Billionaires and millionaires only have one vote

However these money, enthusiasm levels and wagering trails–coupled with expected poor Biden performances in the Presidential debates and more bombshell announcements from the President–seemingly point to a Trump second term

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Billionaires and millionaires only have one vote

Billionaires and millionaires donating large amounts to the Democratic Party hoping to see Biden beat Trump should be getting very worried.

Lucia Geng sums up their readiness to pour millions of dollars down the Democrats’ bottomless funding pit to lay the groundwork for requesting future favours from Biden and elected Democratic Party Senators, Congresspersons or even local State officials:

“Two super PAC spending titans, the Democratic Senate Majority PAC and GOP Senate Leadership Fund, ended August with $85 million and $126 million cash on hand, respectively, according to Sunday’s Federal Election Commission filings.

Those numbers are key because as both parties enter the home stretch of election season, a Democratic retaking of the Senate in November is seen by many as a solid possibility. FiveThirtyEight deemed Democrats “slight favorites” to take back the Senate, and Democrats are defending just 12 Senate seats compared to Republicans’ 23. 

The Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC is determined to make that possibility a reality. The super PAC is a top outside spending juggernaut: it’s spent the second-highest amount of any outside group on independent expenditures so far during this election cycle. The GOP-aligned Senate Leadership Fund is the third-highest outside spender this cycle; the two Senate super PACs rank second and third only to Priorities USA Action, a pro-Biden hybrid PAC.” 

Bad news for Democrats

However—the number of small donors giving $200 or less should be of great concern to those billionaires and millionaires backing Biden.

All donors only have one vote in the end—and Trump small donors are leaving Biden small donors trailing in their wake—as Just the News reports:

Trump raised $229.5 million among small donors compared to Biden’s $139 million, according to latest Center For Responsive Politics data. Biden has raised slightly more money ($187.3 million) than Trump ($183.9 million) among big donors. Trump and Republicans overall have outpaced Biden in total fundraising, with $505.4 million compared to $478.9 million.

Trump-supporters enthusiasm levels greatly surpass Biden-supporters enthusiasm levels—when one considers these two indicators:

  • The Republican National Convention was light years ahead of the Democrat’s National Convention in format, content and professional presentation.
  • Massive crowds at daily Trump rallies contrast sharply with Biden’s heavily controlled public appearances.

Even money being wagered on the Presidential result is bad news for Democrats.

Oddschecker reports on September 23, 2020:

Expected poor Biden performances in the Presidential debates

 2020 US election odds: The money keeps on coming for Donald Trump 

Despite 47% of UK bookmakers on the OddsChecker grids shortening the price for a Joe Biden win in the November election over the last 48-hours, the money keeps on flooding in for a Donald Trump victory. 

Donald Trump has dominated US election betting since the market opened, with the majority of bettors expecting him to extend his stay at the White House. However, the number of bets placed on Joe Biden and Donald Trump has levelled out slightly this month. The percentage of bets for Donald Trump in the 2020 US Election market has dropped from 58% in August to 52% in September. Joe Biden’s share has risen from 33.5% to 40% in the same time period. 

Trump’s 52% of the bets equates to 80% of money wagered—whereas Joe Biden’s 40% only accounts for 18.6% of money wagered. Whilst more gamblers are willing to back Biden—more people are willing to wager higher amounts on Trump.

These indicators run contrary to the conventional polls that have Biden consistently ahead.

However these money, enthusiasm levels and wagering trails—coupled with expected poor Biden performances in the Presidential debates and more bombshell announcements from the President—seemingly point to a Trump second term.

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