Stand and Save Our Children – The Emotional Impact on Schools Being Closed is Incredible, Fight Back With The Women of Watts

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 28, 2021 | Sundance | 175 Comments

There is absolutely no doubt the emotional impact of schools being closed, and the social disconnect created upon children, is severely damaging to their spiritual and mental health [STATS HERE].  Last week with the help of John Spiropoulos we posted a ground report on the Women of Watts rally.

John has produced three more spots (video’s below), each profiling different parents or grandparents at the rally.  In addition John provided the footage to the Women of Watts to help them spread the word and raise money.  John’s goal was to increase awareness, make these stories more than a 15 second soundbite, and to allow people to tell their story.

To understand just how devastating the outcomes are upon our nation’s children, consider this emotional plea from Leo Terrell.  His tears are actually tears of strength, not weakness, because Terrell knows what horrific outcomes will manifest if we do not immediately make returning to school a priority for our kids.

In my personal opinion this emotional and education crisis is purposeful to the efforts of the far-left.  If they can destroy the emotional and intellectual functioning of a generation through the exploitation of COVID, their efforts to fundamentally change the U.S. will be enhanced by creating weaker citizens who are more dependent on outside solutions to their struggles.  

COVID today is a problem, but the COVID consequences in the subsequent years will surface as the fabric of a tenuous society becomes even more fractured around class/income lines.  The creation of a dependency (slave) class, is a fundamental objective of the Fabian Socialist worldview.  Elites who make decisions for those who cannot be self sufficient is always the goal of the communist utopia.  

Think ‘big picture’ and you can see how this pebble in our societal shoe today will become an extremely destructive boulder on the backs of the American way of life in the years ahead.  Do not view this current situation as a small problem; they are doing this by specific design.  STAND and fight. /SD

The CDC reports a Dramatic Increase in Mental Health Issues among children. November 13, 2020)  The proportion of child mental health visits to Emergency Rooms dramatically increased from March through October 2020 over the same period in 2019.

  •  The share of mental health-related hospital emergency department visits rose 24% for children 5-11 compared to the same time period the previous year
  •  The share of mental health-related hospital emergency department visits increased 31% for adolescents age 12 to 17 compared to the same time period the previous year.
  •  While there were in increases for both males and females, female cases were far higher than male cases.

At a Women of Watts rally in mid-March Cassandra Jones, a nurse and mother of two, says her daughters are falling behind because of virtual education. She wants the LA Public Schools open now for live, in-class instruction.

Parent groups in Los Angeles have been staging protests, demanding that the city’s public schools be re-opened for live in-class instruction. This report spotlights a rally in Watts featuring Berdadelle Watson whose son is a senior in high school.

John Spiropoulos provides supportive information:  This article reports on a survey of emotional distress among young people. “More Young People Are Depressed During the Pandemic. But They May Be Using Social Media to Cope.” Here’s where to read the full study.

There’s more evidence of emotional distress in this nationwide survey of students. Here are some of the findings:

  •   64 percent of students overall reported experiencing distractions at home that interfered with schoolwork, and half said feelings of stress, depression and anxiety made online learning difficult.
  •   Female students and those who identify another way were more likely to report depression, stress and anxiety as obstacles to learning than male students.
  •   Feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious has risen to the number one obstacle to learning. Hispanic or Latinx, multiracial, and Black or African American students faced more obstacles on average than did white or Asian students.

You can find the full survey results here.

The Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports an increase in suicidal behavior during the  COVID-19 closures than in 2019. Here is a link to the study cited in the AAP report. While the pandemic increased depression and  thoughts of suicide, teen suicides have been on the upswing several years according to this report titled Youth Suicide: The Other Public Health Crisis.

Each suicide is a tragedy. There is a story behind each one and, hopefully, a lesson to be learned.

  •  The Washington Post reports “one in 4 young adults have struggled with suicidal thoughts since the coronavirus hit, CDC says. “I could see the storm coming,” says a father from Richland,Washington.
  •  When we adults look at young people, we think they have everything to live for. That certainly would be the case for Dylan Buckner, an 18 year old star high school quarterback in suburban Chicago. But he suffered from depression before the pandemic hit. Then things got worse. Here’s the  a report from NBC News Chicago.
  •  One school superintendent in California upon hearing of a suicide of a student in his district said “One of my biggest worries I had with the shelter-in-place order, was the social-emotional effect it’s going to have on so many people. In particular, my job is to really worry about students and their parents.” Unfortunately, the worst happened.

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