Creature from the VAX Lagoon

Posted originally on on OCT 4, 2021 AT 12:57 PM

Creature From The Vax Lagoon- Halloween Series #1 For October

I read a heartbreaking story over the weekend about a perfectly healthy young lady with a husband and two children. Like many of us, she was adamantly opposed to taking an unproven and experimental gene therapy jab. She considered the injection worse than getting Covid.

Her governor, Jay Inslee, mandated the shot. State employees in Washington state including those involved in education had to get the so called ‘vaccine’ in order to remain employed. The vaccine quickly killed her. Inslee has blood on his hands. The politicians and vaccine pushers such as Dr. Fauci are monsters.

Jessica Wilson Obituary

Twitter shamelessly labeled the obituary as ‘misinformation.’ Nobody is allowed to question the vaccine cult being pushed by the big corporations who manufacture the questionable substances now being forced into the bloodstream of millions. Shame on Jack Dorsey for having his lips firmly planted on Big Pharma’s collective butt cheeks.

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The vaccine-pushing monsters such as Inslee like to use the phrase ‘public good’ or ‘greater good’ when talking about their jabs. Here’s a recent quote from the diminutive Dr. Fauci:

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“There comes a time when you have to give up your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

This can’t be more clear—or more sinister. The spike protein pushers want YOU to give up your say about what goes into your own body. Let the government and medical ‘authorities’ decide. Authorities such as Fauci, a known liar, genocidal maniac, and goal post mover.

Just who decides what this ‘greater good’ is exactly? You can guess. It’s the same control freaks who deliver illegal mandates and orders that you must take endless injections to travel, work, attend public events, or even buy food. (The latter is coming soon). It’s the same authorities who want to track us with vaccine ‘passports’ and shut down our free speech.

Any well-respected doctor or scientist who might deliver real scientific evidence about the dangers of the Covid vaccines? Whatever they say is instantly labeled as ‘misinformation’ and those truth tellers are then removed from social media. The authorities running their Covid cult feel no need to actually debate or refute evidence delivered by those outside of the Big Pharma monopoly. Instead, they simply label it as ‘misinformation.’ Naturally, the mainstream corporate media will not mention stories about people dying from the vaccine. They keep repeating it’s safe and effective in the face of growing evidence that the jabs are neither. We know 15,000 have died from the jabs in America (probably many more) and millions have suffered serious side effects.

I’m not here to dispense medical advice. If you live in fear and insist on getting injected, that’s fine. I’m sure there will be an endless supply of shots and boosters awaiting you. Yet for those of us who refuse to be lab rats, do not lay your ‘greater good’ guilt on us. The real greater good is protecting our medical freedom from monsters who don’t bat an eye when people drop dead from their so-called Covid vaccines.

—Ben Garrison

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