Donald Trump “The Change Agent”…

Here’s an example why POTUS Trump can be trusted as a change agent on the most important big picture item for the U.S., the economics.  He’s had these exact same positions on trade and economics for years….  Buried inside this 2011 speech you will find the nucleus of CTH support for Donald Trump from the moment he made the announcement.

Back in April 2011 businessman Donald Trump delivered direct and salty remarks to an audience in Las Vegas. The speech was during a period when Donald Trump was contemplating a run for the presidency in 2012. Barron was four-years-old.  The speech was about U.S. economics, poor decision making by U.S. policy makers, and the perspective of stopping the bleed within the U.S. economy:

That speech was April 2011, this tweet is today, March 3rd, 2018.

Trade and tax policy excerpt with China:

From the Audience – Donald Trump (The Donald) spoke to a crowd in Las Vegas (Treasure Island 2011) in regards to his ideas an what policies he would do if he ran for president of the united states. He had an entertaining and straight forward speech which was riddled with profanity. Many of the people in the audience were approving of his ideas. Have to admit that we are also somewhat approving of some of his ideas. At this moment in time we believe that the United States needs a business man in office to get us out of this hole we keep digging deeper and deeper. Donald discussed issues like, iraq, lybia, iran, oil, and all the ideas he had in regards to solving the issues.

Same 2011 Las Vegas speech in three segments:




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