*(From The Religion Of Peace) – Ignoring Muslim Girl Meme Review from UK Parliment Attack

I watched her walk right by and didn’t give a hoot about what she saw., so that tells the story they are ALL BAD!

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Published on Mar 23, 2017

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John Holborn

not all, but they dont denounce this kind of behavior, they just dont care about anyone not muslim, they tolerate this and that kinda makes them resposible too
Sad I think about the soldiers who died on D-Day and what think of U.K. today.
Moon Man
That bitch deserves to be harassed until she leaves UK
well the first thing I noticed is it’s demonetized! so Google YouTube is demonetizing all of the stories that are linked to Muslim Terror so you’re not the only one. the second thing I noticed is this wasn’t in my regular feed I actually had to go to my…

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