Fauci Emails Show U.S. Scientists Knew COVID Looked “Engineered” Only Days Before Insisting The Virus Was “Natural”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 2, 2021 | Sundance | 527 Comments

Inside the Fauci emails there is one that stands out for many reasons.  On February 1st NIH scientists were telling Anthony Fauci the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered”. Later in the email they highlight the genome of SARS-CoV-2 appears “inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory”.

Despite this analysis, only a few days later Anthony Fauci vehemently proclaimed the SARS-CoV-2 strain was a naturally occurring Bat virus, and anyone questioning the natural creation of the virus was ridiculed, marginalized and dismissed; some even lost their jobs.

We understand in hindsight a motive for Anthony Fauci to want to hide the origin of COVID-19 as he was personally invested in “gain of function research” (the weaponization of viruses) which he restarted in 2017. However, there’s something more….

Beyond Fauci’s fraud in denying the engineering likelihood, which is a big issue and deserves major investigation, there’s two other points that need to be discussed; and we will not see them in the media.

♦ First, the shift that everyone had noticed about two weeks ago – where the White House and media was now supporting discussion of the “lab leak theory” – starts to make sense.

The release of these emails was part of a FOIA fulfillment.  The administrative state knew these emails were going to be released, and that explains why multiple vested interests started trying to get out in front of the information by opening up the “lab leak” discussion.  In essence, knowing this information was about to enter the public bloodstream, all of those vested interests had a reason to get out in front of the story.  Hence, the previously forbidden discussion(s) and topics were now approved for public debate.

That starts to bring us to the second point.  Why would the Deep State release these emails, instead of just hiding them?

♦This second point should be very familiar to CTH readers…. The FOIA fulfillment of these emails has a very distinct fingerprint that implies there is something much larger in the background.

You will remember the Carter Page FISA application was also released under the guise of a FOIA fulfillment.  On July 21, 2018, the Mueller team (led by Andrew Weissmann) released the Page FISA application, the first release of a FISA application in history, with the motive to hide/bury the much larger issue of President Obama’s administration using the Intelligence Community to conduct surveillance on their political opponents.

Everyone jumped on the stories around the FISA release, and few people paused to ask why this “Top Secret” Title-1 Search and surveillance authorization document was released in the first place?   Requesting the public release of such a top secret document would have been the easiest FOIA request to deny… but the DOJ choose to release it.

The Mueller/Weissmann motive was simple: they needed to cloud the bigger issue of surveillance of a political campaign; AND they knew James Wolfe had already leaked it to the media on March 17th of 2017.

Everyone was excited to read and discuss the content of the FISA application and exhaust thousands of column inches on the discussion as people took sides based on the DOJ/FBI justification for the FISA itself.

The Weissmann release had the intended effect… people stopped debating whether President Obama was conducting political surveillance on behalf of Hillary Clinton and their political alignment.  THAT debate was a much bigger issue that just disappeared with the emergence of the FISA application.

The release of these Fauci emails has an almost identical smell, which would indicate there is a much bigger story in the background that this release is intended to dilute.

Perhaps the bigger story is the creation of the virus; perhaps the bigger story is an intentional release of a manufactured virus; or perhaps the bigger story is the manipulation of the virus -the creation of a fraudulent narrative- to achieve political goals.

The COVID-19 narrative becomes a tool to achieve a variety of objectives: • The stalling of a fantastic economy that was benefiting every American voter. • Mail-in ballots that can be used and manipulated to achieve fraudulent results. • Controls over debates to avoid a weak candidate being exposed or confronted. • The deployed ‘excuse‘ for a very visible lack of voter enthusiasm for the puppet (Biden).  In short, without COVID as a tool the manufactured election process is more difficult. The ‘never let a crisis go to waste‘ strategy includes the necessary creation of a crisis.

Regardless of the BIGGER ISSUE being covered-up; and just like the release of the FISA application; there’s little doubt the administrative state saw the release of these Fauci emails as a strategy toward keeping something else hidden in the background.

Something far more damaging….

If my suspicions are correct, FOX News and the professional Republican party apparatus will stay as far away from this as possible.

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