White House Reverses Position, Condemns Violence, Threats and Vandalism Toward Supreme Court

posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 9, 2022 | sundance

First, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain almost certainly has public opinion polling showing that threats and intimidation toward the supreme court are not okay with the majority of the American people.  Second, there is a strong argument to be made the highest office of the Executive Branch advocating for targeting of the highest officers in the Judicial Branch is a directly impeachable offense.

Regardless of motivation, and after a weekend of threats, violence and intimidation against the court, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki reverses the administration prior position and now speaks against “violence, threats and vandalism.”  Tweet Link:

The people behind the Joe Biden White House generally respond to the politics of any situation, not the legality of it.  They know their tools and allies in the FBI, DOJ and congress will excuse and ignore any illegal behavior.

Therefore, the most likely source of any internal anxiety that would cause a reversal in position is public opinion polling.  This week should bring a flood of abortion opinion polls to the headlines from administration allies in media.

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