Republican Voter Registrations Surging in Pennsylvania Ahead of May 17 Primary

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 8, 2022 | Sundance

April 8, 2022 | Sundance | 209 Comments

Reuters has an interesting article about changes within the Pennsylvania electorate and a surge in Republican voter registration.   One of the key notes from their research is a large shift in Democrat registration voters switching to the Republican Party. “Republicans have converted four Democrats for every Republican who has switched to the Democratic Party, according to data published by Pennsylvania’s Department of State.”

In the Keystone State Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey is retiring this year, and Pennsylvanians will vote for governor following the exit of Democrat Tom Wolf.  Voter registration ends May 2nd, and the Pennsylvania primary is May 17th {link} [General election Nov 8].

The Pennsylvania voters, interviewed by Reuters, shared the issues they consider important to them including (1) crushing inflation, gas prices, (2) economy overall, (3) major rise in crime, (4) border security, and (5) cultural issues to include the leftist shift in education.

Even in strong Democrat districts like Philadelphia, the outcomes of Democrat local and national policies are turning voters toward the Republican Party.

The Reuters article frames the issue in terms of a warning to Democrats for the 2022 election, using example of voter registration shifts in key states.  However, as we have seen from the experience with the professionally Republican Party, if there’s one organization who can (intentionally) screw up an opportunity for push-back against advancing leftism, on either the state or especially the federal level, it’s the GOPe.

(Reuters) […] In addition to inflation and other economic issues, a growing number of Pennsylvania voters have become disillusioned with the Democratic Party over its perceived shift leftward on cultural matters, said Terry Madonna, a senior fellow in residence at Millersville University, a longtime political analyst in the state.

Madonna pointed to Republican Glenn Youngkin, who won the governorship of Virginia last year after campaigning on a promise to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools, as an indicator of what will resonate with Pennsylvania voters.

“It’s not just inflation,” Madonna said, noting that Republicans scored a series of victories in municipal elections in the Philadelphia suburbs last year. “I think it’s a combination of things.” (read more)

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