New York City Vaccine Passport Starts!

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 17, 2021 | Sundance | 395 Comments

Big Apple comrades, CONGRATULATIONS, the New York City requirement to show your vaccine papers begins today. Those who violate the requirement, or those who give false papers in order to participate in polite society, will be given a $1,000 fine for the first offense; $2,000 for the second non-compliant occurrence, and all subsequent infractions will cost $5,000.

Your proof of vaccination status will grant you access to indoor dining, fitness clubs and shows at indoor entertainment venues, including night clubs, concert halls, movie theaters and adult entertainment. If you wish to enter any of the following business sectors (listed below), both NYC residents and visitors will be required to show their vaccination identification or vaccine passport:


The ministry of COVID compliance has been kind enough to provide one month of “social training” between when venues must require proof of vaccine from patrons (today) and when Comrade de Blasio has instructed the ministry to begin enforcement (mid-Sept). This grace period for social training is provided by the magnanimity of Dear Leader highlighting his compassion and understanding as these private venues get used to the system.

During this first month, the Ministry of COVID compliance will educate businesses in best practices for how to demand the vaccination papers Dear Leader de Blasio previously announced.

The concerns about bribes and enforcement avoidance schemes related to a black-market underground of services for dissident citizens is being addressed. One possible solution under consideration could be the hiring of a private security force; contracted to patrol identified ‘at risk‘ non-compliance zones and funded by the previously mentioned fines and enforcement payments.  This approach would avoid the need for budget expenditures.

Regardless of current disposition, please be assured the municipal COVID authorities will not initially permit security forces to use their batons or physical restraints as a compliance tool until mid September. However, after mid-September it can be anticipated the tender generosity of the Ministry will expire.

Your digital passport may also provide enhanced benefits and location tracking for your family and friends.  The technology is fluid and being explored. The initial cell phone app will not automatically sync with your cell-phone contacts.  However, as the system of contact tracing and monitoring is enhanced, the Ministry may provide you with an opportunity to opt-in for access to the central geolocation database where you can monitor your family and friends for social compliance.

Dear Leader looks forward to enhanced cooperation between the citizens and the regulatory/compliance offices.  The Ministry also appreciates any tips identifying non compliant behavior by your friends, co-workers or family.  Your vigilance will provide the opportunity for education and support toward a more compliant social network.

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