Fauci Toots His Horn

Posted originally on GrrrGraphics.com APR 8, 2021 AT 10:03 AM

The One Thing Fauci Is Good at..Honk Honk!

As I sat in the truck waiting for Tina to return from the supermarket, a young lady pulled up in a spot in front of me. I watched her put on a mask. Then I watched her carefully put another mask over it. Even though our Montana governor lifted the mask mandate, too many people here are still wearing them—even two of them! I wondered if it was due to Dr. Fauci’s influence. The highest-paid un-elected government functionary in America said wearing two masks was ‘common sense.’ Fauci prides himself as being the voice of science, but didn’t mention the science behind mask wearing—especially two of them. Maybe it’s because science has already shown masks do no good whatsoever and indeed, they can cause wearers physical harm–including bacterial pneumonia.

I remember watching Dr. Fauci on CNN. He was masked up and extolling the virtue of mask wearing. After his segment ended and when he thought the camera was turned off, he promptly yanked his mask off. That’s all I needed to see. The masks are political theater—a bogus form of virtue signaling that helps perpetuate a sense of fear and crisis.

The ever-smiling Dr. Fauci should retire, but he enjoys basking in the limelight. He loves attention. He loves telling people what to do. He’s a diminutive man with a huge ego and it requires constant validation. He’s a medical Napoleon who loves marshaling power for himself and his fellow sociopath and master, Bill Gates.

Dr. Fauci has gotten so many things wrong over the years that one would think that he should have no credibility whatsoever, but he appears on all the mainstream propaganda channels and too many Americans need their hands held by him. They need assurance. They need to DO something to battle the bogus pandemic and ease their fearful minds–and that means taking dangerous vaccines and wearing masks. Multiple doses and multiple masks.

It’s time to end this madness. Stop listening to Dr. Fauci. He is a fraud.

—Ben Garrison

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