Sunday Talks, Political Operative Anthony Fauci Says Too Soon to Tell if Government Will Allow Christmas Gatherings, CBS Margaret Brennan Asks if Employer Mandate Was a Stunt

October 3, 2021 | Sundance | 213 Comments

Good grief, could this power thirsty bureaucratic weasel be any more dislikeable?  During an interview with CBS Margaret Brennan, Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor, Anthony Fauci says, “It’s too soon to tell” if Christmas gatherings will be authorized by the government. As if anyone gives a tinker’s damn what this weasel has to say about it.  [CBS Transcript Here]

However, on the positive side…. Margaret Brennan did actually ask something relevant:  BRENNAN: “The president announced nearly a month ago that businesses need to mandate vaccines for their employees or submit them to weekly testing. We looked. It’s been a month. None of this paperwork has been filed with OSHA to make that happen. Was this a stunt? Are you seeing companies follow through even without the legal mandate filed?

Fauci never answered the question, he deflected.  [Begin at 02:40 prompted]

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