Dr. Robert Malone Explains mRNA Vaccines and The Noble Lie Used by The Medical Establishment to Manipulate Vaccine Propaganda

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 12, 2021 | Sundance | 39 Comments

Dr. Robert Malone is the scientist who created mRNA vaccine technology.  Dr. Malone is a world leading expert in virology and pandemics.  Additionally Dr. Malone is not in favor of the untested COVID vaccines and notes the conflicts of interest within the medical establishment people and institutions that are mandating vaccination to the public.

Dr. Malone believes the current vaccinations could be creating more viral pathways, more infectious albeit less pathogenic variants, and should only be given to those at greatest risk from the virus (elderly).  For the rest of the population treatment (using effective drugs), recovery and natural immunity should be the first approach, not vaccination.

During the presentation Dr. Malone outlines the alarming scale of authoritarian control by the global health establishment and how they have created a structure to attack anyone who does not comply with the vaccine narrative.  It’s long, but well worth watching [Direct Rumble Link]  If you want to skip the introduction begin watching at 35:15 of the video:

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