The Enslavement of Fear

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QUESTION: I just can’t understand why the military armed forces and secret intelligence services all agree with the Marxist left.  Why?


ANSWER: Make no mistake about it. The left seeks to enslave everyone out of fear. The mass of the military, military establishment, and the intelligence services want war. They do not want peace. After the collapse of Communism, they did not like that. Their budgets were reduced and it inspired a feeling of not being needed. Then they needed to create a new enemy and that became terrorism. They had no nuclear arms and their ranks were the size of perhaps an enrollment in a university. But they needed to be pumped up into a global threat. They fully knew of the plan for 9/11. The first crew even drew the Twin Towers on the walls of their cell with planes going into them, advertising they would be victorious.

Among the rank and file, I get a lot of emails. According to soldiers sending in emails, they put it as pro-Trump being 70% and concede that the military will probably spit in a civil war. But the “military” does not include the National Guard. They are who Pelosi disrespected by calling them “weekend warriors” on a phone call to the Pentagon asking for Marines. Her attitude is similar to any dictator who seeks to retain power. They always expect the military to kill their own people. Just look at Venezuela.

However, you must also look deeper. I have written before about the Nika Revolt which is an incredibly important event that leaders are well aware of.  The troops inside Constantinople would not kill their own people and the emperor was about to flee the city. His wife told him to order in a legion that was not Greek and were encamped outside the city. He did. They came in and massacred 40,000 people.

Perhaps you are too young to remember the “Kent State Massacre” where the Ohio National Guard killed four unarmed and wounded nine other students on May 4, 1970.  Then 10 days later, on May 14, two students were killed (and 12 wounded) by police at Jackson State University in Mississippi. This was all about the protests over the Vietnam War. President Nixon established the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest. It concluded that the killings were unjustified. It was found that even if the guardsmen faced danger, it was not a danger that called for lethal force. The report declared that 61 shots fired by 28 guardsmen certainly cannot be justified. Apparently, no order to fire was given. They just panicked. It was held back then that the Kent State tragedy must mark the last time that, as a matter of course, loaded rifles are issued to guardsmen confronting student demonstrators. That probably will not be the case this week.

The Gallup Poll at the time was interesting for the view was 58% of the people blamed the students. Just like the Capitol Siege, they looked at all the photographs, and 24 students were indicted with the May 4 demonstration or with the one at the ROTC building fire three days before. Five cases, all related to the burning of the ROTC building, went to trial. One non-student defendant was convicted, two other non-students pleaded guilty, and one was acquitted. All other charges were dismissed. As for the National Guard, five guardsmen were indicted and claimed to have fired in self-defense which was accepted.

It was during the Russian Revolution where the government expected the military to fire on the people. Yeltsin stood on the tank and begged them not to kill their own people. The troops stood down and the government fell. We too will reach such a point. However, if you look at the actions of Pelosi and the rhetoric coming out of CNN that anyone who voted for Trump is a Nazi or a member of KKK, there is no intention of the Biden Administration to be inclusive. This is a leftist purge, and make no mistake about it, they will NEVER tolerate opposition. It is the very nature of all Marxists — they need total control to force their ideals upon the world.

Have Our Politicians Set in Motion The Decline in the USA?

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Violent crimes are up 120% in the first 10 days in NYC for 2021 compared to 2020. While a portion of this has been inspired by the Democrats initially supporting the Defund Police before the election, most of the crime has risen simply because of the destruction in jobs thanks to lockdowns. The NYPD even announced that the “first eleven months of 2020 surged to levels unseen in years.” Gun arrests last November were up 112%. In fact, more than 70% of serious crimes in NYC go unsolved providing a greater incentive to engage in what’s your’s is mine mentality.

What our illustrious politicians fail to understand is that the middle-class and higher have a greater probability to be able to work remotely compared to the lower classes which rely on the physical presence as their means of income. The lockdowns have had a disproportionate impact upon the poor making them even poorer. Hence, the rise in violent crimes historically ALWAYS correlated to the economic decline as does eventually the rise in civil unrest and eventually war. People get bored. They will not be able to just sit home and watch TV because you hand them $600 checks now and then.

To defeat Trump, they allowed the Black Live Matter Movement to turn violent with fringe elements and ANTIFA to expand with impunity. They thought they would dethrone Trump and then go back to normal. They have unleashed nothing by violence and civil unrest which will continue to escalate into 2022.

The Rule of Law Crumbles

Armstrong Economics Blog/Revolution Re-Posted Jan 18, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The House Judiciary ranking member Rep. Doug Collins delivered a speech on the floor against the Impeachment. What he points out is critical. Pelosi declared Trump guilty with no evidence and pushed it on him to prove he was innocent. She has indeed trashed the Constitution and in her personal vengeance to rush to impeach before he would leave office, she has not just rushed to judgment but revealed just how the United States has fallen from the rule of law. Once a nation abandons the rule of law, it cannot possibly survive.

It is one thing to write what Socrates is forecasting about the decline and fall of the United States and Western Society and something entirely different when one must watch that forecast unfold day by day. This speech of Mr. Collins was spot on. Pelosi simply hates Trump and was more eager to ensure that she did her best to try to destroy his image, his business, and she called upon her Social Media co-conspirators to shut down all comment that supported Trump or was anti-Democratic. In her actions from tearing up the State of the Union speech to this rush to impeach, Pelosi will be remembered as the vilest person to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House.

Every person who voted for this impeachment has revealed their total lack of respect for the Constitution. Her proxy votes meaning people were not even there and others voted for them was unheard of in the history of our nation. I am not a fan of career politicians. This incident has marked a new low. The former head of Russia, Gorbachev, has come out and stated that the Capitol invasion calls into question the stability of the US as a state. He is absolutely correct. The Democrat’s drive for socialism has brought the US to the bring of collapse claiming a 50.4% majority is somehow a mandate to crush the opposition with the help of Twitter and Facebook.

A reader has sent in a comment which is important to listen to people who have lived through such dark times.

I have been following your blog for the last 7 years. Sokrates’ analyses are astonishing. Coming from a postwar Generation, having fled in 1946 from the Communists in Czechoslovakia with my parents, who lost all the possessions in the Berlin bombings and what they salvaged to be taken by the Communists I feel deeply disturbed by the World events taking place. In Austria, we have Government Radio called FM4 targetting the younger Generation. Propaganda has reached a peak. In the news, they commented that, after the Capitol Event, Families are reporting on their next of kin with social media to the FBI!
This is exactly how Hitler started to divide and persecute the Population at large. The same Practice by the East German STASI Secret Police!°
The “Corona Laws ” throughout Europe with their insane Lockdowns are so deliberately Anti Constitution, to prepare us for Totalitarian Rule!
The Population in their blindness does not see it!! They even cheer to their own demise!!
Green Eco Communism is definitely here to stay.
Keep your word spreading to help to save us from China style total control future.
keep safe


Former Facebook Executive Advocates for Reeducation and Deprogramming to Protect The U.S. Totalitarian State

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 17, 2021 by Sundance

They are no longer hiding it any more.  The leftists are publicly demanding that government intervene using the same tactics deployed against ISIS propaganda to target wrong-think by conservative American citizens.  WATCH:

Those who helped install the JoeBama administration cannot have subversive voices refusing to comply with their ideological dictates.  This is not the slippery slope, this is the full-blown advocacy of the totalitarian state.  They openly demand that alternate points of view and opinions must be shut-down to advance the left-wing agenda.  Remarkable.

Let’s Roll America – Recovering From COVID Lockdowns, The Move to Freedom

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 17, 2021 by Sundance

As John Spiropoulos works his way back to California he stops to talk to middle-America about the impacts of the COVID lockdowns and how people are adjusting their family life to retain their values.  This short segment is the story of a family of five who were fed up with the lockdown in Oregon and so they picked up and moved to South Dakota.

You can support John at his GoFundMe-Here, as well as GiveSendGo-Here Also any CTH member who would like the opportunity to meet up with John for his cross-country video segments can contact him via his email address:

…”There are more of us than them; they just control the systems that allow us to connect, share messages and recognize the scale of our assembly.”…

When we initially asked the question: “where would you choose to live“, we had no idea a virus would be purposeful to enhance the objectives of social engineering, isolation and ultimately, painfully, oppression.  Oblivious to the grand design, we allowed a seemingly disparate network of big tech companies to control communication.  The COVID aspect now generates in the physical world exactly the same distance created in the digital world.

Not only are various governmental agencies forcing the separation of people from their community networks, we are also seeing faith-based organizations, churches, buying into the fear. Even in areas where churches are not forcibly shut down, many are seeing a structural shift where some faith leaders are willingly ostracizing their community under the guise of various COVID alarms. This is not good…. not good at all.

Fellowship is the essential ingredient to a purposeful life. How and why we interact with each-other is how and why we recharge our core humanity. To see faith leaders willing to separate from the function of fellowship is alarming. However, as individuals we must not allow this foreboding sense to become the normal expectation.

Throughout history large armies have been defeated through the process of division. It is not a leap to see the same strategic objectives being deployed against social assemblies including congregations. It is puzzling how leadership cannot see the danger in social and spiritual distance when the bond of fellowship is needed more than ever.

Each of us has a different connection to our community. Each of us has a different level of internal strength… such is the nature of living. However, the distance between people is manifestly not a good outcome when combined with the lack of food for the soul.

The influence of social media is already troublesome, physically distancing from human engagement only worsens the impact. There is no digital replacement for the true fellowship of humanity on a personal level.

Ultimately it is the currency of human connection that is the true value in our lives.

We have each felt how our positive influence upon the lives of others nourishes our own sense of purpose and fulfillment… Do not lose that. Do not think you can compensate for that through other arbitrary measures; you cannot.

With local, state and now federal leaders moving beyond the workplace distance; and beyond the community distance; and beyond the church distance; and now entering your home to tell you the importance of separating yourself from your family… we must evaluate these arbitrary decrees very deliberately.

Evaluate very closely what you are willing to give up. Perhaps we are in this position today because we didn’t sit still long-enough and contemplate the real priorities in our lives.

Our liberty is inherent.

Our freedom is inherent.

The removal of both requires consent.


The Jabber In Chief

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President Select Joe Biden wants us all to get the COVID-19 shot. Yesterday I watched him as he bluntly slurred, “We’ll have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated, to create more places for them to get vaccinated, to mobilize more medical teams to get shots in peoples’ arms.” Joe is treating us as if we were government-owned cattle.

Even with the shots, Biden still wants everyone to social distance and wear masks, which presumably will be made permanent. Masks do nothing to stop the virus and they cause their wearers harm, but the powers that be want their sheep wearing them as symbols of submission. Joe’s handlers know that mask wearers are brainwashed by their media that spews out constant fear. Mask wearers are more likely to vaccinated, which will also become routine and permanent. Cajoling Joe says wearing masks are ‘patriotic,’ when in reality it is just the opposite because it means giving up even more liberty. We no longer control our own bodies—Biden and his handlers tell us what to do.

We don’t need a rushed-out vaccine against a virus (if there even is such a virus) that has a 99.7 percent survivability rate. In fact, the vaccine is 50 times more likely to produce side effects than a flu shot. Many people have dropped dead after getting the dangerous vaccine. Yet China Joe claims we need to get it because ‘science’ says so. Such science is distorted by mega billionaire globalists who are bent on reducing the world’s population while greatly increasing the bottom line of their vaccine makers.

Bill Gates is such a mega billionaire who wants to rake in even more billions of dollars from the shots. Taxpayers are forced to pay for vaccines that could lead to their own demise. Remember, Bill Gates is the Joseph Mengele of our times. He has pushed and funded experimental vaccines in India and Africa that led to sterilization and death. The DTP vaccine from Bill Gates killed ten times more African girls than disease itself. Don’t be surprised to see simillar results with the COVID shot.

Those resisting the vaccine are already being labeled ‘anti-vaxxers,’ and ‘anti-science.’ Airlines are proposing ‘vaccine passports’ in order to travel. This sort of tagging, whether by paperwork, physical chips, or digital tattoos will lead to deleterious results for those of us who will still refuse the shots. We won’t be able to travel or go to a supermarket. Eventually we’ll be called medical ’terrorists’ and rounded up.

Regardless, many of us will never get the vaccine no matter what. We must resist medical tyranny. We must resist Creepy Joe. Not my president!

—Ben Garrison

President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team

Re-Posted from patriotsnewsnetwork  JAN 15, 2021

“The Republican nominee for president will be that candidate who best learns that there is no future in apologizing,” I wrote in a June 10, 2015, column. Six days later Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower and, in so doing, launched the most volatile period in American history since the Civil War.

I wish I could say I had Trump in mind when I wrote the above, but as right as my prediction proved to be, I did not even know Trump was running. His refusal to back down or apologize came at a huge personal cost, but the rest of us, including his enemies, benefited from his un-Republican-like willingness to punch back when punched.

The benefits came in two primary forms: what Trump accomplished as president and what he exposed. The last few months, and the last week especially, were all about exposure. We will get to this in a minute, but first a quick brief on Trump’s accomplishment.

No matter how visceral their loathing of Trump, even our leftist friends benefitted from four years of peace and prosperity. So vibrant was the economy in early 2020 that it pushed us through the globalist fear pandemic in relatively good order. Enjoy the fruits of that economy while you can. They won’t last.

As to peace, Trump launched no new wars, nor did he expand any old ones. No president since Jimmy Carter can make this claim, and Carter accomplished his peace through submission. Trump accomplished his through strength: a military rebuilt, North Korea subdued, Russia restrained, China looking over its shoulder, Israel making new friends throughout the region.

Of universal benefit, too, were the trade deals that Trump pulled off. In 2016, these deals were on the agenda of no other candidate from either party. In 2019, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which replaced the disastrous NAFTA, passed a Democrat-controlled House 385-41. In his eight years, Barack Obama had no bipartisan accomplishment of this magnitude, nothing close.

From the conservative perspective, Trump’s most enduring accomplishment were the judicial appointments, a high percentage of whom are constitutionalists, nearly 500 at all levels, including three in the Supreme Court.

Although another Republican president might have secured, as Trump did, deregulation, tax cuts, and energy independence, none other would have dared to build a wall, help move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, speak at the March for Life, or rescue us from the delusional Paris Accord.

Then too, despite four years of media race baiting, Trump secured the highest Republican percentage of minority votes in sixty years, not to mention 12 million more total votes than any Republican had ever received.

Reportedly, Louisiana Governor Huey Long was once asked, “Do you think we will ever have Fascism in America?” Said Long, “Sure, only we’ll call it anti-Fascism.” What Trump exposed, and which may prove of more lasting value than what he accomplished, was the real-life unfolding of Long’s paradox.

Even before Trump was elected, he had panicked the bipartisan deep state into overreaction. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan refused to appear with Trump on stage in Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton and the DNC meanwhile launched the Russia collusion hoax as a dirty trick operation, and the Obama administration finessed it, with the help of the FBI and CIA, into the foundation for a coup. The media meanwhile cheered the coconspirators on.

On August 15, 2016, the FBI’s Peter Strzok memorably signaled the shared motive of all the conspirators. “There’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” he texted FBI lover Lisa Page. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

As the coup progressed, renegade Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi said out loud what should have been obvious to everyone on his side of the barricades, “Being on any team is a bad look for the press, but the press being on team FBI/CIA is an atrocity, Trump or no Trump.”

The major media were well beyond caring about appearances. Laughably, in 2018, the Washington Post shared a “national reporting” Pulitzer with the New York Times “for deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” Not since the Times’ Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer for concealing the Soviet terror-famine has the prize been awarded so promiscuously.

In gauging scores in sports like diving and figure skating, judges factor in a “degree of difficulty.” No president since Lincoln has labored under a higher degree of difficulty than Trump. I cannot recall seeing a positive headline in any major media during the duration of his presidency. The fact that America’s most beautiful and stylish first lady never made it onto the cover of a magazine suggests just how monolithic was the opposition. And still Trump never apologized, never backed down.

In the 2020 election, Trump showed us just how inherent was the Left’s fondness for fascism. Big Tech crossed something of a Rubicon two weeks before the election when its agents colluded in censoring the Hunter Biden story. Big Media helped their allies across.

With the story blocked, Biden had a chance of winning. Using COVID as a cover, Democratic operatives in key states just had to steal thousands more votes than usual. Big Media and Big Tech colluded by mocking those who dared question the rigging of the election, and the FBI sat on its hands. Although Trump had carried congressional Republicans to unexpected wins, most collaborated with the conspirators by either keeping silent or scolding Trump for daring to question the outcome.  

The “fascist” movement began with Italy’s Benito Mussolini. He took the name of his party from the Latin word fasces meaning a bundle of rods gathered together in one strong hand. Starting in ten days all the rods will be gathered — the presidency, the House, the Senate, Big Tech, Big Media, Hollywood, the CIA, the FBI, perhaps even the military. Just in the last few weeks, their collective eagerness to suppress dissent has shown up their mentors in the CCP.

To enforce the new order at the street level, the Left has developed its own private army. In a marvelous bit of self-parody, the bully boys of the new fascism, the Left’s own SA, call themselves anti-fascists or Antifa for short. Huey Long had the last laugh on that one.

With his back to the wall, Trump rallied the last bulwark against this encroaching tyranny, the American people. In so doing, he showed the comically obvious hypocrisy of the Left’s support for “largely peaceful” protests.

Although events this past week did not appear to work out as we might have liked, appearances can be deceiving. There were lessons learned, eyes opened. It seems somehow providential that the people’s protest at the “People’s House” occurred on the Epiphany.

New York’s Bill is a Taste of what the Left Wants to Do Using Any Claimed Disease

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Left’s Great Stalinist Purge of All Our Freedoms

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It began with Twitter shutting down Trump. Then Google & Apple shut off Parler and its owner and his family have had to go into hiding because of death threats from the left. Now Google and Apple are continuing their Great Stalinistic Purge of the Internet. They are shutting down any free speech they can under the pretense that anyone who voted for Trump is essentially now a terrorist. Minds was also an alternative Social Network and if anything allows free speech, they are now actively hunting them down. This is most definitely a global coup and we have to come to face the fact that not only was the election rigged, but it has also been an intended move toward authoritarianism because socialism can no longer be sustained. The vast majority will simply comply and that is the danger. How far do we go down this road of tyranny before there is push-back?

We offer NO Apps in either Apple or Google for this very reason.

Meanwhile, Pelosi has announced that any lawmaker who helped insurrectionists could face criminal prosecution. She is blowing up our very forum of government and there need not be some siege from Trump supporters. The word circulating around DC is that once Biden takes office, they will look to begin to criminally charge Republicans to remove as many from office as possible. This is also intimidation and we have corporations like Coke saying they will cut off all funds to anyone who changed the Electoral College. Rand Paul has warned that one-third of the Republican Party will leave if the Republicans support impeaching Trump.

CNN allowed Don Lemon to claim that 74 MILLION Republicans from all across the Nation who had voted for Trump, compared to the KKK, and Nazis. The sheer hatred toward Republicans is just off the charts. There is NO POSSIBLE way that Biden will have an Administration that represents everyone. This is the Great Purge and all dissent will be silenced. This is the normal course for every leftist Marxist revolution. They simply will NEVER tolerate dissent and they do not believe in the Constitution or anything represented in the First Amendment. This is why they will push the country into a bloody civil war.

The Pentagon has authorized up to 25,000 National Guard members to help secure Washington, DC, for President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. The scuttlebutt is that Pelosi requested Marines calling National Guard Troops “weekend warriors” but they declined to send in the Army. It appears that Pelosi has circumvented the President and is really now running the country.

The siege of the Capitol was by no means a violent insurrection. Yet all the other protests around the country were perfectly fine and the police were told to stand down. One friend who lived in California a few blocks from the main street which was being looted, saw the police standing down doing nothing. He has sold his house and moved to Naples, Florida. This double standard is bothering a lot of people. Meanwhile, the prosecutors were told to take into account the economic status of loots on the West Coast. If they were poor, then they were justified?

Kennedy’s Speech Against Fake News

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