Despite Acknowledging No Proof Dr. Fauci Urges All to Get Booster to Protect Against Omicron—WHO Reports No Deaths

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and chief medical advisor to the White House, presented with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director, Rochelle Walensky during the Press Briefings by the White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials. Although Fauci could offer “no proof” that the vaccines will work on the Omicron variant of concern, Fauci declared that a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should offer some amount of “cross-protection” against this new variant. Why would Fauci be so fast to come to this conclusion, given so many unknowns, from transmissibility to actual severity of the disease? America’s top doctor declared during this press conference that the health authorities should know more within “a matter of days to weeks.” But Fauci used this forum to again, emphasize the importance of using this presently unknown risk to get vaccinated. Meanwhile, WHO as of late last week reported so far no deaths from the Omicron variant of concern.

Fauci went on to show a presentation that purports to back his claims that a booster will help with omicron, despite the acknowledged lack of any proof at this point. Fauci continued, using the Delta variant as an example, saying that by September:

 “Unvaccinated people in the United States had almost a six percent increased risk of getting infected and getting COVID-19 compared to fully vaccinated, and about 11-fold increased risk of being hospitalized, and a 14 increased risk of dying when you compare individuals who are fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated.”

Because “in vitro studies” indicate positive impact of boosters—“markedly,” increasing antibody titers “against a wide range of variants,” Fauci continues, positioning that it’s better to be safe than sorry declaring:

“One of the things we now know, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent, is that when you get a high level of antibody—and as shown in the slide in an animal model…when you look at the third dose, you increase the levels of neutralizing antibodies against all the variants.” Of course, this leads to “an increase in levels of memory B cells and T cells, which strongly suggest that boosters it will give you cross-protection against a number of variants.”

Fauci was summarizing data from different vaccines. With Moderna in people ages 18 to 64, titers rise from 55 to 872 by 28 days post the third jab, which is more than the rise after the second shot. Moreover, titers increase from 32 to 708 in elderly adults (65 and up) at 28 days after the boost.

Moreover, with BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech), the third shot boosts 50% serum neutralization titers to 1,321 from 241 in people ages18 to 55 while that same measurement spikes to 1,479 from 123 in the elderly (age 65 to 88)—all based on data from a piece in the New England Journal of Medicine.

But what about existing Antibodies?

The top doctor doesn’t utter a word about natural immunity and the risks of the vaccine, especially if people have higher amounts of antibodies. TrialSite recently covered growing reports of adverse events and the need for a COVID-19 vaccine adverse event patient advocacy organization.

The fear here is that few have their antibodies measured. In some cases, they may already be high, and a booster could potentially trigger an overreaction. As Fauci doesn’t raise the importance of natural immunity nor systematic measurement of antibody levels prior to a third inoculation, the true risk of the booster vaccine isn’t known. Moreover, we do not know if the booster vaccine will help with this new variant seemingly originating out of the southern region of Africa.

Eurozone Inflation at a Record High

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Inflation in the doomed Eurozone increased 4.9% in November, marking the highest level of inflation since the creation of the euro. The larger economies within the bloc experienced a significant rise in inflation, with Germany posting a 6% increase and France experiencing a 3.4% rise. Other nations saw extreme spikes such as Estonia and Lithuania that reported increases of 8.4% and 9.3%.

Artificially lowering rates has backfired; the inverse relationship between reducing rates and increased inflation is now extremely apparent. Like the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank (ECB) is aiming for a 2% inflation target. The ECB does not see anything wrong with its current policy. ECB President Christine Lagarde said that the bank will not raise rates in 2022, although they anticipate inflation to continue into the new year. “We still see inflation moderating in the next year, but it will take longer to decline than originally expected,” Lagarde stated in mid-November. Instead of changing the policy, Lagarde will simply revise inflation forecasts at the December meeting, marking the sixth consecutive time the ECB has done so. She should take a page from Powell’s book and retire the term “transitory” when discussing inflation.

Martin Armstrong Interview : Beginning of 2022 Panic Cycle Underway (Part 1)

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Click here to watch part one of the interview with Financial Sense’s most controversial and honest guest, Martin Armstrong.

The WHO Whistler Blower – It’s All Fake

Armstrong Economic Blog/Disease Re-Posted Dec 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

As you know I am a longtime subscriber and active treater of Covid-19 patients. There is no doubt that this pandemic has been used for political purposes in much of the world, particularly the US and Europe.  One only has to ask why cheap therapeutics were not only dismissed but their use actively prevented. Why isn’t natural immunity recognized at all let alone acknowledged as superior to vaccine mediated immunity. It really is a crime against humanity.

Here is an excellent link by a well-regarded former WHO employee. I suspect my Norwegian is better than yours but the article is in English. She touches on the many issues that really matter about Covid-19 that the mainstream media in the West will never discuss.



P.S.  You are spot on about the source of this man-made virus. There was no accidental leak. Stay safe.

REPLY: This entire scenario of using a virus right down to deliberately releasing it in China was laid out in October 2019 at a conference but my sources say this plan took real form by August 2019 and Gates bought into BioTech in September the next month. I fear it will take the military to rise up to save humanity and defend against this foreign invasion.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger of the WHO has come out against corruption. This is the basics of what she said in this interview in Norway that would never take place in the United States.

“It was special: Organizations such as GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization led by Bill Gates – they came to WHO in 2006 with funding. Since then, the WHO has developed into a new type of international organization. GAVI gained more and more influence, and total immunity, more than the diplomats in the UN. GAVI can do exactly what they want, the police can do nothing.”

The WHO underwent an audit in 2014 and after that, it became more like a company with countries as its subsidiaries.

“When I worked with international relations in the WHO in 2013, I saw that GAVI came in more and more. GAVI presented a global action plan for vaccination 2012-2020. That is, eight years where GAVI had everything in their hands. Bill Gates handled the vaccination, he took over.”

She said the pandemic was most certainly planned. ” You can see this from all the documents. Everyone can analyze them, they are in the open, right in front of our eyes.”

She has said what I have been hearing from doctors that without autopsies, there is no real evidence of death. She said: “This is not easy to know, because autopsies are not performed. There are a lot of lies and scams in science, and in the systems. The PCR test is one example, the doctor can not use it diagnostically. Doctors are paid to claim that deaths are due to Covid, based on PCR that does not work. Very often this happens without an autopsy. They say the death is due to Covid, even when it is not.”

I have explained that the government was covering COVID so hospitals are paid to claim that deaths are due to Covid, based on PCR that does not work. I have said that I was personally test FIVE times and it was negative, yet two doctors said they believed I had gotten COVID. When I said I did not know anyone with COVID, they said I could have simply gotten it when pumping gas. So I said the masks do nothing. They said pretty much.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger added:

“It is terrible that one does not do clinical research, one only obtains information from the hospitals. It is unique in pandemic history that the data is not available. In the United States, 17 000 deaths from vaccinations are reported, including children and babies. It is not ethical to continue. So far in the United States, the death toll is three times higher than the total of all vaccines in the last 35 years. These are official figures, without clinical research or validation. The research is not finished, but the vaccination continues. It’s awful, really criminal.”

There are reports coming from around the world that I am receiving which I cannot yet fully confirm, but the sources are diverse. The claims are that stillbirths are exploding among vaccinated mothers. To think that politicians are deliberately suppressing such claims demonstrates that these people no longer “represent” the people. You simply do not act this way if you have any morality. It is a heartbreaking experience to lose your child. I know what that is like after losing my first son. It’s not something one takes lightly.

There are others coming out as has Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health. I truly wish this has all been just a conspiracy theory. But this is a battle shaping up between good and evil, and it is very evil.

Wall Street Bankers Urged to Dress Down Due to Class Warfare

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Dec 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There is a new dress code on Wall Street. Bank of America is urging employees to “dress down” amid surging crime in NYC. The bank is even asking employees to forego attire containing the bank’s logo. Citibank and other major banks are offering employees a shuttle service to work as their cars, job titles, and attire make them an easy target for desperate criminals. A source told the NY Post that attacks on working professionals in New York has become “frequent, if not common” and they personally have experienced about a dozen altercations. Another anonymous source said he was attacked by a knife-wielding criminal on his way into the office. These are working professionals who are trying to earn a legitimate living. The “eat the rich” sentiment has turned into complete class warfare.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to defund the police in 2020 to appease the same voters who are now begging for protection. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors wielded pictures of George Floyd and convinced the mayor to cut $1 billion from the NYPD budget and $500 million from its capital budget The misguided social justice warriors from BLM, partially composed of privileged white kids, ignored calls from the black communities of NYC to have an increased police presence in their areas. In April 2021, de Blasio reversed course and began funding the police force.

As a result of pandering policies, crime in NYC has spiked by 42% in the past two years. In the 28 days leading up to November 28, there was a 15% YoY increase in felony assaults. In October, crime in the city rose 11.2% YoY; robberies increased 15.8% (1,450 v 1,252), and felony assaults rose 13.8% (2,123 v 1,865). Auto thefts have increased 15% in one year alone.

The media is vilifying the right-wing for inciting the January 6 incident nearly a year after it occurred. No one is being held accountable for promoting class warfare in the media.

Canada Trying to Deny Food to Unvaccinated?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Dec 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Politicians are not just violating the foundation of a free society, they are now moving to such tyranny unmatched throughout history. These governments will not relent. They have been deliberately trying to destroy the economy so Schwab can Build Back Better. They have gone this far with shutdowns and all sorts of restrictions of the people and economies, all under the pretense of a virus that was made in a lab and has not been really dangerous like the plague or even that influenza. These measures might be applicable for the Black Plague where 30% to 50% of the population might die.

To now deny food to the unvaccinated is tyranny that not even Hitler did to the Jews he held in camps. At least he fed them while he was sterilizing them which is the dream of Gates, or until they were just gassed.

There is NO WAY this will ever be resolved peacefully. All the protests around the world will never cause these ruthless politicians and those in government who support them to ever rethink of relent. Those who have questioned our computer’s forecast for civil war had better look out the window for this is nev er returning to normal.


Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Dec 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi MartyProtests against covid measures (8000 people according to media) in Belgium were supported by firemen today. The national media (RTBF) were targeted as well by a small group of 20 people. The Belgian government (OCAD) is warning that more people are starting to oppose to covid measures.Kind regardsTREPLY:  They have so divided the people and governments will NOT reverse their tyranny for they are fighting for their own survival as all tyrants have done throughout history. I fear this will not be resolved peacefully for they refuse to adopt a responsible way to manage the economy.

Biden – the Manchurian Candidate Decline & Fall of America

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I have had long and disturbing conversations about what the HELL is really going on. The Constitution is being shredded under the Biden Administration and I have warned that the 2020 election was NEVER between Trump v Biden – it was Trump v the Overthrow of the United States, precisely as Klaus Schwab stated in the 2030 Agenda that has been in your face all the time. Biden is nothing more than the senile Manchurian Candidate who has always done anything for money.

The Biden Administration will try to ban anyone who is unvaccinated from life just as they are doing in Australia, Germany, and Austria. They have slipped in a mandatory kill switch for all cars so they can block you from using even your car. This is NOT about health, this is about the survival of government because they are crumbling within and fear that their default will lead to revolution when all the social programs and pensions collapse. This is a pre-emptive strike to ensure government survives at the expense of all our freedoms.

When the model turned 2015.75, I warned that the computer pinpointed that target as the beginning of the Sovereign Debt Crisis and the PEAK in government globally. There was a wave of panic among career politicians that the people could vote them out of office. This is why they went after trump with the fangs out. He had to be removed because draining the swamp was not going to be allowed. Democracy was suddenly called “POPULISM” and that had to be terminated.

This entire pandemic has been orchestrated and they even selected China as the target, based upon information and belief. The goal is to transform the world into a communist authoritarian type state that is a hybrid of the days of old feudalism where the elite owns everything and controls the masses. The World Health Organization has questioned the UK government’s decision to roll out hundreds of millions of booster jabs to its population, asserting there is “no evidence” they would offer “greater protection” to the healthy.

This is creating confusion and a society divided by fear. Putting kill switches in your car is to restrict you from movement. Why is all this necessary when COVID has a death rate that is no more lethal than the flu? As we approach 2022 and the Panic Cycle projected by our computer, a lot will hinge on the military. The enemy within is not unvaccinated – it is those in power taking orders to overthrow the Constitution of the United States. George Soros funded the movement to defund the police to destabilize the United States. Look at the gang-plundering store now in California. Soros has also been directly funding District Attorneys in America’s most crime-ravaged cities, to ensure that violent criminals are being allowed to walk out of jail on low cash bonds or aren’t even being charged. All of this is designed for the people to surrender all liberty to plead for safety.

Mandates Have Consequences – Leesburg Virginia Finds Out The Police Were Not Bluffing, Now Facing a Shortage of Officers

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The city council of Leesburg, Virginia, voted to insist upon a vaccine mandate for police officers.  Now they discover the consequences…

Sunday Talks, NBC Proclaims Omicron Has Merged With Common Cold Virus to Create New Mutant Super Spreader Variant, Requiring New Super Duper Booster

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Once the political operatives unleash the healthcare/media narrative engineers to push the maximum fear-porn needed to support the larger objectives, you end up in this bizarro world where buck-tooth carrot-eating parents are having rabbit faced babies with ten inch ears.

Yup, the jaw-agape headlines start to become a parody of themselves, and while people roll their eyes the media cannot stop…. they just can’t.  That’s where we cue the opening segment of Meet The Press with Chuck Todd interviewing NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins.  Just the first minute is needed to see it.

The virus has morphed, changed, mutated they shout with earnest proclamation… and Omicron has merged with the common cold to create a new highly infectious super duper variant requiring even more important booster shots to protect civilization. This holiday season you better watch out for dissidents showing symptoms of the variant sniffles who are not triple-vaxxed and quadruple-masked.   It’s the science, swear…   WATCH: