No Life Insurance if Vaccinated for COVID?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted May 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There is talk in Europe that some companies will not even write life insurance if you have been vaccinated for up to one year. In the United States, this does not apply. There has been talking about if you die within one year of being vaccinated the insurance company will not pay. This does not appear to be true. If the death rate rises, they certainly may come up with some excuse – that’s what insurance companies do – they will find any way possible to cheat their customers. I have NEVER had any insurance company pay for anything. I had bought a brand new car and a tree fell on it, it was taken to Bordentown Autobody which then burned down with my car in it. The insurance company said it was two claims, and paid 50% of the value of a car that was 4 weeks old because I paid cash for the car. That was Allstate.

The pipes froze in my mother’s house but she was staying at my sister’s and they refused to pay. That cost me $50,000 in repairs. Insurance companies are the most dishonest business I have ever encountered. Since they could not sue the vaccine companies, if the risk rises, they will come up with something. A used car salesman is more honest than an insurance company.

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