President Trump Tweets Support for Tommy Tuberville on Eve of Alabama Primary…

Alabama is a closed primary with ballots determined by party affiliation. Former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is facing off against candidate Tommy Tuberville tomorrow in what will likely be one of the most watched primary races of the evening.

Jeff Sessions was an abject failure as U.S. Attorney General. After spending two years targeted by a fraudulent special counsel investigation as a result of Sessions’ recusal; there will forever be a strong dislike by President Trump toward Jeff Sessions.


For those who have forgotten just how bad it was, it’s worth revisiting Jeff Sessions testimony to congress (November of 2017) when he admitted there were approximately ten ongoing investigations -that he knew of- that he was recused from.

Jeff Sessions recommended Rod Rosenstein. Rod Rosenstein recommended Chris Wray. Three years of abject misery was the result.  See below:


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