George W Bush Will Campaign for GA Republican Candidate Brian Kemp, The GOP Club Have Set The Stage

Posted originally on the conservative on May 4, 2022 | Sundance

It’s not that hard to see the GOPe Club moves in Georgia, you just have to shake off the ‘battered conservative syndrome‘ to accept it.

Georgia is holding an open primary, where democrats can vote for republicans and republicans can vote for democrats.

The Democrat Governor candidate is Stacy Abrams, and she is running unopposed.

The AME Church Network (think prior Mississippi strategy for Thad Cochran by  Haley Barbour and Mitch McConnell) have been activated to vote in the republican primary, so democrats in Georgia will choose the republican candidate who will run against Stacy Abrams.

Georgia Democrats will vote for incumbent republican governor Brian Kemp this month because that’s who they want on the ticket in the November general election, facing their candidate, Stacy Abrams.  Georgia is the homebase of the AME church network and their political operations.  This is part of the reason why Georgia politics is: (a) racially divisive; and (b) fraught with corruption.

As a direct result of democrats selecting the opposition, Stacy Abrams will win in November.  Open primaries are club rules used to make red states turn blue.  Allowing your opposition to choose your candidate is never smart. [Note: Texas is soon to follow if they are not careful.]

Everything at this level of electoral games is controlled by the state political clubs.   The republican club in Georgia is ideologically against MAGA more than they are against Democrats.  The GA parties control the rules and thereby the political outcomes, the voters in GA operate under the illusion of choice.  This is not uncommon.

The key point is to note that republican governor Brian Kemp (pictured right) is going to be the predetermined primary winner.  Kemp will have GOPe support, some smaller faction of conservative support, and he will have more than enough democrats voting for him to beat any challenge.

President Trump has endorsed former GA Senator David Perdue for the governor race.  Likely Senator Perdue sought that endorsement, and Trump gave it to him despite Perdue being a lifetime member of the Mitch McConnell stable.

We can debate Perdue and McConnell’s motives for running this strategy, but the weedy point is essentially moot.  Even with full MAGA support, David Perdue will not beat Brian Kemp in the GA primary because organized democrats (AME church network) are going to vote for Kemp.

There is no scenario where Kemp doesn’t win the primary, it is a done deal.  The club is happy.

Into this scenario the GOPe club now have an opportunity to attack and diminish their real enemy, Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

Donald Trump, trying to break the GOP corruption cycle in Georgia (noted by their activity in 2020) has endorsed David Perdue.  However, Mitch McConnell and now George W Bush are very publicly supporting Kemp.  Duh, the Kemp victory is assured.

When Kemp wins the primary, the MAGA-ino (in name only) candidate, David Perdue, will be defeated.  This allows the GOPe club to push the narrative that Trumpism is dead within the republican party.  We are dealing with an internecine battle between the old guard and maga inside the RNC club.

The Mitch McConnell/George W Bush crowd will use the Kemp primary victory to diminish MAGA and the national media will put the massive spotlight on the Trump-endorsed loss in order to diminish Donald Trump and MAGA.  It’s a familiar playbook and repeated pattern (see Tea Party).

GEORGIA – The [Kemp] fundraiser with Bush this month will put Kemp in front of an influential room of Texas donors just days before the Georgia primary on May 24. Hosts of the May 16 event include Crow; Jim Francis, a major Texas bundler; Republican strategist Karl Rove; and Ross Perot, Jr., son of the former presidential candidate.  Tickets for a V.I.P. reception are listed at $15,200, while the general reception is going for $5,000. (read more)

The high information Georgia conservative voters know that Brian Kemp is corrupt and would have a very hard time voting for him.  However, Brian Kemp losing in November to Stacy Abrams is no big deal to the GOPe club.  The Club would rather lose the Governor’s seat and retain power, than defeat a democrat opponent and be held accountable for political reform and federalism policies they really don’t support.

Besides, even in the unfortunate event that Kemp did win the general election (GA base voters all collectively decide to hold their nose), the Club knows Kemp’s crew will not reform or change anything; so, it’s a win/win either way.

On the other side of the Club dynamic (the democrat wing), the most likely scenario is Stacy Abrams winning.

This would flip the state from red to blue, and provide the fuel for the national press and DNC to proclaim that Democrat policies are on the rise and everyone loves democrats.   Even if Abram’s is the only win in the entire 2022 mid-term election, that will be their message.

This outcome sets the stage for the return half of the AME Church Network quid-pro-quo that was established in 2020.

When Obama and James Clyburn cut the 2020 Biden deal, Obama got his third term to execute radical kamikaze policies without concern for reelection, in exchange for AME support of Biden.  The 2024 return payment is Stacy Abrams as the 2024 democrat nominee.

It’s all club games.  Unfortunately in the Georgia mid-term Donald Trump endorsed the candidate the GOPe club had specifically put into place in order to lose.  David Perdue will land a cushy Wall Street organized corporate gig; Brian Kemp will land a cushy Wall Street organized corporate gig, and Stacy Abrams will be the Georgia governor.

Having looked carefully, I cannot see a countering move that would disrupt the Republican Club plan for this one.

With Democrats able to select the Republican nominee, unfortunately Georgia looks lost.

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