Anthony Fauci on Forced Vaccines: “You Have to Give Up Your Individual Rights for The Greater Good of Society”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 3, 2021 | Sundance | 248 Comments

It’s always right there, just below the surface.  Wait long enough and you will see it.  Obama’s,”You didn’t build that”, is one recent example.  Hillary Clinton’s, “It takes a village” is another.  Today, Anthony Fauci says you do not have “individual rights”, you have collective rights and responsibilities to the greater good of society.

This vile little worm with a thirst for power is nothing more than a Fabian Socialist.  WATCH:

Democrats or leftists throughout the world support the modern Fabian Socialist movement. They are, by nature, totalitarians who despise the natural inequities created by free and unregulated human activity. They have ongoing meetings and symposiums that are widely attended by current day politicians on the left and the socialist side of the continuum. The Fabian movement is very much alive and supported by the modern Democrat party.

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