Seriously What Good are Laws?

Having taken an oath to defend the Constitution and who refuse to protect it from all attempts to destroy its meaning, are not declared to be working toward overthrowing the country, and placed under arrest

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 16, 2020


Seriously What Good are Laws?

There are laws for everything, enough to fill volumes. Yet, lawless politicians ignore the laws that do not suit their plans of the moment and mentally create new temporary laws to support their needs. Laws like those are applied in rogue states, controlled by members of their progressive, socialist party. The new laws consider the existing legal laws irrelevant.

There are laws covering speed limits, there are others against “J walking,” climbing up the outside of public buildings, and I’m sure hundreds that I’ve never heard of, and all of those mentioned and many not mentioned, were put in place as public safety policies, so that no harm might come to the public.

There are Federal obligations that mandate the safety of all citizens so that they may prosper and enjoy freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The new progressive Socialist party develops their imaginary laws in order to control the citizenry. Laws that supposedly protect minority groups from “white supremacy” which they dub racist, homophobic, bigoted; basically everyone who is not in a minority category.  In order to supposedly protect minorities, these politicians, both federal and local, allow hordes of “peaceful” protesters to march into cities at night in areas of minority housing and businesses, while they keep the police at bay, and the “protesters” burn and loot those businesses, destroying decades of hard work. Minority-owned businesses changed the lives of the owners and brought work to the area and an improvement in the lives of residents and families, creating an upward trending lifestyle.

Pushed into poverty again, the elite progressives maintain control.

In spite of all the laws for the protection of the citizenry, rogue states declare themselves sanctuaries that harbor gangs of murderers, and anarchists who burn and loot cities, occupy public places as their own regardless of the citizens within those places put in jeopardy of the loss of life, goods, personal property and certainly the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedom to come and go as they please. Since the right to these things are all tenets of the Constitution of the United States of America, how is it that these states are not charged with rejection of the union, not only for putting U. S. citizen in danger but also thwarting the laws of the nation, preventing the sworn protection of all those invited or born to it to live under its protection.

How are these states and cities that do these things at the peril of Americans not guilty of attempting to overthrow our country from within? How is it that anyone employed by the government, having taken an oath to defend the Constitution and who refuse to pass laws that protect it from all attempts to destroy its meaning, are not declared to be working toward overthrowing the country, and placed under arrest without the benefits and rights of the position they held, while they languish in jail?

Legitimate peaceful protesters need to gather in front of the capitol with letters of request that the Attorney General of the United states convene a Grand Jury to look into these matters and begin the process of taking the rogue politicians, both federal and local into custody to determine how failure of keeping their oaths, laws, and their deceitful actions constitute crimes against the country and its citizens. They literally are aiding and abetting the criminal elements that are laying the anarchist groundwork on behalf of those who pay them those who determine which lives matter as opposed to our country’s belief that all lives matter solidified by the wars we have gotten involved in on behalf of the citizens of foreign countries who were becoming victims of governments with the same beliefs as the American socialist progressives.


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