One Down, Ohio Republican Who Voted to Impeach President Trump Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election as Trump-Backed Challenger Positioned to Win

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Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16) was one of the ten House republicans (pictured above) who voted to impeach President Trump.  As President Trump announced his support for Gonzalez’s challenger, Max Miller, former House Speaker John Boehner went to Ohio to support Gonzalez.  Apparently the support of Paul Ryan and John Boehner was not enough to help.  Max Miller was in position to primary Gonzalez.

Tonight, Gonzalez conceded his seat:

President Trump Highlights The Pennsylvania ‘Trump Kids’ Trolling Joe Biden, They Tricked Him Like The Taliban

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President Trump Interview With Dan Bongino, Current Events, Afghanistan, Election Audits, Wuhan Lab Leak and More

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President Trump called-in to Dan Bongino earlier today {Direct Rumble Link} to discuss current events, Afghanistan, the Wuhan lab leak, Anthony Fauci, the 2020 election issues and the future of MAGA.  LISTEN:

President Trump Endorses Candidate Joe Kent To Challenge Incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington CD-03

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Jaime Herrera-Beutler, from Washington state congressional district-03, is one of the DeceptiCons in the House.  Not only did she vote for President Trump’s impeachment, but she also voted to support Nancy Pelosi’s 2022 election effort through the January 6th Committee.   JHB is essentially a vile, self-serving worm of a politician with no redeeming qualities.

Today, President Trump has announced his support for her primary challenger Joe Kent:

Joe Kent is a retired Green Beret and Gold Star husband running against RINO and incompetent Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 3rd District of the State of Washington. Joe served his country proudly for many years and understands the tremendous cost of America’s wars in the Middle East, and elsewhere. In Congress, Joe will be a warrior for the America First agenda, unlike Jaime Herrera Beutler who voted, despite the facts, against the Republican Party and for the Democrats’ Impeachment Scam.”

Joe Kent is strong on Crime and the Border, loves our Military and our Vets, and will protect our Second Amendment, which is under siege. I met Joe at Dover Air Force Base on the evening that his wife was being brought back from the Middle East, where she had been killed in combat. It was a very sad moment in Joe’s life, but I was incredibly impressed with him and told him that he should someday run for office—we need his voice and leadership in Washington, D.C. Now he is running, and Joe Kent has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”  ~ President Donald J Trump

Joe Kent Website Here ~

After receiving the endorsement, Joe Kent appeared on Bannon’s War Room to discuss.

President Trump Easily Tops CPAC Poll for 2024, FL Gov Ron DeSantis Comes In Second

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The good news is that President Trump support hasn’t flinched. The great news is that everyone is rejecting Nikki Haley.

The CPAC poll also shows President Trump with 98% job approval while he was in office.

When pollsters questioned about a 2024 race ¹without President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis grabbed 68% support on that question, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 5%. Donald Trump Jr. and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were both at 4%, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem at 3%. No one else topped 2%. [link]

¹We don’t have to worry about that because Trump is running.

President Trump Delivers CPAC Texas Keynote Address – 4:00pm ET Livestream Links

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President Trump will be delivering the keynote address to the CPAC audience today.  The anticipated start time is APPROXIMATELY 4:00pm ET +/- and will be widely watched by those interested in how the 2022 primary season is shaping up.  Without a Trump endorsement, it’s unlikely any GOP candidate can win.

RSBN is broadcasting the speech as they have been covering the CPAC convention in Dallas, Texas.  RSBN is broadcasting both on YouTube and RUMBLE.  OAN and NewsMax are also anticipated to cover the speech.  RSBN Rumble Link – RSBN YouTube – NewsMax Livestream –

Update: As expected Google banned the speech.  Rumble Link to Video and embed below:


President Trump Endorses Mo Brooks, and Skewers “Old Crow Mitch McConnell”

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The raw and unfiltered President Trump is the best Trump.  President Trump endorses Mo Brooks for the Alabama Senate seat; and smacks Mitch McConnell and his DeceptiCon crony Richard Shelby in the process.

Tucker Carlson Reads Darryl Cooper’s Viral Thread About Trump Supporters

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A few days ago Darryl Cooper, [aka @martyrmade on Twitter] wrote a thoughtful thread about Trump supporters.  While I disagree with the top-line characterization of who Trump supporters are [we are far more diverse (in every demographic), representative, smart, articulate, well-educated and intelligent than outlined] the substantive elements of Cooper’s assembly -as read by Tucker Carlson- were 100% spot-on.

Here is Tucker Carlson reading parts of it.

You can read the full captured thread HERE

We are also the majority, it’s not even close.  I really mean that.

There is not a single metric, in any non MSM format, on any day, in real life or in digital construct, surrounding any event, on any platform, that shows Joe Biden support superseding the support of President Donald Trump.  Not one metric… anywhere.  Nothing.

Pictured below (top) Sarasota, Florida, 2021; (bottom) Butler, Pennsylvania, 2020.

President Trump Says He Has Made Up His Mind About Running in 2024

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Appearing with Sean Hannity for a town-hall event in Texas, President Trump was asked if he has made up his mind about running again in 2024.  President Trump says “yes”.

Segment Two

President Trump Addresses Crowd During Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin – Video

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Moments ago President Donald Trump addressed the assembly at Mike Lindell’s “Frank Speech” rally in Wisconsin.  President Trump discussed the fraudulent 2020 election and rallied the crowd behind the MAGA message and ongoing movement.  [Link to Rumble Video]

The president said “the reason they want to silence us is because of the election” … “cancel culture -call it what you will- the reason is because of the election.”  Additionally President Trump made note of the ongoing audits with special attention to Arizona.