Malta Will Only Allow Vaccinated Visitors – All Others – Get Lost!

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Jul 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT:  Hi Martin,
I have read that Malta is the first country in Europe that only allow tourist fully vaccinated.
I have booked my vacations in August in Malta, but I decided not to be vaccinated.
Do you think that the rest of countries in the world will support and do the same?
This is very serious. It is like living in a cell!
Thank you!


REPLY: I would cross Malta off the list. Here, the CDC guidelines quietly state: “You should still delay domestic and international travel.” If we begin to see more people who are vaccinated with blood clots because of flying, strangely this is part of the World Economic Forum’s and Bill Gates’ goal to end international travel. It is extremely hard to get a visa from Europe to the United States. All our European staff had their visas canceled. Shutting down international travel is all about changing the world, not just for climate change, but they are also afraid of people migrating to support resistance movements, especially in Europe.

I would stay away from any European destination that mandates a vaccine. We just have no idea what these vaccines will do long-term and I personally would wait until after 2022. But more importantly, COVID-19 is just so exaggerated that it has become a political tool rather than a legitimate health concern. We can expect the rest of Europe to impose the same restriction because the unvaccinated are the resistance and they do not want them banning together. They realize the emperor has no clothes.

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