Driving Joe Biden

Posted originally on GrrrGraphics.com MAY 21, 2021 AT 10:57 AM

We all know Joe Biden is semi-asleep at the wheel. He’s not operating on all mental cylinders. Earlier this week he test drove a Ford electric truck in Dearborne, Michigan. There appeared to be a second steering wheel with a handler behind it. Corporate news outlets are denying the existence of the wheel. Did Joe really zip away driving high speeds on his own? I have my doubts.

During the stunt, Biden also threaten to run over a reporter who politely wanted to ask a question. Everyone laughed. If president Trump had made such a joke, we all know the outrage that would have gushed from the corporate media. Pelosi would have demanded another impeachment.

Joe has had a very long career as a political grifter. Now he can now barely recall basic government offices without great effort. He is not capable of driving his own agenda. So who is driving Biden? His handlers include Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff. He and others make sure Joe is steered toward day-to-day functionality, but who drives the agenda of America’s deconstruction? Probably Obama and Susan Rice along with the usual globalist bankster oligarchy.

We also know Joe’s son, Hunter, is compromised by China. Hunter kicked up 10 percent of the graft to the ‘Big Man,’ his father. That means Joe is most likely compromised by China as well.

The Biden regime is steering America down a very rough Socialist Road. It’s a dead end.

—Ben Garrison

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