Neil Oliver Highlights the Ruling Class Elitist Disconnect Using Robert Malone and Tony Blair

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 2, 2022 | Sundance | 132 Comments

Immediately following the scenes today in Amsterdam, this seems like a very appropriate place to put the latest remarks on the situation by Neil Oliver.

As the financially controlled GBN professional pundits walk the tightrope between their very visible ideological support for the elitist oppression, and yet tender offerings for an audience thirsting for the freedom message, the stenographers across the pond ask Neil Oliver for his perspectives as we head into the New Year.

Neil Oliver, standing firmly upon the position of the righteous, is forced to play pretend with the pundits in order to broadcast his message.  Yes, the independent and overwhelming majority of significant voices in the rebel alliance have to make these decisions.  It is what it is…. but the message is well transmitted regardless.  WATCH: 

Neil Oliver knows the subtle skills it takes to move the Overton window from the perspective of the ‘right side of history.’  His comments about forced and coerced isolation as a criminal act are not only true, but also well received and well-articulated.

The ruling class, fraught with ever growing fear, has crossed into the Rubicon of lawlessness.  I agree with Oliver that overall, this will lead to a good outcome.  The line of acceptance is different for all people.   We need the forces driving that line to move rapidly in order to assemble the largest army possible.

Unfortunately, we are in an era where we see how weak many of our brothers and sisters have become as the era of dependency, example: “We are the world” collectivism, has rotted the spirit of aggressive individualism.

We are simultaneously trying to move the fulcrum bubble for characteristics like laziness, complacency, guilt and shame.  That type of effort can take a generation, because we were lazy about it before.  We rolled our eyes, dispatched the politically correct, and allowed the indoctrination machinery of education, culture and public policy to shape the landscape.  Now, now we see the longer-term consequences.

On the positive side, the rebel alliance is growing daily.  It takes moments of great consequence to overcome generational complacency.  That is the opportunity we are being given with COVID-19 and the government exploitation of it.

The hidden totalitarian nature of government and ruling class is being revealed, this is a good development for those who were trying desperately to get people to see it before.

I too am optimistic, like the moment in the battle when the disproportionate brutality becomes visible, and the tides change in favor of victim.  The cheers around the colosseum do not have to start out supporting the gladiators in order for the gladiator to ultimately become victorious.  Indeed, any gladiator worth his salt knows the primary goal is to change the chant and instill fear in one gilded chair.

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  Extreme measures to retain control are reactions to equally extreme senses of fear.

All around the world, right now, there are mini dictators tenuously clinging to power and trying to control a much larger mob.  They have multitudes of advisors helping them, they have financial resources, and they have enforcers. However, just as Gaius Julius Caesar lost control with the entire Roman army around him, so too are these dictators and totalitarians subjects to a much larger citizenry.

Squeeze harder…. Please, squeeze harder.

As fast as possible, we need to get to the point where we are finally going to deal with them.  Simultaneously, they are trying to avoid being dealt with.  Squeeze harder, says the slave gladiator as others surface to join the fight.  Squeeze harder.

This will not end well for the ruling class.  So, let’s get on with it

Squeeze harder…

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