ISIS claims its ‘soldier’ carried out UK Parliament attack

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Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack outside the UK parliament on Wednesday which left four people dead, according to the terror group’s news agency Amaq.


The agency said: “A soldier of the Islamic State carried out the attack, responding to a call for attacking citizens of coalition states.”

It seems to suggest the attacker was inspired by IS, rather than being a trained fighter of the terrorist group.

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Amaq News Agency is a propaganda and news outlet for IS.

It was established in Syria in 2014 as an alternative to Western media coverage. It became more widely known after it began reporting apparent claims of responsibility for terrorist attacks in Western countries.

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The attacker is not among the 3,000 Britons on MI5’s list of individuals regarded as potentially capable of committing an act of domestic terrorism, the Guardian reports.

Around 3,000 Britons…

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