Here We Go – Tripwire Crossed: DC Debate Commission Announces “Virtual Debates” Without Consulting Campaigns…

Posted on The Conservative Tree House on October 8, 2020 by sundance

In March 2020, even before the DNC nominee was selected, CTH noted one of the important objectives for the use of the COVID-19 fear would be to protect their candidate through the use of the “virtual debate” format.

After the DNC club installed Joe Biden as the avatar for the Obama/Clyburn/Perez objective, again IN JUNE, we shared the presidential debate format would require deployment of “virtual debates”.

Quite simply, a cognitively impaired candidate cannot be relied upon to deliver a debate performance, so everything must be controlled.  {Go Deep}  Including mail-in voting.

The fact the presidential debate commission would not first approach the Trump or Biden campaign, prior to their announcement of “virtual debates”, is evidence of the commission corrupt intent:

(New York Times) […] The debate commission, which did not respond to repeated requests for comment, did not consult with the Biden and Trump campaigns before announcing the virtual format early on Thursday. The decision came after members of the commission’s production team objected to the safety risks of staging another in-person event at an indoor venue, according to a person familiar with its deliberations.

The contretemps on Thursday may pose the most significant test to the debate commission’s legitimacy since the group, a nonpartisan body, was founded in 1987. (more)

President Trump Reponds below.

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