Bollards and barricades pop up in central London following Westminster attack (VIDEO)

I’m sorry but you have too many Muslims now so this will not end.

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Large steel structures, bollards, and crash-proof barricades have been installed in central London overnight, in the wake of the deadly car-and-knife rampage.


The new defenses have been erected in the City of Westminster to make it more difficult for an attacker using a vehicle to ram into people.

“They are not oppressive and they are here for our security. It doesn’t stop people going about their normal daily business but it does help stop any terrorist attacks, such as the ones in Berlin or in Westminster the other night,” Derek, a Londoner, told Ruptly.

Together with these new defenses, specialized firearms officers have been stationed at checkpoints throughout the City of Westminster. Typically, British police don’t carry guns, so special firearms units have to be called in for terrorist attacks and arresting armed suspects.

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