Germany Moving Toward Political Crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday her efforts to form a three-way coalition government had failed. Merkel only received 32.5% of the vote, which is probably the lowest vote of any major world leader. The FDP pulled out of negotiations thrusting Germany into a political crisis and ever closer to a possible new election.

Meanwhile, German hoard of cash is escalating and the cities debt burdens are exploding in Germany. The entire game4 was to hide the debt crisis in Germany until after the elections. With the failure to form a government, new elections are appearing likely extending this Year from Political Hell.

This is becoming the political crisis that just will not go away. Politics around the world remain in turmoil and as our computer had forecast, this would contribute to the collapse in public confidence. The fate of the Euro hangs in the balance.

20 Year List of Annualized Congressional Harassment Settlements…

Reid Wilson via The Hill provides a list of “Congressional Office of Compliance releases year-by-year breakdown of congressional harassment settlements and awards”:


*Note* Democrats took over Congress via elections in November ’06 for congressional year 2007.  Republicans retook Congress via elections in November ’10 for congressional year beginning 2011.

Why Iran is a Major Threat

The Yemeni Civil War is an ongoing conflict that began in 2015 between two factions. Each is claiming to constitute the Yemeni government. This is really a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Tran. The Houthi forces control the capital Sana’a who are allied with forces loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh backed by Saudi Arabia. They are opposed by Yemen’s Shiite rebels who are loyal to the religious government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, based in Aden, supported by Iran.

To grasp what this is all about, one must understand Islam. Saudi Arabia in Sunni that boils down to a separation of church and state. They are fighting the Shiite forces of Iran, which believe that religion should control the state. Therefore, the ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Shiite rebels toward the Saudi capital was manufactured by Iran as if this should be any surprise given that Iran is their backer.

This conflict in the Middle East is religious based. This is similar to the threat of Russia back in the Cold War days when Nikita Khrushchev ruled Russia and the ideology that Marxism would conquer Capitalism was the entire issue. Here we have Iran which is similarly a threat to the world political structure because this is where religion should rule the state. Christianity went through that where the state was ruled by religion and to circumvent religion, kings appointed their political allies as priests, bishops, and cardinal. That led to the Investiture Controversy which was the major conflict between the Pope Gregory VII and the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV during the 11th century.

Emperor Henry declared Pope Gregory was no longer pope and the Romans should choose a new pope because of political disputes. When Pope Gregory heard of this he excommunicated Henry IV, declared he was no longer emperor and absolved his subjects from the oaths they had sworn to him. This was the battle of kings to control the Church for political gain.

Even if we look at England and Henry VII’s break with the Catholic Church, one need only just look before the headline. Henry’s Queen was  Catherine of Aragon (1485–1536) who was the aunt of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1500–1558) and was originally Charles I of Spain. Charles V had imprisoned the Pope Clement VII (1478– 1534) following the Sack of Rome in May 1527. Correct, the Holy Roman Emperor invaded Rome to take control of the Church and imprisoned the Pope. There was no way Charles V would allow Henry VIII to annul the marriage with his aunt. Once again we have evidence of kings controlling religion for political purposes.

What is unfolding in the Middle East is similar to the war between Protestants and Catholics, which was really for political and economic power. The corruption in the Church was not the design of the Pope when it had been the kings who appointed people in their domain to run the Church – not the Pope. Nothing could illustrate this point more than the case of Saint Thomas Becket (c. 1119–1170), who was a personal drinking buddy of the King. When he appointed him as Arch Bishop of Canterbury, he suddenly found religion. He then stood up to the King and he was slain right at the Altar.


This is a similar nature where here it is the religious Shite seeking to take control of the Middle East and overthrow kings. The recent Saudi Arabia incident of shooting down the Iranian missile on November 4th, 2017 near Riyadh’s international airport, illustrates just how confrontational this really is. Why Obama cut any sort of a deal with Iran given their political beliefs, is truly beyond contemplation.

The Syrian War

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I greatly appreciate everything you do. I was moved when you ended you WEC in Orlando explaining that you see this as we are all in this together. You really make an effort to pass along sound advice without strings attached to solicit money. A very admirable effort I wish others would follow.

My question is this. At the 2015 WEC when Russia invaded Syria on the precise day of your model, you said this would be an important event moving forward. The entire refugee crisis began from that date and now they seem to be winning the war against these jihadists. Now the tensions are rising between Saudi and Iran. Is this part-II of the Middle East crisis? You said back in 2015 that the mere fact Russia entered Syria on the very day of you model signaled this will be the region we should watch. So will this escalate now?

ANSWER: Yes. I wrote in the 2015 War Cycle: “It is extremely disconcerting that on the very day of the peak on the Economic Confidence Model, September 30, 2015 (2015.75), Russia began bombing forces trained and funded by the United States to overturn the Syrian government of Assad.” In 639 AD, Muawiyah I (b. 602–680 AD; r. 661–680 AD) was appointed Governor of Syria as it fell to the Muslim Conquest. We are now in the 26th 51.6-year wave from that event which is a major turning point.

The focus is turning to Idlib, which is a city in northwestern Syria. It is the capital of the Idlib Governorate, which is about 59 kilometers southwest of Aleppo. Because the Syrian government wants to evacuate all jihadists to Idlib, this will present a problem to Turkey which it borders. The Syrian state has offered to give the jihadists safe conduct and let them go to Idlib. For about one to one and a half years, jihadist terrorists from all parts of Syria are being transported to Idlib.The majority of these militant fighters appear to belong to the al-Nusra Front. These terrorists are well armed and have between 30,000 and 50,000 tanks. They also have missiles, chemical weapons, and other assorted war equipment.

In Turkey, the fear is that they will eventually flee Syria and enter Turkey. At least half of the terrorists are from Chechnya, Dagestan, Central Asia and other areas of the Russian Federation. They are not even Syrian. They have been a foreign invading army in Syria driven by religion. Under Trump, the USA has agreed with Russia that Idlib needs to be cleared by al-Nusra terrorists. There is a serious cooperation between Russia and the US regarding Idlib, which did not exist under Obama. 

Trump, White Supremacy, and Fake News (Larry Elder Interview)

Larry Elder (Author & Radio Host) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his views on Trump, the cries of white supremacy, and fake news.

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William Alfred “Bill” Whittle (born April 7, 1959) is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot, and author.

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William Alfred “Bill” Whittle (born April 7, 1959) is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot, and author.

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William Alfred “Bill” Whittle (born April 7, 1959) is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot, and author.