Insane COVID Fear and Propaganda in New Zealand – A Single Case of COVID Delta Variant Triggers National Lockdown

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 17, 2021 | Sundance | 509 Comments

If you watch the official press conferences and government announcements of rules and restrictions in Australia and New Zealand, you see some of the most bizarre and dystopian reactions from the government.  It really is jaw-dropping and almost unbelievable how the citizens of the area are under the complete control of their government and ministries of health.

Today the extreme far-left New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announces a “level four” emergency shutdown as a result of a single case of COVID being identified yesterday. A single case.

There have been numerous people discussing how global health leaders choose Australia and New Zealand as testing grounds for how much control can be put upon society and still permit those in government to retain their authority.  Previously, I dispatched those discussions, because they seemed a little, well, ‘out there’; however, I did keep watching and researching.  I no longer dismiss those claims.  Something really weird is going on down under, and it is alarming in the extreme.  First, watch the general announcement:

As a result of the renewed ‘level-four’ restrictions, the people in New Zealand are instructed to stay at home, “Do not talk to your neighbors”, wear a mask, maintain 2 meters social distance, and stay away from others if you leave your home for the three approved reasons:  Emergency food shopping, healthcare or testing.

There is something really dystopian about government officials telling citizens to remain compliant, use QR codes, activate their bluetooth tracing and stop talking to their neighbors.  There is something exponentially more alarming about citizens actually complying with these instructions.  WATCH this next video:

[Video at 15:08 Prompted]

Are the people in Australia and New Zealand not connected to the internet?

COVID is not more dangerous than the flu.  The Delta variant is less dangerous although seemingly more transmissible.  There is virtually no remote possibility for any region, place or country to isolate themselves to the point they will not get COVID in the community.   Even the vaccinated population carry, shed and get sick from the virus.  Almost all recover.  What the heck is going on in New Zealand.

Something is really, really, really screwy here….

Your thoughts?….

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