The Missing Link!

The current method of treatment for SARS-COV-2 has been do nothing for the infected and wait for the Vaccines. Where has this come from well — its what we have been told by Dr. Fauci and the media cabal, ever since the virus first came out. While waiting for the vaccine we were to stay home and wear a mask practice social distancing and avoid any contact with every other human on the planet; and if we got the virus we should stay home and wait for a vaccine. It was only if we got really sick should we go to the hospital for treatment. Anyone that deviated from narrative was cancelled.

Dr. Peter McCullough In the presentation below to the Texas Senate explains why those policies were criminal (my interpretation of what he said).

This presentation begged the question as to why were all the protocols and available safe and effective therapeutics ignored and worse removed from the public space. Dr. McCullough doesn’t explain that but I will since there is only one person who bears the responsibility for all the people that have died needlessly and that is Bill Gates. Gates who made his money though very questionable business practices in the 1990’s cared only about making money, and he was ruthless. I watched that happen as all the good software disappeared. Gates learned early on that it was very important to make sure that the right politicians were taken care of more than good software. That was the secret to his success. Gates’ software was never the best so he just made sure that the other companies were eliminated or acquired by him. When he left Microsoft he was one of the richest persons in the world.

But Gates wasn’t happy with that so he created the Bill and Melisa Gates Foundation and quickly though gifts and investments focused on two areas “climate Change” and “over population” where he thought he could change the world. Whether Gates actually believed in climate change or not he changed directions early on to focusing on health care and in particular the US Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the Nation Institute of Health (NIH). To gain control of these two institutions he used some of his immense wealth and with that money he gave large grants and thereby gained control of the NIH and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci will go down in history as one of the worlds worst villains on par with the worst of the Hitler era criminals e.g. Himmler, Spears, Eicke, and Glucks who set up and ran the extermination camps.

An important fact is that Gates is not an educated man and he did not graduate from college he quit to start Microsoft. However, that being said , there is no denying that he is a very intelligent person and a very ruthless businessman. What he was missing was empathy and humility. His lack of a formal education allowed him to develop simplistic solutions to very complex problems for which he was not qualified to to even discuss let alone participate in. But that didn’t matter when you have the kind of money he had he could do what ever he wanted.

Gates thought that if he could gain the rains of power over Western Civilization like Hitler in Germany he could make the changes needed to create a progressive utopia. Not all that long ago he joined up with Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret from the World Economics Form (WEF) and they came up with a program to re-imagine economics and governance through a process called “The Great Rest.” There were two aspects to this bizarre thinking: “New Monterey Theory” (NMT) and the use of a virus to destroy the existing economic system; so they “Could Build Back Better.” All three of these people are totally insane. But Gates is the worst of them has he has the money! So I predict that in the coming years, no later than the late 2020’s Gates will be a wanted man for what he did to humanity.

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