This Post Contains U Tube Videos on Bill Gates and his COVID virus that have been banned and/or taken down

We are at a crossroads between two visions for our country: path one, we follow those that want to keep us quarantined and the other path is the one where retrain the Republic and freedom. Path One is never good and Path Two is always good!

Path One is being orchestrated by Bill Gates though The Bill and Melisa Gates Foundation.

These Videos are all related to the Wuhan virus and how we, the citizens, are being mislead by the “experts” at the NIH and CDC and who are all controlled by Bill Gates and his money. What is happening today is an attempt to break the will of the American People so they can change us from a Constitutional Republic into a single party (Progressive) fascist state. And by the way there is no meaningful difference between Fascism and Marxism as in both systems the people are oppressed. The Democrat party is the progressive party and that is what they want! They want total control of the citizens!

The heading in black are for videos that are loaded on my blog so they should be there. The ones in Red are YouTube and so maybe be taken down at some time in the future. I will update the post as new information comes up and re-post.

Two Doctors Part One

Two Doctors Part Two

Nurse One

Nurse Two

Nurse Three

New York Doctor

Swedish Doctor

Professor Knut Wittkowski


Flu History (from CDC)

  • The Spanish Flu pandemic (1918-19) killed 675,000 Americans. Today: equates to a bit more than two milliondead.
  • The “Asian Flu” pandemic of 1957 killed116,000 Americans. Today: equates to approximately 223,000.
  • The “Hong Kong Flu” pandemic of 1968 killedat least 100,000 Americans. Today: equates to 164,915.
  • The H1N1 or “Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 killed 12,469 Americans.
  • The Normal flu 2010-2011 killed 37,000
  • The Normal flu 2011-2012 killed 12,000
  • The Normal flu 2012-2013 killed 43,000
  • The Normal flu 2013-2014 killed 38,000
  • The Normal flu 2014-2015 killed 51,000
  • The Normal flu 2015-2016 killed 23,000
  • The Normal flu 2016-2017 killed 38,000
  • The Normal flu 2017-2018 killed 61,000
  • The Normal flu 2018-2019 killed 34,157
  • The Normal flu 2019-2020 killed

The ‘New Normal Messiah’, Rev. Dr. Anthony Fauci

The question no one’s asking is: Given that bars and other centers of commerce are now up and running, was Fauci’s mission in the coronavirus scare intended to shut down all churches from the get-go?

Judi McLeod image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 29, 2020

The ‘New Normal Messiah’, Rev. Dr. Anthony Fauci,

With most churches remaining closed for this Pentecost Sunday, the mission of ‘New Normal Messiah’, the Most Reverend Dr. Anthony Fauci, may be complete.  The Coronavirus Pandemic he predicted back in 2017—which already cancelled 2020 Holy Week and Easter Sunday’s commemoration of Our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection—will now, just as dictatorially, cancel out Pentecost.

For the few churches that may remain open under enforced social distancing and mask wearing for attendees, receiving Holy Communion is too risky—even if it involves only the distribution of Holy Communion without the cup.

In other words, you are safe as the proverbial church in a bar where doctors like Fauci say you aren’t likely to catch the virus—but more likely to expose yourself to it when receiving the Body of Jesus Christ.

“Fauci, who identifies as a Jesuit-educated Catholic who has distanced himself from “the concept of organized churches, religions,” said that at the moment he believes that receiving communion is too risky.” (Breitbart, May 28, 2020 )

The ‘New Normal Messiah’, who sports a face mask rather than robes, has spoken—and wants to hear no singing either.

For any poor souls who may feel discriminated against, or even persecuted, the ends ALWAYS justify the means in that fake religion known as Marxism.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged Christians to wear masks, practice social distancing, and forego singing and receiving communion during worship services to curb the spread of the coronavirus. (Breitbart)

“In an interview with the Jesuit-run America magazine published Wednesday, Dr. Fauci said that churches should “limit the number of people, so that you don’t have people in the pews right next to each other,” and the faithful should “absolutely” wear masks.”

“Regarding the distribution of communion, Fauci said he does not think there is a safe way to go about it and the practice should be abandoned until further notice.

Marxist Doublespeak

“I think for the time being, you just gotta forestall that,” he said.

“As many times as a priest can wash his hands, he gets to Communion, he puts it in somebody’s hand, they put it in their mouth,” he said, “it’s that kind of close interaction that you don’t want when you’re in the middle of a deadly outbreak.”

“Fauci said he thinks that religious practice should vary from place to place, according to the intensity and extent of infections.

“It depends on where you are,” he said. “If you are in a region, a city, a county, where there is a significant amount of infection, I think with distributing Communion, I think that would be risky. I’m telling you that as a Catholic, it would be risky.”

“I’m telling you that as a Catholic, it would be risky.”

Marxist Doublespeak 101, given that Fauci “identifies as a Jesuit-educated Catholic who has distanced himself from “the concept of organized churches, religions.”

Marxist-coached Messiah Fauci’s coming “New Normal”

In time for Pentecost, he’s conjuring an image that priests have dirty, germ-ridden hands.

“Last month, Fauci said it was “tough” to say whether it was alright during the pandemic to have sex with strangers met on dating apps like Tinder, but “if you’re willing to take a risk—and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks—you could figure out if you want to meet somebody.”  (LifeSiteNews,  28, 2020)

“And it depends on the level of the interaction that you want to have. If you’re looking for a friend, sit in a room and put a mask on, and you know, chat a bit. If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk,” he said. Fauci added it’s important to “make sure the person is feeling well.”

How to ensure that the mask-wearing romantic partner you picked up through an app like Tinder is telling the truth when they say they are “feeling well”?

If you thought churches should be Houses of Worship serving the sheep for The Shepherd, you’re behind the times in Marxist-coached Messiah Fauci’s coming “New Normal”.

Meanwhile, the question no one’s asking is: Given that bars and other centers of commerce are now up and running, was Fauci’s mission in the coronavirus scare intended to shut down all churches from the get-go?

God only knows.

Bill Gates Part IV

Click on this link and watch these four videos.

Meet Bill Gates

The Progressive Mask of Submission

Mask of Submission 

I happened to read our local newspaper recently. In their Letters to The Editorsection, a woman implored us all to start wearing masks. She said it’s time to do our patriotic duty. Everyone must wear a mask outside their homes! If we all wore them the virus would quickly be defeated. During World War II all citizens came together and sacrificed for the war effort and we were victorious. She implied the war on the COVID-19 virus is no different.

It isdifferent.

Fake News  mass media pumps out non-stop fear. Everyone is suspect. Danger from an unseen thing lurks everywhere. Social distancing is simply division designed to prevent us coming together and protesting. The masks are not a sign of patriotism. Rather, they are a sign of defeat and submission to an evil power elite. They hate humanity and they want us to hate ourselves. A mask is a symbol of that self-hatred.

The masks are not only an affront to our human dignity, they also take away our humanity and they are also a precursor of things to come. If we accept the unconstitutional ‘orders’ that we have to social distance and wear masks when we’re out of our homes, the Deep State will also think we will then eagerly accept digital tagging in some form when the time comes. Big global corporate stores such as Costco require masks on faces before entering. That will become the ‘new normal’ they love to promote. They want the mask nonsense to be widely accepted before forcing their vile and endless vaccines upon us. Soon, people will have to prove they’ve been vaccinated before shopping for food.

What do you think Bill Gates was talking about during those Bilderberg meetings? Why did they erect those Georgia Guide Stones telling us about their plans for a great population reduction? The satanic monsters are required to tell us what they’re going to do to us. They think we’re cattle who can be easily herded. The eugenicists’ planned-demic is designed to defeat us once and for all. The time to resist is now. Your chances of dying from their virus is very small, but the chances of our liberties dying are much greater. Just say ‘NO!’ to the masks. Say ‘HELL NO!’ to forced, life-shortening vaccines, a cashless society, and a Chinese-style social credit system.

Don’t let the monsters have their way.

—Ben Garrison

Virtue Signaling Masks Smothering Our Society

“Contactless,” “safe,” “stay safe,” “safe distancing,” “together alone” (an oxymoron), “new normal” became the indoctrinating phrase of the new generation of supine and scared humans who would rather exchange their freedom for temporary “safety.”

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 29, 2020

Virtue Signaling Masks Smothering Our Society

I have spent a lot of time since early March in the woods, in the company of birds, geese, a wild rabbit, a fox visiting my yard daily, squirrels, a racoon, five deer who enjoy the grass in our back yard at dusk, one coyote, wasps, bumblebees, a majestic eagle, a water snake, the river, flowers, grasses, two ospreys, and a lot of mud.

The daily trips to the woods saved my sanity when everything around me turned irrational and abnormal, “socially distancing” from other humans as if they had the bubonic plague, the “new normal” as the Democrat leaders turned Stalinists and their lackey mainstream media have been telling us non-stop for twelve weeks now.

Insane lefties took up the crusade of forcing everyone to wear face masks outside

Insane lefties took up the crusade of forcing everyone to wear face masks outside, in the woods, in state parks, in the house, in stores, while jogging, biking, in grocery stores, and in their own cars when they were driving alone.

A fashion industry has quickly popped up with useless face masks of various shapes, sizes, thickness, colors, and messages that fit the submissive and scared-to-death personality of the wearer. One famous individual expressed herself with a crocheted mask with holes.

We must wear a face mask at the bank, coupled with seeing eyeglasses, and it seems that it is now legal to do so. Who would have thought that looking like a robber would be acceptable and necessary in a bank?  But here we are.

I used to walk across a fishing pier where two ospreys were nesting. I enjoyed photographing them while the male was bringing his mate fish in his beak. But the governor closed the pier and the occasional 5-6 fishermen had to move alongside the river’s edge, clustered together under the railroad bridge. How else could they tell each other tall fishing tales and drink beer? Humans are social creatures and need other people to remain sane and healthy. And the catfish and snakeheads fed their families. Thanks to the governor’s crazy policies, the fishermen are now unemployed and unable to provide for their loved ones.

The governor left state parks open but closed the bathroom facilities – too much to clean properly, the ranger explained one day. But they brought in unsightly port-o-potties which had no hand sanitizer and were sprayed by a park employee with Lysol spray. Who can argue with the logic of a governor, who is a doctor, that a port-o-potty with exposed fecal matter and urine is cleaner than a restroom?

Stasi Karens

People could stand on the river’s sandy beach and fish or exercise, but nobody could sit in a chair or on the sand – it must be crawling with Covid-19 viruses. How in the world have we ever survived so far on thousands of crowded beaches around the world without social isolation or physical distancing! How lucky we were! It is a “miracle” that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix saved us on time. It was worth every penny of the six trillion dollars in debt and the millions of permanently unemployed.

Arbitrary rules of physical distancing euphemistically called “social distancing” were established, a form of social isolation which varied across the globe, from 3-6 ft, even though a cough or a sneeze can travel much farther, 18-24 ft.

Then the leftist and regressive population, whose agenda was never about liberty of any kind, started to turn into the Gestapo, vociferously shaming anybody who dared to show up without a face mask—How dare you endanger my fragile health? Go home and hide under a rock! Worse yet, the left turned into the Stasi Karen(s) and called the police on face mask violators.

And the police, being the vigilant defenders and protectors of the law that they are, started arresting parents playing with their children, church goers, partiers in private homes, restaurant patrons who violated totalitarian lockdown orders, towed their cars, fined citizens for daring to open up businesses, and for eating inside restaurants or bars.

Extreme cowardice, overnight submission to totalitarianism without a whimper is painful to watch

People became so conditioned that, while walking in the woods to get fresh air, they wore masks alone and with their spouses and children. Shrill women were shouting twelve feet away from other humans, “stay away from me,” as if they were aliens in the invasion of the body snatchers.

Irrational and panicked, these individuals have lost whatever sanity they have ever had. I can now fully understand how the lynching of innocents happened when crowds reached a frenzy of hatred towards helpless humans exercising their right to exist.

People now cross the street to avoid each other and make no eye contact or attempt at any human interaction. We have become invisible to each other, “contactless” humans.

A park employee was collecting parking fees one day using a fishing net with a long handle. The drivers had to put their money in, and the attendant retrieved the said cash from the net following the “contactless” dictates of the non-stop PSAs.

“Contactless,” “safe,” “stay safe,” “safe distancing,” “together alone” (an oxymoron), “new normal” became the indoctrinating phrase of the new generation of supine and scared humans who would rather exchange their freedom for temporary “safety.”

The extreme cowardice and almost overnight submission to totalitarianism without a whimper or logical argument and questioning were painful to watch.

The Media Wants America to Stay Closed Forever

The pandemic has been a disaster for America and a huge gift for the media’s fear-based programming

Daniel Greenfield image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 29, 2020

The Media Wants America to Stay Closed Forever

CNN doubled its audience in April, while MSNBC hit its best total-day ratings. Network news programs rose 39% since last year, gaining over 8 million viewers for their best numbers in over a decade. Cable news networks have become the most watched channels on cable and network news has been beating prime time programming. The pandemic is the next best thing to Walter Cronkite rising from the dead.

The New York Times is up to 6 million subscribers with an increase of 587,000 digital subscriptions that it attributes to “widespread interest in news of the coronavirus pandemic”. Last year the paper was struggling to make it to 5 million subscribers. Digital subscriptions are up across the industry. Digital subscriptions rose 29% at the Dallas Morning News, 17% at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and the Poynter-FactCheck’s Tampa Bay Times boasted of tripling the rate of digital subscriptions.

A Captive Audience

(That didn’t stop the Tampa Bay Times from getting an SBA loan at the expense of small businesses.)

With 87% of Americans saying that they’re closely following news of the coronavirus pandemic, while many of them are trapped indoors, the media is experiencing an unprecedented boom. And with millions of kids out of school, it’s even begun launching new ventures to exploit the pandemic like NBC News’ coronavirus newscast for kids. It’s a terrible time for Americans, but a great one for the media.

The only thing that could rain on the media’s pandemic parade would be the country reopening.

Right now, the media has the American public right where it wants it, trapped indoors, and closely following whatever combination of reporting, propaganda, and lies it chooses to feed to them.

And the polls show that it’s working.

Most of the country is afraid. A not insignificant percentage of the electorate is convinced that it will die if its cohort leaves the house without a mask, and would like to keep receiving government checks forever. Media hysteria not only trashed the economy, but sold millions on the socialist lifestyle.

After the Russia hoax, a botched impeachment, and more hit pieces than even historians will be able to count, the media is achieving its grand ideological goal of endangering President Trump’s reelection.

All the media had to do was scare the public within an inch of its life into crawling under the bed

To quote the nation’s first Republican president, “you may fool people for a time; you can fool a part of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” That’s always been the problem with the media’s business model. It has a core audience that it can fool all the time. But it can’t have any real power unless it reaches beyond the urbanites and suburbanites concentrated in a few blue areas.

As the warmer weather swept in, social distancing began to collapse, accelerating reopenings in red states, and putting pressure on blue states to step up. Even New York and California have been forced to move up their timetables while struggling with the crowds headed to the beach or socializing in parks.

Every state has now moved toward lifting their lockdowns to one degree or another.

And the people aren’t waiting for the politicians to act. The median distance people have been traveling, based on cell phone data, doubled from half a mile to a mile. The shutdown is being shut down.

Now it’s the media’s turn to be afraid.

The Atlantic condemned Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen Georgia as an “experiment in human sacrifice”. But, Coronavirus cases have dropped 20% since the reopening. So, the media has doubled down on its false claims by spinning conspiracy theories about the Georgia and Florida numbers.

They’re out to get you… out of the house. And away from your TV.

After a Florida state employee who had been inputting numbers into the state’s virus dashboard was fired, the media insisted that she had been silenced for refusing to cover up the “real” numbers. The media neglected to mention that she had been arrested for cyber-stalking and revenge porn.

It has since moved on to suggesting a cover-up at the CDC.

In a matter of weeks, the media has gone from urging evidence-based policymaking that follows the numbers, to telling its viewers, listeners, and readers to ignore the numbers because it’s a conspiracy.

CNN has taken the lead in spinning conspiracies about Georgia, Florida, and the CDC, while failing to disclose to its viewers and readers that it has a major vested interest in maintaining the lockdown.

Politicians have wrongly deemed the media to be non-essential. That means that CNN can remain in business while calling for lockdowns of countless small businesses and forced unemployment for millions even as its ratings soar because all the people it put out of work are at home watching TV.

Beyond the ideological conflict of interest, CNN has a huge economic conflict of interest.

The media is resisting any effort to lift the lockdowns because the closure rules don’t apply to it

So does the rest of the media. The lockdowns are a form of economic discrimination that structurally benefits the media, freeing it to produce original programming while most television and film production has been shut down. Now the nerds at the news desk are able to beat everything else. All they had to do was make sure that not a single professional sports league was still playing in the USA.

If only they’d thought of that back when they were working on the high school paper.

And yet, at no point in time, has the media bothered explaining this simple fact to its viewers.

The media is resisting any effort to lift the lockdowns because the closure rules don’t apply to it. They never did. CNN was able to keep its staff working even while the pandemic was ravaging New York City. While viewers saw that top anchors were working from home, that was as much of an illusion as Chris Cuomo’s quarantine. The anchors stayed home, but much of the rank and file workforce did not.

Another way of looking at the lockdowns is that they act as media rent-seeking programs, providing a lifeline to a struggling industry by shutting down its rivals and creating a captive audience.

The pandemic has been a disaster for America and a huge gift for the media’s fear-based programming

The media wants America to stay closed forever. And if it were up to it, that’s what would happen.

The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the corrupt media cartel have nothing to gain from the country reopening and everything to lose. And the cartel is corruptly influencing public policy with propaganda, with disinformation, and with conspiracy theories in order to serve its own interests.

The pandemic has been a disaster for America and a huge gift for the media’s fear-based programming.

Americans look out at a country that they no longer recognize. They see a place where the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply, where neighbors and loved ones have been indoctrinated by the media to fear each other, and where the recent economic boom seems like a distant memory. But the media sees a vast captive audience and it has no intention of releasing its #StayAtHome captives without a fight.

Every media article, segment, and story against the lockdown is nothing more than digital slave owners fighting to keep its captive audience on the plantation. The reopenings are a liberation, not only allowing people to go back to work, to school, and to reunite with their loved ones, but freeing millions of people hiding indoors, in thrall to the media’s fear campaign, and releasing them into the light.

Civil Unrest Turning Violent on Schedule

The civil unrest is turning violent right on schedule. These lockdowns have destroyed so many jobs and the future of people which the government never even bothered to consider. The more governments try to pretend they did the right thing, the greater the violence will become.

I went to get my haircut the other day. The woman said she just received her unemployment check. Two and a half months with no income. She said she was a saver, and if she had not been, her and her children would have starved. She then added – “They better not try this again!”

The economic damage to the vast majority of people is beyond description. So far, it looks like at least 5% of small businesses will not reopen. The local mall had Sears, which shut down before, J.C Penney which is closing, and Macy’s. Retail will never be the same.

Is it Time to Throw Every Politician Out of Office Who Imposed Lockdowns?

There is a rising discontent against politicians who have scared the hell out of people using this virus. They did so without ANY justification other than a bogus old program from Imperial College, funded by Bill Gates, that used a stochastic to try to forecast the future like the child’s game Sim City. The polls are showing that 40% of Republicans are against these lockdowns and do not trust Bill Gates. Meanwhile, YouTube is in an all-out war against free speech. They will use any excuse they can use to remove content exposing the false evidence of this virus. Now, they are even supporting the climate change agenda as they removed Michael Moore’s documentary exposing the fake agenda of that movement. We have Twitter claiming it has a right to do fact-checking only on Trump. They do not fact check the WHO, Fauci, Bill Gates, or the CDC. We have Twitter entering political censorship if it disagrees with their political agenda.

Thailand has 56 deaths out of 69 million people. Japan has announced no lockdown as there were only 850 deaths 126.5 million. What they will NOT tell you is that the COMMON COLD is typically a coronavirus, which is very common! In the United States, colds are more common in the fall and winter, because of the tendency for people to remain indoors. Inside, air tends to be drier. Dry air dries up the nasal passages, which can lead to infection. Humidity levels also tend to be lower in colder weather. Cold viruses are better able to survive in low humidity conditions. Lockdowns are the opposite of health advice. You need fresh air.

A study has been leaked from Germany showing that there have been more deaths from the lockdown denying people medical services than there were by the fake virus. The death rate in Germany was 0.3%. Christian Drosten, who directs the Institute of Virology at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, was one of those who identified the Sars virus in 2003. As the head of the German public health institute’s reference lab on coronaviruses, he has become the government’s go-to expert on the related virus causing the current pandemic. He is the person responsible for destroying so many jobs and lives in Germany with his recommendation to shut down the economy. These people have no concept of the economy or people’s lives at all!

Nevertheless, we still have the left media trying to scare people to stay home to undermine the economy as much as possible. The New York Times wrote, “Models Project Sharp Rise in Deaths as States Reopen,” which are the same models that predicted 2 million deaths before! The question is WHY is the leftist press continuing to destroy the economy? What is their objective?

To further the climate change and support Bill Gates’ agenda to further vegetarian meat substitutes, which he has a huge stake in, he is advocating shutting down meat producers to lower CO2. We have actually Christophe Derrien, the secretary general of the industry organization in the European Union, pushing us to eat insects rather than meat as part of this climate change agenda. You really cannot make up this stuff.

In Germany, a couple was fined €1000 for taking a walk with their child. Meanwhile, in Italy: “Government hires tens of thousands of volunteers to control distance rules.” The pension systemhas cracked wide-open in Germany, necessitating tax increases all because of this overreaction to the virus by politicians without ANY regard for the economic consequences. Then people like New York Governor Cuomo hands out immunity like candy to nursing homes who donated over $2 million for his reelection. Even the sex workers in Switzerland are broke and starting to demand changes.

Just how far can these people push us before this turns into massive violence? Hopefully, the people will rise up and vote every politician out of office who has supported lockdowns around the world. They really need to be shown that accountability is important. Due to all of the economic destruction they have imposed, they will NEVER admit they were wrong. They MUST somehow keep in place what they proposed and continue to cite fake studies and models to pretend they were right. This is not going to go over well. The sooner these people are removed from office, the SAFER society will be. No politicians will now come out and even say “sorry” about that! They would rather start a war with China to retain personal power!

Are Prison Camps for Children Emerging?

The New Norm – Social Distancing Forever

In discussions behind the curtain, it appears that there is also a hidden agenda to embrace Bill Gates’ virus for the purpose of suppressing our freedom. The Marxist Socialist Model that took over the world beginning with the Progressive Era at the turn of the 19th century is collapsing.


The unfunded liabilities and the perpetual model of borrowing with no intention of paying anything back are all coming to an end. It appears that there are people who foresee civil unrest becoming the real new norm as people realize that all the promises cannot be fulfilled.

The high-tech companies are rushing to get into the new market of social distancing apps, which the governments are covertly supporting as they did with cryptocurrencies to get people accustomed to surrendering all freedom. There is a deep-seated suspicion rising against Bill Gates where 40% of Republicans believe he is using the virus to implant tracking devices in the population as he has done in India. Meanwhile, we have government fining people €1000 euros for breaking social distancing regulations by taking a walk.

The exploitation of this virus is transforming society into a prison camp, and is no different from what I personally saw when I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. We have an onslaught on free speech as YouTube has now removed Michael Moore’s documentary, Planet of the Humans, on the fallacy of Climate Change. YouTube claimed the video violated a copyright infringement made by the British activist Toby Smith who just wants any dissent suppressed and is against free speech when it disagrees with him. We know there is a civil war coming when people try to suppress free speech — that is always the end result of left-wing tactics.

There is also consideration behind the curtain in Europe to PREVENT capital flight from the euro to the dollar. Europe may now default on all outstanding debt, converting it to PERPETUAL BONDS that will never need to be redeemed, and only pay artificially low interest rates forever. They are also looking at making gold illegal as was the case under Roosevelt in 1933.

Anyone who thinks that politicians are actually representing them must still believe in Santa Claus. Within 30 days of issuing gold back-bonds, which were sold in small denominations to the public, the Congress, with a stroke of a pen, repudiated the terms of the bonds. Suddenly, gold was now illegal. The bonds you just bought, assuming they were secure against inflation, were suddenly devalued. Anyone who thinks Europe will not do the same when they have ZERO choices remaining on the table is simply delusional.

The “new norm” is directed at preventing an uprising. They could care less about some pretend virus with a death rate of less than 2%. This is the marked excuse and the mainstream media is there to sell the “new norm,” which is rapidly taking shape as the old East German system of divide and conquer. Even our children will no longer be allowed to play together at school. EVERYTHING is being reshaped into something much more like a concentration camp as we are denied the right to free speech.

Welcome to the real battleground for the 2020 election. This is going to get very ugly. We have Joe Biden calling Trump a fool because he does not see masks as effective. Of course, CNN facts checks only Trump, but they never check Biden. Fact-checking itself is becoming just propaganda relabeled.

There is little doubt that face masks will not protect people for they are touching all sorts of things. There were even two studies on face masks. One study examined the effect of masks on seasonal coronaviruses (which cause many cases of the common cold) and found that surgical masks are helpful at reducing how much of a virus a sick person spreads. The other looked particularly at SARS-CoV-2 and found no effect of either surgical or fabric masks on reducing virus spread, but only had four participants and used a crude measure of viral spread.