Ron DeSantis Questions COVID Vaccine Messaging – If You Get a Vaccine But Still Have to Social Distance, Wear a Mask and Isolate Then What’s The Purpose of a Vaccine

Posted originally from the Conservative tree House April 16, 2021 | Sundance | 280 Comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asks the obvious question today during a press conference in Lakeland, Florida.  When asked a question about COVID vaccine delivery the governor said “the messaging is terrible.”  Adding, “you’re telling people to get a vaccine and yet people that have been vaccinated for months are wearing masks” …”I can’t square if the vaccine is effective, then why are people wearing masks?”

Additionally, “If you get a vaccine, and the vaccine is effective, your immune; and so act immune.”  “If you tell people the opposite then, gee, why if it’s not effective for them, and it doesn’t change anything for them, then why go through it?”  The common sense remarks about the issue begin at 14:50 of the video below:

Common sense is something the entire country seems oblivious to amid the COVID narrative.

[Side note – All major corporate media have dispatched their most combative reporters to trail DeSantis at all his speaking events and venues.  It is transparently obvious why national media are trailing him around… they fear his growing influence and are working 24/7 on strategies to take him down.  Quite remarkable actually.]

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