*(FROM THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – My Muslim ghetto experience

Just wait until all of Sweden is like that and all the Swedish women are in harems producing babies.

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 19, 2017

The vibrant diversity of Stockholm immigrant neighborhoods had a lot of stuff to offer that was completely new to me, like rats, beggars, boarded windows and deserted streets.

Sam Roscoe

We have those Romanian beggars here in the UK, too. It’s really fucked up.
Paavo is the true hero. He has been our scout in sweden 🙂
Dr James Henshall
The story about the beggars chimes with me. I lost all sympathy when I saw beggars just off Stureplan (in Stockholm) last month. With Samsung smartphones!! Wrecked. Sweden, I fear is lost. Please don’t let it reach the same degree in lovely Finland.
I am a left leaning American but I hate those fucking monkeys. I don’t understand why Europe is allowing these shitbags to fuck up Europe they way that…

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