Warsaw Protests Massive Police Invation & Arrests Against Lockdown

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Oct 29, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Common Theme: All Protestors are Far-Right Nazis

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The Italian press is keeping the theme that anyone who dares to protest and complain about lockdowns is a worthless far-right person who does not deserve even to live. They have turned the police against the people by claiming anyone who resists is really a criminal. This is how tyranny unfolds. They demonize anyone who resists, and we are all just to lay down all our rights. All tyrannical governments in history have routinely turned anyone in opposition is a criminal — e.g., Stalin. This is what becomes the “new norm” and why revolutions will follow. It is just standard throughout history. Only when the police refuse to follow the decrees of the government will there is a bloodless revolution.

Berlin Protest 10-28-2020 & the Tipping Point

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19Today we had another demonstration in Berlin. This time, people remained in their cars, busses, and trucks again along the Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s most known shopping street. All people from the event as well as the tourism industry have joined. This is the response to the officially confirmed second lockdown starting from November, 2nd. Instead of people walking and they are banning such gatherings, this time they are driving vehicles down the street.Under the new lockdown, all restaurants, bars need to close. All entertainment such as cinemas, concert halls, theatres, operas, events will be closed. The swimming centers and gyms need to close. All sport team activities are banned and any private traveling is prohibited. Hotel stays are only allowed for business trips exclusively.German Lockdown 10-28-2020Attached is the official Lockdown Order of MerkelWith so many members of the German government coming out against Merkel, such as the German Minister of Health who admitted that the lockdowns were a mistake, one must question if Merkel has not been bribed. Now the data on the COVID situation and mortality in Germany has surfaced showing that there has “apparently never been an epidemiological emergency.” Nevertheless, we have to come to the realization that this has nothing to do with protecting people.

 This appears to be intended to try to crush the economy so that the people will accept the crumbs being offered and sign on to this new world of totalitarianism promoted by the World Economic Forum and funded by Bill Gates. Big Tech are all lining up with Gates from Twitter, Facebook, and Google censoring any anti-comments about COVID-19. Destroying businesses on a wholesale basis seems to be intended to create this new world where you own nothing. They then seem to be looking at nationalizing the big ones that they also push against the wall. This is becoming one giant step forward to push Western Society into the waiting arms of Klaus Schwab. They overestimate their power and underestimate that it only takes 40% of the population to disagree and become active to overthrow a government – i.e. American and French Revolutions.At some point, the police and/or army will divide and wake up and realize that by oppressing the people just following orders as they claim at the Nuremberg Trials, they are also acting against their own families and destroying their future. That will be the tipping point.

NAPLES Riots after Government Says it Will Impose 40 day Lockdown

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Oct 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Protest breakout in Naples after the government claimed that 2,000 have COVID-19 so they may lock down the region for 40 days and have imposed a curfew.  These lockdowns have not stopped the virus but instead, prolong it. We see civil unrest rising around the world and this may lead to even overthrowing governments in many places.

Melbourne Protest Again Against Madman of Australia – Andrews

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Melbourne is defining the Madman of Australia who is a disgrace to the very idea of a free society. Andrews stands as a symbol of tyranny gone completely mad. In the name of protecting people, it has destroyed their jobs, their future, and Australia is already saying that international travel will be blocked for perhaps another year. Indeed, international travel is quickly becoming a fantasy perhaps even into 2022.

Maureen for Prime Minister

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Riots in Rome – Government Patrolling City With Helicopters

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Posted Oct 27, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

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The riots in Rome have become intense. You would reason that any elected politician would think twice about imposing lockdowns after destroying an unbelievable number of jobs and small businesses that are vital in Italy and also counted on tourism which is non-existent anymore. Something is just not right. This is not the way elected governments have acted in the past.

A word from inside sources in Rome suggests that the governments in Europe are concerned about what happens if Trump wins. They are concerned that he is being viewed as a man of the people in contrast to the extreme draconian actions in Europe. A Trump victory, they fear, may inspire Europeans to demand freedom.

Half of Europe’s Small Businesses Fear They Cannot Survive

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Business confidence in Europe is in crash mode. Over half of Europe’s small firms fear for survival, survey finds. They seem to be correct. This Great Reset is designed to crush the economy and rebuilding it if “green” from the bottom. They label anything that dares to say the obvious as a “conspiracy theory” so they need not answer any of this. A “conspiracy theory” was something that was not remotely possible and was way out there beyond even alien abductions. Here, we need only take what they are saying and ask are politicians this stupid that they cannot see what they are doing to the average person?

The authoritative actions of politicians and the forced denial of human rights are far worse than if we were invaded by a foreign power. Khrushchev was correct, but it is not the lower classes doing this, it is the academics in league with the Big Tech companies offering technology to track every person to prevent any possible uprising in the future.

Canadian Internment Camps

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Oct 19, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Martin,
I’m in Canada and we just got back from a trip to the USA. I just read your post “New Bill Gives Immunity to Military Over Australians During Emergencies & Canada Internment Camps”.
They do indeed have camps for us! But they aren’t JUST for international travelers who don’t have a place to quarantine. I received a form from customs officers that say if we violate any part of the quarantine measures we will be transferred “to a quarantine facility”. I took screenshots of the form if you would like to share with others, I just don’t know how to send you the photos.

REPLY: Thank you. We have a lot of Canadians who need to know.

New Zealand Suffers from Fake News & Propaganda

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In New Zealand, you can see this press interview is extremely hostile and she shuts down any mention that the death rate of COVID-19 is not greater than other viruses which she will not allow him to say and calls it “rubbish” proving she is by no means a real journalist. Once upon a time, the press was our defenders. Now, they are a wholesale part of the effort to deny our freedoms.Categories:Press