Forget California for Tourists – COVID Passports Required

Armstrong Economics Blog/Entertainment Re-Posted May 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Disneyland in California reopened last Friday. They may call it the Happiest Place on Earth, but they are discriminating against non-Californians. Access has been restricted to California residents, and if you ain’t a left-wing Californian, then the state won’t let tourists in from the rest of the country or the rest of the world without a vaccination — COVID Passport. So it looks like you can cross-off California and Europe who both require COVID Passports for a disease that is no worse than the flu insofar as its death rate.

In Florida, you do not need a COVID Passport. They require face masks on 2-year-olds and up. Someone needs to take Disney to court when all the studies show that face masks are “useless,” even according to the leftist newspaper, the Washington Post. Disney’s stock peaked on our March target at just under $200.

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