President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting – Outlines the Milestones, Establishes the Expectations – (Video)…

Something that now seems ordinary, until you think about it historically – and realize it is actually, stunningly, extraordinary, is the level of transparency President Trump has delivered to his administration. Citizen government by a person who understands the value of the camera and the opportunities of the microphone.

Here President Trump frames a cabinet meeting with the media for over 20 minutes while outlining initiatives and objectives.   No prior president has ever allowed even a small percentage of the deliberative access delivered by President Trump.  POTUS keenly dominates the narrative; outlines the milestones; establishes the expectations and summarizes the issues.

About mid-way through this video is just captivating, really.  Must Watch:


If you stand back and think about it, what President Trump is doing is remarkable. POTUS has lulled us into seeing this as commonplace, it’s not; it is anything but common.

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