Did The First Lockdown Trigger The Second Wave?

The good news? If Trump wins, they won’t be able to stop that great awakening from spreading. Nor will they escape accountability.

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Did The First Lockdown Trigger The Second Wave?

COVID-19’s second wave will fail worse than the first. Politicians will use it to justify further tyranny now, but as the second wave recedes it will leave fully exposed the dark heart of evil that runs our lives. Our “leaders” will eventually rue the day they embraced totalitarianism.

If the answer to the title question is yes, the coming “second wave” is an “unexpected consequence” of the lockdown as we were told we’d be “safe” if we agreed to an aggressive response that included shutting schools, parks, and businesses down, quarantining the healthy, and following some sketchy safety guidelines.

Original COVID-19 models were critically flawed, producing alarming projections at odds with reality

We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the original COVID-19 models were critically flawed, producing alarming projections at odds with reality. That panicked alarm, not the ignored reality, is what spread across the globe like wildfire, and in doing so created the “need” for a strong political response explicitly designed to “save” us.

The politicians who swallowed the COVID Kool aid, which is to say, all of them, leapt into action with liberty shredding decisions to shut down this, lock down that, and coerce abeyance with idiotic “safety” guidelines. Putting on a mask to enter a restaurant only to pull it off at the table, for example, makes no logical sense. It obviously isn’t about safety, which means it must be about the rule, or more specifically, the right to enforce the silly rule.

The entire political response—every rule, regulation, law, mandate, and guideline—was designed to save us from a false perception, not the underlying reality of a greater than 99.9% survival rate. Building solutions based on seriously bad information will always lead to “unexpected” consequences because the problem being solved doesn’t exist. This ignorance ensures policy failure, essentially guaranteeing harsh, negative consequences for us all.

If you prefer images, picture a surgeon removing the wrong limb as an example of bad information driving negative consequences.

First Wave Consequences, Second Wave Troubles

It is important to note that many of the first wave lockdown consequences were fully expected, and because of their ferocious impact, were initially sold as a short term, temporary solution. The politicians knew locking everything down would lead to massive job losses, personal and business bankruptcies, misdirected taxpayer resources, a loss of health services, which is a real health crisis, and a gross violation of civil liberties. They knew their decisions would hurt, yet they proceeded without hesitation. They knew then, and they know even better now. And yet?

The media’s second wave reporting has focused heavily on the recent rise in “number of cases” across the country, stoking fears on the assumption of a direct, causal relationship between cases and deaths.  This thinking makes sense on the surface as deaths quickly followed the rise in first wave cases, but this case-death correlation doesn’t show up in the second wave statistics, an indicator the virus is struggling to find viable victims.

This hasn’t slowed the media’s frantic fear mongering in the slightest, and they continue to press the idea that further lockdown measures are a political necessity because we face another wave of viral massacre. However, if the second wave rise in cases is an “unexpected” consequence of the first’s mistaken lockdown, something that shouldn’t have occurred, then its value to the decision-making process is also suspect and should be reviewed.

So, is there any evidence that indicates the “second wave” is a negative consequence of misguided “first wave” lockdown policies?

The Data Damns Our Decision Makers

The first two charts compare Daily COVID-19 Deaths between lockdown UK and non-lockdown Sweden, which allows us to explore the impact UK lockdown policies had on deaths.  The second two charts add the number of daily cases into the mix, allowing us to evaluate the relationship between cases and deaths for the UK and Sweden in both the first and second waves.

Daily New Deaths In United Kingdom

Daily New Deaths In Sweden


Although the UK and Sweden took different routes, the similarity between the lockdown and non-lockdown death curves is apparent, as is the inference that lockdowns had little effect on the lethality of the virus.

Now, let’s take a peek at the Daily Case numbers.

Daily New Deaths vs Cases in United Kingdom

Daily New Deaths vs Cases in Sweden

Fight ELITIST SUPPRESSION—Make CFP Your Go-To Home Page!There is a substantial difference in the Daily Case curves between the UK and Sweden, suggesting that although lockdown policies have little impact on daily deaths, they do have a significant effect on how the virus spreads.

While Sweden’s decision to remain open delayed the peak of their first wave Daily Cases curve, the chart shows deaths peaked and began dropping long before the virus finished spreading at its quickest. The chart shows Sweden’s second wave arrived and departed between August and September without causing a respective rise in deaths. In fact, the Daily Death curve shows no upward bounce at all.

The UK’s Daily Cases, strangely enough, began climbing after their summer mask mandate. However, the “expected” rise in Daily Deaths failed to materialize.


  • Lockdown policies did set the stage for a second wave.
  • COVID-19 has lost its lethality and any rise in “second wave” deaths will likely resemble a ripple rather than a tsunami.
  • The political/media complex want us to live in lockdown. (Evil a hard pill to swallow?)

News vs Fake News

Generally speaking, the purpose of “News” is to inform. It may enhance the value of that information by adding context related analyses but by and large, News occurs after the act has happened and does its best to bring perceptions in line with reality.

Conversely, because Fake News eschews reality, it must lead with a lie of desire rather than follow the truth of events. Its success is determined by how well it is able to convince people to believe things that aren’t true, such as COVID-19 being the worst viral bug since the early 1900s, and then exploiting that belief to force political action, which then “legitimizes” the Fake claim and fuels the next News cycle. From that point there is only one acceptable direction: Forward!

Belief is key, because once set it automatically protects itself by immediately rejecting contradictory facts and figures that would destroy it. How else can we rationalize mask mandates for populations with survival rates over 99.99%, like the 8 provinces not named Quebec and Ontario? How does the call to shut down schools and mask-up children comport with this report showing zero deaths, none, out of over 48,000 cases in US Universities?

The logical disconnect is obvious, but it still isn’t enough to unseat the Fake belief “we’re all gonna die”. This leaves us fearful and exploitable. Share some COVID-19 truths with a masker then sit back and watch. You will often see the alarm grow in their eyes as the cognitive dissonance sets in. Unfortunately, that alarm is typically silenced by rejecting the painful truth and ending the discussion.

Why are western societies across the globe teetering on the brink of totalitarian terror? Because Fake News, evil as it is, works! We either eliminate it from our lives or it will continue to eliminate freedom from ours.

The world really is in an existential battle between good and evil. The rioting, lockdowns, and hatred roiling the globe are not signs of a revolution so much as they are panicked signals the corrupt cabal running things is being systematically exposed. They will get uglier.

The good news? If Trump wins, they won’t be able to stop that great awakening from spreading. Nor will they escape accountability.

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