are not concise—there are far more noxious substances I could have added—and I realize each vaccine has different variants. The mRNA jab can’t really be called a vaccine at all—it’s experimental gene therapy.

Many Americans are health nuts who exercise regularly and watch what they eat. They’d never smoke or take drugs. Yet not only are they willing to take under-tested vaccines, they are actually eager to do it. Why? Because many are obedient statists who want to do what big government and the medical industrial complex tell them to do. The mainstream media completes the brainwashing.

Just say no to dangerous vaccines.

The Flight from Urban to Suburban

Armstrong Economics Blog/ECM Re-Posted Apr 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Good morning Marty and team,
You’re still my first read in the mornings after many years and I can’t say that about any other blog or content creator to even take the number #2 or #3 position, well, maybe Zerohedge. Thank You!
Glad to see you referencing Cristian Westbrook …

Here in Western Colorado, things are quite a bit more normal than elsewhere from what I am seeing and hearing from travelers and through my general on-line exploits. My home is on the divide between the homesteaders world and the psychopathy in the next town over of the agenda followers and double maskers. The difference in a few miles of highway travel is stunning. Our poor county sheriff deals with both worlds and he’s more in-line with our Western Colorado beliefs. Our local cops and town officials that I have met are also sick of this and are not enforcing Governor Polis’s warped WEF ideologies.
I never travel East to buy anything any longer and support our local businesses that don’t embrace this insanity, the carnicerias and markaditos are awesome, I even trade my chickens eggs for salsa. It seems our local Mexican culture buys from US and Mexican distributors and USDA guidelines aren’t their biggest concern. Same with many local restaurants, they will buy direct from local gardeners and will barter and trade.
Many of us around here purchase 1/4 and half steer for the year, we know and purchase from local pig farmers and sheep farmers, I get raw whole milk from a local family, separate the real cream and make keifer daily and am expanding the garden this year. Thank god some people are normal, I don’t think the homesteading communities will fall without a fight, we care too much about our way of life and our neighbors.
Keep up the good fight brother!

REPLY: I am hearing that from many people especially those vacating the urban centers seeking freedom in the suburbs. The taxes are rising dramatically in cities that have locked down. YourTube is acting like the New York Times did when they were supporting Stalin and attempted to push the United States into communism. Suicides are up, mass shootings are up, all because you cannot lock down people. Many incidents now are taking place when neighbors lose it because of noise or other nonsense. Nobody is attributing these things to lockdowns. You cannot do this to people. It is mentally destabilizing. They are calling it a “slutty summer” of casual sex as COVID-19 vaccinations rise because people have been locked down and over 3 million have dropped out of colleges because of virtual classes.

SARS CoV-2 Q & A

Armstrong Economics Blog/Q&A Re-Posted Apr 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you think Gates, Biden, Fauci, etc, ever really got vaccinated?


ANSWER: Absolutely no way! The side-effects are serious and even the CDC has admitted there are more side-effects with Moderna than the other brands. Listen closely to how they qualify everything. Fauci said: “It’s very, very, very unlikely that you’re going to have an effect, 5 or 10 years down the pike.” Note he is saying “unlikely” but he then compares it to a normal vaccine. Fauci said in an interview on March 13. “The reason we say that is that we have decades of experience in the field of vaccinology and virtually all of the effects if they even occur, and they’re very rare, occur within 15 to 45 days following the dose.” There is absolutely no way any public figure took the vaccine for if they had a serious reaction, it would end the entire scheme. That was far too risky. The variants are also nullifying the vaccines because they are not traditional. The US military has even stated that social distancing, masks, and quartine failed to prevent the spread of COVID. In Michigan, 246 people who were vaccinated still got COVID and 3 even died! Now the CDC has reported that 1,637 Deaths have taken place AFTER COVID-19 Vaccinations were administered!

We cannot believe ANYTHING coming from the government at this point in time.

QUESTION: RE: Suing Universities. Are Employers subject to the same idea as universities when it comes to terms of employment (even if the employer is the Government)? If an employer wants to mandate vaccination, are they completely liable for the consequences? I know many people who are getting vaccinated because of the fear of retribution, even when an employer is saying vaccination is “voluntary”. If the employer decides to change their tune 4 months down the road, those who voluntarily “refused” the experimental treatment could be subject to job loss. So much for something being “voluntary”. Government loves us so much.
Seems like the issue is class action across all of society, not just one case at a time.


ANSWER: If they say it is “voluntary” and someone takes the vaccine out of fear they might be discriminated against, they have no case. As long as they say it is “voluntary” and then they change that to “mandatory” or they deny you advancement because you were not vaccinated, then you have a legal case against them. But if you “volunteer” for the jap, it is on you and all the effects thereafter.

QUESTION: Discrimination: First let me thank you for all you do. I am a long-time follower and reader of Armstrong Economics.
You wrote today an article about discrimination and how it is illegal to discriminate against non-vaccinated people.
Here is what I do not understand is how people cannot see that a heavy graduated and progressive income tax is not illegal because it specifically discriminates against the wage earner.
How can government do this and no one says a word like it is okay to confiscate your earnings before you even receive them. I can think of no act that is more illegal and discriminatory than the third plank of the communist manifesto: A heavy graduated and progressive income tax.

P.S. We met briefly at the 2017 WEC.

ANSWER: Nobody has EVER challenged the income tax on the basis of discrimination. I would love to see such a case. However, keep in mind, that anyone who brings a case on that issue will be targeted and harassed by every agency the government can unleash. Back following the 1987 Crash, there was a movement in Congress to merge the CFTC and the SEC. At the time, the CFTC asked me if I would testify on their behalf because we had forecast the 1987 Crash and identified the cause being the G5. My lawyers were about to jump out the window. They begged me NOT to testify for every other agency would retaliate against me if I jumped into that mix. If you dare challenge a government agency, they retaliate viciously against you.

Even in my court case, I challenged Judge Owen for changing transcripts and altering what even took place in court. One time he erased upwards of an hour in court. because the government had to admit they were wrong and just made up stuff. They tried to deny me bail and lost claiming that I was going to flee to a mansion I had in London. I just raised my hand and asked the court if I could have that address. They immediately backed down and said they had that on “good information” when in fact I left London more than 10 years before. Nothing they ever say is true – NOTHING! When I tried to appear Judge Owen admitting changing court transcripts which is a federal crime, the court of appeals kept losing the appeal. The system is so rigged, there is no justice anymore in the United States. Si I am not hopeful that you will ever get a court to rule on the issue no different than the Supreme Court refusing to listen to any argument on the election.

Honestly, if I were President, I would close all the federal courts which are statutory. You can’t fire a judge even when he has dementia as Judge Owen in my case who would even forget who I was. You are denied Due Process of Law if the judge is biased. I could not even get a rational judge which amounts to the same thing. Good luck on ever getting a fair court or upholding the Constitution.