I want my Life Back! And I Demand Compensation!


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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 3, 2020

I want my Life Back!Whomever you are, whatever you are doing at this very moment, the Chinese communists and their greedy, supremacist warmongers have ruined your lives. I can speak only for my life however, and here I will.

I want it back!

They put your children’s, parent’s and grandparent’s, relative’s, friend’s and coworker’s  lives in lethal jeopardy. They waged total war on the West and attacked every civilian.

The Chinese Communists have waged Bio-Warfare on you. The evidence is mounting!

Coroner’s examination of victim’s lungs prove that Covid-19 is a manufactured bioweapon with HIV and SARS components plus up to 30 batviruses, and partly responsive to HIV drugs. That fact alone proves thatCOVID-19 is a bioweapon that doesn’t exist in nature.

Reader “Wizardly,” not verbatim: Would the Chinese sacrifice several hundred thousands of their own to test and spread a killer disease to achieve their long-term aim of global economic and political domination?

They already have:

Estimates from Radio Free Asia show that up to 46,000 bodies have been cremated in Wuhan alone since the crisis.


Mao’s boys slaughtered 20 million. The Chinese communists imprisoned millions of Muslims, murdered political prisoners, then harvested their organs for profit, and threatened to withhold life-saving medications (only they make) from the U.S. “Remember TV ads showing a Chinese lecturer saying about the Chinese-American relationship, “and now they work for us”? Don’t forget it.”

Chinese Communists waged war on America deliberately, purposefully, with a clear and well-known agenda. They have expressed it publicly. Take China’s long-term plan to dominate global commerce, wealth and people.

Temporary inconvenience, and a few years of collateral damage? That will hardly deter them.

See, the surveillance state China has already erected.

You can expect the knee-jerking from the same Democrats who have, along with the businesses cited, colluded, cooperated, coordinated and yes, conspired to control the free flow of information in the US using the cited Google, Apple, Facebook and  others.

As the left shut down dissent on campus.

Have no doubt, China and US progressives are on the same page and have the same agenda.

And there go you and I by the Grace of G-d.

Our lives in America The Beautiful (VIDEO) in one of its most beautiful regions, was poisoned by a Chinese bio-weapon launched at us.

Your lives too!

There’s no escape.

But, one day one of you with long memories and a big pair will make America whole.

Our lives were taken. Even our second life in the astonishingly beautiful, peaceful, safe until now, America-loving, filled-with-young city of Budapest, Hungary, where we usually spend a third of every year. For good reasons seen at the videos at these blue links.

Go full screen to see what the Chinese communists have robbed. See what another American homeboy living there, the lead singer of Zoli Band, is experiencing. He’s the former frontman for the rock legends Ignite and Misfits. He’s walking through our neighborhood in that beautiful video.

“We Are the World” were all mugged. Sing it!

Tens of millions of the world’s citizens and their descendants will remember what China has done

Meanwhile, we see the most advanced and sophisticated medical care administered by tens of thousands of heroes, who stand by helplessly, as they get severely ill and die themselves.

We don’t know the fate of the American economy, the best in world history under President Donald Trump. It probably lost trillions as well as America’s economic future—as America’s progressives are high-fiving each other because the Chinese have given it to The Man. 9-11 cost the US $1 Trillion. We are way past $3 Trillion in subsidies right now—and add the $8T market wipeout.

The cost in lives and treasure is incomprehensible.

What I know is this: After this blight has passed, any Chinese high official or diplomat serving in an international city and mission might consider never leaving their facilities. Tens of millions of the world’s citizens and their descendants who never got justice, but death and pain, will remember what China has done.

Make no mistake! The Chinese released H1N1 infecting 60 million Americans with close to 13,000 dead. For six months Barack Obama and Joe Biden sat on their thumbs while stoking race riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oakland; and turned their backs as the Chinese robbed America of trillions in trade imbalances.

This, after the Clintons sold out America to the Chinese. America’s intellectual property, America’s security, technology, jobs, factories, and wealth.

This not being enough, shortly after they sold America out to the Russians!

For the Democrat elites, as a rule, politics is the business of lining one’s own pockets

For personal profit.

Exactly the crimes of treason, deception, malfeasance, dereliction of duty, corruption, quid pro quo, and self-dealing for which these two global criminals and Democrats had indicted this president!

As well as Barack Obama having first removed defensive missiles from Poland signaling for the Russians to invade Ukraine. Not enough, he expropriated a half billion of the taxpayer’s money without congressional approval for SOLYNDRA that donated to his campaign. That company went belly up. Hussein then sold Solyndra’s assets for pennies on the dollar. And more donations from the Chinese who picked up Solyndra through surrogates.

All told, through massive corruption, self-dealing, pay-to-play and illegal activities, Obama arguably removed a trillion dollars from the public treasury to get himself re-elected.

The collusion, cooperation, coordination and conspiracy of America’s progressive elites to progressively fill their coffers, will become legend. While doing that, they continue to aid the Chinese communists to gain global supremacy.

For the Democrat elites, as a rule, politics is the business of lining one’s own pockets.

Make no mistake, the Chinese loosened MERS on us, attributed it to the middle east, but being a coronavirus, it arguably came from China. Bird Flu, SARS too, and who knows what else?

I don’t fear the Chinese communists for writing these words. I didn’t fear the Russians who blew our home up. Not even when I got hit with shrapnel. We did not fear their border guards nodding drunk next to the machine guns they aimed out of haystacks as we crawled past them in the dark. I fear the Democrat assassins and the companies that do business with China far less.

Instead, they should fear people like us!

They should fear my successors in the real, red America and those Americans in blue states being awakened by our broken and malfunctioning health care system they had voted for. Obamacare.

Our numbers…are legion.

I demand compensation! I demand restitution!

I demand justice. I demand the freedom to repeat what I said here until the American People understand fully China’s Black Swan that the communists, Chinese and American, coordinated, while busying themselves with impeaching this president at the very same time!

I demand the freedom to sue in American or international courts to be made whole and get recompense. I want my life back. I demand the American People be given the same rights.

Mark my words:


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