The Magnet Challenge

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted May 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

nanoparticles are being used in medicine

YouTube took this down. The censorship is becoming anti-American. They do not remove cults on Satan or alien abductions, but they remove anything that challenges COVID. Why? The only explanation is that they are trying to suppress the truth. These people in BigTech are conspiring against the people themselves, and anyone who is injured from a vaccine should start a class-action lawsuit against YouTube and Twitter, for starters. The drug companies may be immune, but not these people for deliberately putting out propaganda that costs lives. I would love to see all the emails, promises, and payoffs that have taken place not to mention “donations” for foundations.

The whole magnet thing has many claiming to “debunk” such things as fake. Anyone doing so is a threat to the nation. This is at least a fair test showing some yes some no. This raises questions is a portion of the vaccines really just a placebo to hide the real dangers? Who knows? There is no real independent verification of anything and this does not inspire confidence.

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