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Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jun 10, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; How can the White House flat out say there is no circumstance where they would ever fire Fauci? You were I think the first to come out and say this was not a bioweapon and that this was orchestrated. The emails of Fauci show you were correct. Why the cover-up? Why at White House press conferences nobody is address the emails?

Thank you


ANSWER: I think Tucker Carson did a reasonable job on putting together the Fauci emails. Biden’s slogan was BUILD BACK BETTER which was created by Schwab’s World Economic Forum. This is way too integrated and Fauci is a stooge. I do not believe he is the brains behind this operation. The problem with Fauci is he really just makes up whatever needs to be said at the moment. Republicans are now set to grill him over his inconsistent testimony before Congress.

There are plenty of corrupt politicians both Republican and Democrat. Yet they don’t keep changing their statements every time they speak. Fauci is a bureaucrat and he does not have to be elected so he has never worried about his statements. Now, they are all coming back. This is not a partisan issue. You are either honest or not – for the people or not! I don’t care which party you are in.

I was invited to Schwab’s private New York City debut of his movie – the Forum. While he was cordial and I thanked him for the invite, I felt the movie was supposed to be about his accomplishments. Instead, I found it very strange that he gave center stage to Greta Thunberg. It was really the launch of this entire plan to bring about the Great Reset back in 2019.

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