Geert Vanden Bossche and Robert Malone MD Discuss COVID-19, Scientific Investigation, the Viral Revolution and Political Media

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An interesting discussion between two of the world’s prominent voices Geert Vanden Bossche, expert vaccine developer (Belgium); and Robert Malone MD, the inventor of mRNA vaccines (USA).

The meeting is hosted by Dr. Phillip McMillan (UK), who previously interviewed Vanden Bossche and Malone on separate occasions.  This video interview is an update on the prior conversations and predictions, along with a discussion by the two leading voices in the scientific community who urge caution.

Vanden Bossche takes the current Israeli data and shows how the widespread vaccination rate is creating pressure on the virus to mutate into variants with higher levels of contagion.  The unvaccinated group has been keeping the pressure down by defeating the virus and carrying natural immunity.  However, as the unvaccinated population is increasingly made smaller, the pressure on the virus to mutate increases.  Subsequently, these mutations stay at higher or more effective levels of infection. WATCH:

Do Vaccinated Pregnant Women in Their First or Second Trimester have an 81.8% Chance of Miscarriage?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Sep 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

You have to wonder why universities are suddenly investigating if the vaccines are causing abortions. The government appears to have been playing around with the numbers to hide the fact that there may be a problem with COVID vaccines causing spontaneous abortions. I have reported that one staff member, who is 25, will not get vaccinated because her vaccinated friends have experienced completely distorted menstrual cycles. The Babylon Bee (yes, a known satirical site) wrote a piece where medical schools revised the Hippocratic Oath to exclude the unvaccinated “to set an example for others.” I have received some comments that this is not so far off. Who knows.

The revised study from the New England Journal of Medicine states:

“Among 827 registry participants who reported a completed pregnancy, 104 experienced spontaneous abortions and 1 had a stillbirth… [rather than] a completed pregnancy, the pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion in 104 (12.6%) and in stillbirth in 1 (0.1%); these percentages are well within the range expected as an outcome for this age group of persons whose other underlying medical conditions are unknown.”

Claiming that spontaneous abortions are normal is clearly suspicious. These miscarriages, by definition, occur before the 20-week gestation mark. The Mayo Clinic states:

“Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur so early in pregnancy that a woman doesn’t realize she’s pregnant.”

They have manipulated the numbers like everything else. This means that all 700 women who received the vaccine in the third trimester must be excluded from the calculation because they were already past being able to have a technical miscarriage. Therefore, looking closely at the study suggests that 104 out of 127 women experienced a miscarriage since they were under the 20-week definition. This obviously means the miscarriage rate of women who received the vaccine in the first or second trimester is actually 81.8% or 8 out of 10 women. This is far beyond the normal 12.6% range.

This leads us to ask once again: What is the truth here? I can attest from personal knowledge that even taking aspirin during the first trimester can cause birth defects!

Do the Vaccines Impact Fertility?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Sep 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

As many parts of the world mandate COVID-19 vaccines, there has been an ongoing cry from women who have reported small changes in their menstrual cycle following vaccination. They will protest to keep abortion, body my decision, but not with these vaccines?

I have reported that one of the girls in the company, who is 25, has vaccinated friends who experienced excessive bleeding, and their menstrual cycles have not returned to normal. Many women are now concerned that they may not be able to have children. The total lack of any studies in advance has been against everything behind the medical oath to do no harm, and the government professing they even care.

Victoria Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, Calls Anyone Concerned About Untested Vaccination Side-Effects Irrational Whack Jobs

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If you do not agree with the central command authority and the Ministry of COVID Compliance, you are an irrational citizen who needs to be culled from society.   Where have you see that type of outlook and worldview expressed before?  Yes, it is the exact credo of the Fabian Socialist Society.

Fauci Lying Again? Media Covering up?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Sep 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The evidence keeps coming out that Fauci has done nothing but lie. Now it has emerged that both Wuhan and US scientists were planning to release enhanced airborne coronavirus particles into Chinese bat populations. They were looking to inoculate them against diseases that could jump to humans. This is the guy advising Biden, and Biden has made it clear that under no condition would they EVER fire Fauci. The guy is 80 years old and  still working for the government and didn’t bother to retire at 65.

Never has there been an administration that is so corrupt in the White House as this Biden Administration. It is interesting when you try to verify some facts that are against Biden, Reuters puts this pop-up on your screen:

“Backers of Trump’s false fraud claims seek to control next election” 

There are no such warnings EVER on what Fauci says or Biden for that matter.

Pfizer & the Numbers

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Sep 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Marty,
I read your blog every morning.
Here’s some interesting math for you.
Number needed to vaccinate is 142 for Pfizer. (Moderna is 88 but I’ll use Pfizer for the demonstration).
So with Pfizer you need to vaccinate 117 people to prevent one CASE of covid. The current survival rate of covid is 99.86%, so approximately 1 death per thousand cases. So the NNV to prevent one covid DEATH is 117,000.
In the first 6 months of 2021, 134 million people were fully vaccinated in the US. VAERS listed 10,335 vaccine related deaths by that point, about 56 per day. Vaers has been proven to be underreported but let’s use it as a very rough conservative estimate.
So the 134 million / 10355 = 12,940 … one death per 12940 covid vaccinations.
So if you vaccinate 117,000 people to save one covid death, 117,000/12940 = 9.04 people will have died from the vaccine.
This is likely on the low end and also doesn’t include all the non-mortality vaccine side effects. It also doesn’t include the non mortality effects of covid either.
Interesting numbers though regardless.
Best regards

REPLY: Very interesting analysis. There was a family friend who was in good health at 76. He was vaccinated, and suddenly within a month, he ended up in the hospital. One organ after the other was failing then came back. He finally recovered, but nobody could explain what the hell was going on. The doctors simply said they had never seen this before. It was like a mouse running around inside him, moving from one organ to the next. This is one giant experiment, and now Pfizer is claiming it is safe for 5-year-olds. But they are exempt from all liability and are making more money than ever. But we should trust them?

The FDA has been compromised. They are taking money from Bill Gates, who then, in turn, makes money from his ownership of Pfizer. If anyone did this in any other stock, the SEC would be dragging them in court. They took Elon Musk to court for simply saying he would take the company private. Bill Gates has so many conflicts of interest that we can NO LONGER trust the Biden Administration, the FDA, CDC, or Fauci.

Where is the SEC when they could actually do something for once besides protecting the bankers?

COMMENTS on the Future

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Sep 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT #1: Hi Marty,

It does not feel like we are winning at all here in Canada. In Ontario, as of today, the unvaxxed cannot go to a restaurant, concerts, gym or any indoor event deemed by the ‘authorities’ as not essential. Soon enough, we will not be able to buy a loaf of bread without the vax passport.

What surprises me is that small business associations or civil rights groups are not filing lawsuits to stop this. They just play along and say nothing we can do, sorry.

When I ask retired people why they took the jab, they mostly say: so they can travel (non of them have done any traveling anyway, since Trudeau locked the borders Iron Curtain style). When I ask the young why: they say to get it done with, so they can go about their lives. Nobody takes it for health reasons nor thinks about health risks. I know a man in his twenties, who was in the hospital for a week with Myocarditis after taking the vax. A medical doctor told me they treat it with Tylenol, so it’s ok, it’s all safe, take the vax.

We are being imprisoned one illegal mandate at a time. Politicians are acting as if the Charter of Rights was null and void and any rights we have are irrelevant. No one here in Canada is willing to stand up to this and openly say basta! There is some fussing, but it looks more like controlled opposition, to make us move swiftly along to the next stage than anything we could call ‘winnable’.

‘Two weeks to flatten the curve’


REPLY #1: I fully understand what you are saying. But even those vaccinated who were lied to that this is one time like a polio shot as a kid and took the shot to be able to travel or for other non-health reason, these people complied but were not deathly afraid of COVID. They are not fully indoctrinated and they will revolt when they realize that these people will demand regular COVID shots forever and they are not interested in allowing the total freedom to travel.

COMMENT #2:  Hi, Living in Sweden it’s just insane watching the COVID responses around the world.
The hospitals here aren’t even allowed to ask nurses or doctors if they are vaccinated, the same goes for all government employees. It’s funny that old socialist Sweden is now the land of the free.

REPLY #2: I fully agree. The majority of the world is in chaos all because the politicians have bought into the Schwab agenda 2030 and see more power in their hands and ending democratic election. It truly is instance but they know the vast majority of people are just sheep.

COMMENT #3: I like your optimistic tone this morning, but Europe is lost and Canada just re-elected Trudeau. Germany will elect socialists and ecologists, which is even worse than Merkel. Macron will be next to be reelected, the entire system is bent to make it happen. They are spending like crazy to bribe the people, people are hypnotized by the media’s bullshit, kids up to 30y old by the Marxist, woke and climate alarmists posts on social media, with no understanding about the difference between militant opinions and real facts. There is no way the majority of people will open their eyes by spring next year to throw Macron out. Not looking good at all for the next 5 years IMHO. So you’re right on one point, it will be violent, but we will suffer greatly until 2027 with taxes, vaccines and lockdowns, and all the unexpected consequences.


REPLY #3: Their objective to rule the world is absurd, the dreams and fantasies of academics. They will not come into play. Their window for this takeover of the world closes by the end of 2022. We have panic cycles in politics around the world in 2022-2023. This has never before shown up on our model since the 1930s. There was a previous period of Revolutions of 1917–1923  which was marked by revolutions in Russia and Germany. The larger German Revolution ended monarchy there but there was also and its offspring, like the Bavarian Soviet Republic, the Hungarian Revolution, and the Biennio Rosso revolution in Italy. There were many other smaller uprisings, protests, and strikes that were a result of losses economically from World War I in Europe. Before that, the Panic Cycles appear in 1844-1849, which marked the first communist revolution of 1848 in Europe.

The world is NOT ready to surrender all its rights. When the people begin to way up and understand that the COVID passports are PERMANENT, then you will see the contagion of a broader uprising. This is why the EU is now pushing for an EU army where it will send in Italians to crush Germans etc. They will use the natural division among Europeans against them to retain power. The censorship and cancel culture is the same as the Nazi Book Burnings. Anything the speaks against the propaganda of the state must be canceled.

Pope Francis is now denying access to the Vatican without a COVID pass? What happened to the teachings of Christ and defending the condemned? Let he without sin cast the first stone?

sJHopkins 2025 pars-pandemic-scenario

They are already putting out plans for COVID response and the Pandemic into 2025-2028. Hello, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee because they outlaw that as well.

Project Veritas Undercover, FDA Official Advocates Hunting Black People and Shooting Them With Vaccine Blow Darts

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Advocating for the sanctioned hunting of black people and shooting them with blow-darts may not result in more vaccine support from people of color….

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept. 22, 2021] Project Veritas released the second video of its COVID vaccine investigative series today exposing U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] economist, Taylor Lee, who was recorded calling for forced COVID vaccinations and a registry for all unvaccinated Americans. (read more)

Project Veritas – Fraud Behind Vaccines

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Sep 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Project Veritas Undercover Expose The Dangers of COVID Vaccine and Federal Medical Facility Hiding The Problems

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[PHOENIX – Sept. 20, 2021] Project Veritas released the first video of its COVID vaccine investigative series today featuring an interview with U.S. Health and Human Services [HHS] insider, Jodi O’Malley, who works as a Registered Nurse at the local Indian Medical Center. (read more)