The ‘New Normal Messiah’, Rev. Dr. Anthony Fauci

The question no one’s asking is: Given that bars and other centers of commerce are now up and running, was Fauci’s mission in the coronavirus scare intended to shut down all churches from the get-go?

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The ‘New Normal Messiah’, Rev. Dr. Anthony Fauci,

With most churches remaining closed for this Pentecost Sunday, the mission of ‘New Normal Messiah’, the Most Reverend Dr. Anthony Fauci, may be complete.  The Coronavirus Pandemic he predicted back in 2017—which already cancelled 2020 Holy Week and Easter Sunday’s commemoration of Our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection—will now, just as dictatorially, cancel out Pentecost.

For the few churches that may remain open under enforced social distancing and mask wearing for attendees, receiving Holy Communion is too risky—even if it involves only the distribution of Holy Communion without the cup.

In other words, you are safe as the proverbial church in a bar where doctors like Fauci say you aren’t likely to catch the virus—but more likely to expose yourself to it when receiving the Body of Jesus Christ.

“Fauci, who identifies as a Jesuit-educated Catholic who has distanced himself from “the concept of organized churches, religions,” said that at the moment he believes that receiving communion is too risky.” (Breitbart, May 28, 2020 )

The ‘New Normal Messiah’, who sports a face mask rather than robes, has spoken—and wants to hear no singing either.

For any poor souls who may feel discriminated against, or even persecuted, the ends ALWAYS justify the means in that fake religion known as Marxism.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged Christians to wear masks, practice social distancing, and forego singing and receiving communion during worship services to curb the spread of the coronavirus. (Breitbart)

“In an interview with the Jesuit-run America magazine published Wednesday, Dr. Fauci said that churches should “limit the number of people, so that you don’t have people in the pews right next to each other,” and the faithful should “absolutely” wear masks.”

“Regarding the distribution of communion, Fauci said he does not think there is a safe way to go about it and the practice should be abandoned until further notice.

Marxist Doublespeak

“I think for the time being, you just gotta forestall that,” he said.

“As many times as a priest can wash his hands, he gets to Communion, he puts it in somebody’s hand, they put it in their mouth,” he said, “it’s that kind of close interaction that you don’t want when you’re in the middle of a deadly outbreak.”

“Fauci said he thinks that religious practice should vary from place to place, according to the intensity and extent of infections.

“It depends on where you are,” he said. “If you are in a region, a city, a county, where there is a significant amount of infection, I think with distributing Communion, I think that would be risky. I’m telling you that as a Catholic, it would be risky.”

“I’m telling you that as a Catholic, it would be risky.”

Marxist Doublespeak 101, given that Fauci “identifies as a Jesuit-educated Catholic who has distanced himself from “the concept of organized churches, religions.”

Marxist-coached Messiah Fauci’s coming “New Normal”

In time for Pentecost, he’s conjuring an image that priests have dirty, germ-ridden hands.

“Last month, Fauci said it was “tough” to say whether it was alright during the pandemic to have sex with strangers met on dating apps like Tinder, but “if you’re willing to take a risk—and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks—you could figure out if you want to meet somebody.”  (LifeSiteNews,  28, 2020)

“And it depends on the level of the interaction that you want to have. If you’re looking for a friend, sit in a room and put a mask on, and you know, chat a bit. If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk,” he said. Fauci added it’s important to “make sure the person is feeling well.”

How to ensure that the mask-wearing romantic partner you picked up through an app like Tinder is telling the truth when they say they are “feeling well”?

If you thought churches should be Houses of Worship serving the sheep for The Shepherd, you’re behind the times in Marxist-coached Messiah Fauci’s coming “New Normal”.

Meanwhile, the question no one’s asking is: Given that bars and other centers of commerce are now up and running, was Fauci’s mission in the coronavirus scare intended to shut down all churches from the get-go?

God only knows.

The New Norm – Social Distancing Forever

In discussions behind the curtain, it appears that there is also a hidden agenda to embrace Bill Gates’ virus for the purpose of suppressing our freedom. The Marxist Socialist Model that took over the world beginning with the Progressive Era at the turn of the 19th century is collapsing.


The unfunded liabilities and the perpetual model of borrowing with no intention of paying anything back are all coming to an end. It appears that there are people who foresee civil unrest becoming the real new norm as people realize that all the promises cannot be fulfilled.

The high-tech companies are rushing to get into the new market of social distancing apps, which the governments are covertly supporting as they did with cryptocurrencies to get people accustomed to surrendering all freedom. There is a deep-seated suspicion rising against Bill Gates where 40% of Republicans believe he is using the virus to implant tracking devices in the population as he has done in India. Meanwhile, we have government fining people €1000 euros for breaking social distancing regulations by taking a walk.

The exploitation of this virus is transforming society into a prison camp, and is no different from what I personally saw when I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. We have an onslaught on free speech as YouTube has now removed Michael Moore’s documentary, Planet of the Humans, on the fallacy of Climate Change. YouTube claimed the video violated a copyright infringement made by the British activist Toby Smith who just wants any dissent suppressed and is against free speech when it disagrees with him. We know there is a civil war coming when people try to suppress free speech — that is always the end result of left-wing tactics.

There is also consideration behind the curtain in Europe to PREVENT capital flight from the euro to the dollar. Europe may now default on all outstanding debt, converting it to PERPETUAL BONDS that will never need to be redeemed, and only pay artificially low interest rates forever. They are also looking at making gold illegal as was the case under Roosevelt in 1933.

Anyone who thinks that politicians are actually representing them must still believe in Santa Claus. Within 30 days of issuing gold back-bonds, which were sold in small denominations to the public, the Congress, with a stroke of a pen, repudiated the terms of the bonds. Suddenly, gold was now illegal. The bonds you just bought, assuming they were secure against inflation, were suddenly devalued. Anyone who thinks Europe will not do the same when they have ZERO choices remaining on the table is simply delusional.

The “new norm” is directed at preventing an uprising. They could care less about some pretend virus with a death rate of less than 2%. This is the marked excuse and the mainstream media is there to sell the “new norm,” which is rapidly taking shape as the old East German system of divide and conquer. Even our children will no longer be allowed to play together at school. EVERYTHING is being reshaped into something much more like a concentration camp as we are denied the right to free speech.

Welcome to the real battleground for the 2020 election. This is going to get very ugly. We have Joe Biden calling Trump a fool because he does not see masks as effective. Of course, CNN facts checks only Trump, but they never check Biden. Fact-checking itself is becoming just propaganda relabeled.

There is little doubt that face masks will not protect people for they are touching all sorts of things. There were even two studies on face masks. One study examined the effect of masks on seasonal coronaviruses (which cause many cases of the common cold) and found that surgical masks are helpful at reducing how much of a virus a sick person spreads. The other looked particularly at SARS-CoV-2 and found no effect of either surgical or fabric masks on reducing virus spread, but only had four participants and used a crude measure of viral spread.

COVID Madness – Montgomery County, Maryland, Provides Nonsensical Rules for Opening…

On a regular basis, long before the Wuhan virus surfaced, Maryland was always one of the most leftist and regulatory states in the nation.  So it doesn’t come as a big surprise to see officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, present some of the most nonsensical rules to reopen their economy.  [Quite Remarkable Video Announcement below]

Pictured: Montgomery County Residents Listen to County Official Marc Elrich

After an extensive study and review by local scientists and public officials, you can go to a barber shop and/or beauty salon and get your “hair styled”, as long as the ‘styling’ doesn’t involve the actual cutting of the hair.   Apparently, in phase-1 the COVID virus can identify when scissors are present and the virus will attack with increased severity.

You can go to a church, as long as the going to church doesn’t involve the actual going into a building that would be identified as a church.  Worship services can only be provided outdoors, because the virus lurks in the building…… unless the building contains vegetables and is called a supermarket, and then the virus cannot enter the premises.

According to the local scientists who have analyzed the risks, you can now wash your car; however, it is only safe to wash the outside of the car.  If you attempt to clean the inside of your vehicle the virus will hunt you.  Interior car cleaning is forbidden.  No actual word on how you get your vehicle to a car wash without being inside it… but minor details are still a work in progress and will likely be addressed in phase-2.

You are now permitted to open retail businesses, but you cannot sell things from inside retail businesses.  Apparently the Maryland officials have discovered the virus is building and content specific. Therefore retail sales can safely happen at the curbside of the building; but patrons are forbidden from entering the establishment.

Purchasing a new pair of pants becomes less dangerous when the pants are not in a building.  Unless, duh, the building sells vegetables and pants, and then the virus doesn’t attack the pant purchaser because they are protected by the surrounding vegetables.

You are allowed to open and attend daycare and summer camps, as long as the camps remain outside.  During phase-1 of the opening, if a spring and/or summer storm starts, it is less dangerous to run around dodging lightning strikes outside – than if you were to enter a building or cabin where the virus is waiting to attack.

Given the hair salon scissor restrictions, in combination with rules for summer camps, running with construction scissors outside while dodging lightning is another undefined detail.  However, if you happen to be picking vegetables, you are immune from being attacked.  Vegetable picking inside or outside with scissors is therefore allowed.

Restaurants are allowed to open, but again all actual eating of food must take place outdoors.  To accommodate this safe dining approach, restaurants are encouraged to put all their tables in the street.

The Montgomery County dept. of transportation is organizing road closures to assist with the roadway dining.  So you might not be able to drive to where the restaurants are, but the outdoor dining experience should justify hiking to your table for the asphalt ambience.

Now, right about this point, if you are a person of reasonable constitution, you’re probably thinking this is so ridiculous it cannot really be what the Montgomery County plan is; all I can say is please watch the two short videos below.

Montgomery County executive Mark Elrich was visibly frustrated and perplexed that local citizens did not appreciate the wisdom of the panel of COVID compliance scientists that put together the reopening plan.  His announcement was a little less than well received.



The local news outlet did their best to help make sense of the madness; but judging by the looks on their faces, well…. I digress.


Weekly Jobless Claims Add Another 2.1 Million, Revised First Quarter GDP -5%…

The Dept. of Labor released weekly unemployment data showing an additional 2.1 million workers filed new unemployment compensation claims last week; bringing the total claims to over 40 million since the Wuhan virus mitigation effort shut down the U.S. economy.

However, there is some good news within the data.   The “continuing claims”, meaning those who have been collecting unemployment compensation for at least two weeks, is now at 21 million.  That’s a drop of almost four million from the prior week and signals that jobs are returning as the state economies begin reopening.

Additionally, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the second estimate of the first quarter Gross Domestic Product.  The estimate moved the prior contraction of -4.8 percent slightly lower to a newly revised estimate of -5.0 percent.

With the first quarter at -5.0 percent (Jan, Feb, March) and a guaranteed much larger contraction in the second quarter (April, May, June) it is now a certainty we will officially be labeled “in a recession” when the Q2 numbers are released on the last Friday of July.  The media is using the data lag to narrate, and drag-out discussion of negative economic news, as long as possible.

There are some indicators the rebound will be strong (home sales, housing starts, mortgage applications, consumer confidence) but the key to both a wide and deep recovery is putting people back to work as quickly as possible.

(CNBC) First-time claims for unemployment benefits totaled 2.1 million last week, the lowest total since the coronavirus crisis began though indicative that a historically high number of Americans remain separated from their jobs.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for 2.05 million. The total represented a decrease of 323,000 from the previous week’s upwardly revised 2.438 million.  (read more)

When Are Doctors Considered Incompetent?

How many politicians you have sought out for medical advice?

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 27, 2020

When Are Doctors Considered Incompetent?

Doctors become incompetent when they disagree with a politician. When I see an interview of some governor who is charged with the wellbeing of his constituents and should be shepherding them to safety and prosperity, I see that the convenience of the Corona virus has allowed governors, some mayors, and even council critters to become junior Mussolinis.  They conduct all of their oppressive behavior based on what, according to them, the scientific community recommends. That’s all they need to proclaim before the media gets behind them and prints their story supporting the oppressor. Ask the media for details and they will begin to wriggle and squirm and stutter something about the scientific community.

This “Plandemic” seems to be the ideal vehicle of convenience for the politician to spew a multitude of lies and flaccid excuses as to why nothing bad that happens is their fault and everything that they do is in accordance with scientific approval.

Stay in your house; you must wear a mask in public; your children must be kept indoors; you must stay a minimum of six feet away from another person. The virus can be spread by phone—a technical truth, provided a non-infected person picks up that phone right after an infected person hangs it up.

Frankly, when it comes to my health, that of my family or even my dog, I do not want a politician involved, for as sure as there is ice in The Arctic—if it is of no value to him personally—he’ll let you die. And if it is to his advantage for you to die, you would be wise to make your final arrangements. Ask Governor Cuomo.

If there is any doubt in your mind, just tell me how many politicians you have sought out for medical advice, or any advice for that matter, that they didn’t send you to some member of their staff to handle the matter.  Yet, they want to dictate to their fellow citizens during a “pandemic.”  I don’t think I would ever consider trusting a politician to instruct me on how to successfully strike a match.

Hong Kong – The Matchstick to War?

The US-China tensions over Hong Kong are boiling over. The US government is reportedly considering imposing sanctions on Chinese firms and officials over China’s new national security laws for Hong Kong, which have already re-ignited anti-Beijing protests in the city.

The UK government has also raised concerns over Chinese state TV reporting on the new measures, and Hong Kong residents seeking to circumvent the “great firewall” are downloading privacy-protecting VPNs at a record pace. Meanwhile, China’s President Xi Jinping is calling on the country to prepare for military conflict.

The primary deterrent to war is ECONOMICS. This coronavirus scam has crashed the global economy. With the prospect of reduced trade, recession in China will escalate and this will only create anti-West feelings and will further the trend toward war.

Hong Kong’s greatest security was economics. Now that the coronavirus is being used to kill the economy to further climate change and socialism, we are cascading faster and faster into a very dark future that we will all need to address.

Families Dividing over the Virus

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong:
I had to write to tell you that you are absolutely right about two things in particular I have now seen one presented so thoroughly one sided I could not believe what I was reading. I was reading one of the blogs where they were condemning the so called climate change deniers by pointing out that the historical record going back more than 500 million years clearly showed that it was all carbon dioxide related. I was fascinated by something you keep driving home, they were focused entirely on CO2. I dislike being involved where I can see people have no brains and I asked one question with many parts, What about the cycles of sun as an influence?, what about the nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Neon, Helium, Nitrous Oxide, Ozone, Methane? Further what about the earth itself, the moon cycles, the solar winds? These people all think it is really only one influence. We are doomed if these people are in charge. There response was the did not matter because the there was no reliable indicator of the temperature of the sun, to which I asked what about the rest?

They responded that they do not count. Excuse me but about 95% of the atmosphere is water vapor. What about that? No reply. Another thing I find very fascinating and maybe I am not looking hard enough. When I was in high school there was a course called earth science, that is where I learned how broad the determining factors of the climate and weather are. What I find interesting is I cannot find any high school teaching the course any longer? Do you know why?

My final observation is that you are correct more than you know the propaganda behind this respiratory virus is causing rifts in families, it is happening in my own, my brother is a scientist and he goes on and on telling me how this is going to result in 100s of thousands of deaths. I keep arguing with him no. He does not talk to me any longer even though I have been sending him things that are intended to only help him with his research. He even told me Hydroxychloroquinine does not work when combined with Zinc and antibiotics, To which I reminded him that our father whom was a doctor and had a great background in chemistry, zoology and biology told us many times that zinc can stop colds or lessen the impact and if we could find a way to get the zinc into the cell of someone already sick we could shorten the virus dramatically. To which he tells me I am wrong.

In any event what you warned is actually happening. Sad and true at the same time.
Thanks for everything that you do by bringing facts to the table not fantasy.


REPLY: I find it very interesting how the climate change people ignore all the evidence and have substituted pollution for the power to change the climate. We are heading into a solar minimum and instead they claim this is now caused by CO2. Nobody in the media dares to even question them. They report their allegations as conclusive facts. Greta blamed the Australian drought on climate change, yet droughts have taken place in Australia for hundreds of years.

The splitting of families over this virus issue is troubling, but it is also NORMAL. The very same splits emerged in Britain over Brexit. It has created major divides in families over left and right politics to the point where they are no longer speaking. It will also take place between the parents and their children. The thinking process will simply divide a family very rapidly and the exploitation of this virus is having a profound social restructuring.

Another reader wrote to express a similar result of the lockdown: “I know so many people who are struggling with politics these days, but in my family, it’s gotten downright very bad and unpleasant. I think my family is in trouble over everything that’s happening in this country, even in the world. We can’t seem to have a family gathering without some kind of big blow-up.”

Some people see the problems completely differently and expect the government to be capable of saving the day. But political differences are becoming a more heated topic than religion ever was. Since, for better or worse, political decisions have a huge impact on our lives and there are those who just prefer to blame others for their own problems. This seems to be really a major generational shift as well, and unfortunately, it is part of the process as we move toward 2032. It is the underlying cause of civil unrest in such times of uncertainty.

Devin Nunes: House Cannot Debate FISA Reauthorization When Democrats are Not Here….

Devin Nunes appears on Fox News daytime to discuss the pending FISA reauthorization bill from the Senate amid President Trump’s request to expose corruption before legislation.  As Representative Nunes outlines there are only a handful of Democrats in Washington DC because they are planning all votes by proxy.  Nuts.

Navarro Hints President Trump Likely to Lower Hammer on China…

White House Trade and Manufacturing Advisor Peter Navarro has a good discussion with Martha MacCallum about the economy, White House economic policy and the focus in the aftermath of the COVID crisis to reemphasize an industrial resurgence in the U.S.

As Navarro outlines the focus of the administration policy is on Main Street and driving the main street economy that overwhelmingly benefits middle-class workers.

That said, when questioned about President Trump’s recent tone toward China, Navarro hints toward what many expect… President Trump is going to deliver a very deliberate, very strategic, very focused and very painful economic blow to Beijing.  WATCH:

Joe Biden Tells Supporters “Wear a Mask”…

The circle of virtue signaling is now complete.   It became apparent during Memorial Day weekend the resistance allies, democrats and media, were going to use the wearing of “masks” as the hot new 2020 virtue signal.  All of the Blue-bot governors quickly fell into line with their own demands for compliant mask wearing in their states.

As with most modern left-wing extremes, influencing the behavior is an issue of control, a compliant community, it takes a village etc.  The issue is not medical benefit.  Toward that end, Joe Biden gets the command signal and joins the movement:

This provides the media with a social narrative to push hard and exploit for political division; a very Alinsky strategy.  Mask wearers become virtuous doers of goodness and virtue; non-mask wearers become visible enemies, targets for the drones.

Thus the politicization of masks is complete.

How do you defeat them? Easy, use their own playbook (Alinsky) and have fun (Breitbart).  Make them live up to their own rules.  Every time they are spotted without a mask, laugh at them and call them out on their hypocrisy.  They hate that.

Their communal tribe members cannot survive the ridicule when their inherent individualism does not want to adhere to the social demand.  Members don’t want to wear masks and the ridicule hits harder and has greater damage because of it.  Freedom is fun, the tribe mindset can only survive in an echo-chamber.