Simply Epic, During Senate Energy Committee Hearing, Interior Secretary Haaland Questioned About Real Time Press Release Shutting Down Oil and Gas Exploration, The Secretary Has No Idea

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 19, 2022 | Sundance

The Great Pretense of Biden ~

CTH has been preparing to write about this for a week. Today a serendipitous event took place which highlights the dynamic within the current Biden administration.

During a Senate Energy Committee hearing today, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a woman specifically appointed for her progressive identity as a native American indian – with no skills to be interior secretary, was questioned by Senator Joe Manchin about a press release [LINK] from the interior department that took place in real time as Secretary Haaland was giving testimony.  Secretary Haaland had no idea what the press release was about. WATCH:

[The Press Release is Here]

The issue surrounds the U.S. Interior Department, which is filled to the brim with left-wing climate activists, pushing out a press release saying that any further oil and gas leases are not going to happen.  Secretary Haaland was telling congress the Interior Department was doing everything they can to allow oil and gas leases and expand drilling with additional permitting.

The press release from the dept says the proposal the Secretary was stating “is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development,” literally undercutting her testimony in real time, and reaffirming that no further oil drilling will be authorized.   Secretary Haaland was caught completely off-guard, stammered and admitted she had no idea what the bureaucrats in the dept were doing.

What this example reveals is something we have noticed and discussed but has become very clear in the past few weeks.

Everything about the Joe Biden presidency is a big game of pretending.  The media pretends Biden is running the executive branch, while the people clearly see he is not.

The Biden administration, and even the senior executives within it, are not in control of the functions of government.  As with this example of the Interior Dept., the Obama era group used eight years to fill the administrative positions in various agencies with devout ideologues.   The activists in the government are running the mechanics of the machinery toward their own ideological objectives.

One clear example came through a little more than a week ago.

On May 10th, Joe Biden delivered a national address on the topic of inflation. [LINK] Within the prepared remarks he read, Biden told the public he was committed to lowering costs by focusing on expanded energy development – to include additional drilling for oil and gas.  Literally hours later the Interior Dept cancelled oil/gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico [LINK], exactly the opposite of the Biden remarks.

As noted by CNN, “The cancellation of the previously planned Cook Inlet sale in Alaska, as well as the lease sales in the Gulf, ensures that millions of acres of offshore waters will not be developed for oil and gas — a significant victory for climate advocates.”

Biden gives a policy speech that is factually undermined within hours by the actions of the Biden administration.  The machinery of the government is operating autonomously, without regard for the president or any cabinet official.   What happened with Secretary Haaland today is just another example of this.

Joe Biden has no idea who is operating in any executive branch agency.  Nor does he have any idea what they are doing, or what their agenda consists of.  Biden is irrelevant to the objectives of the ideologues; and he is irrelevant by design.  This is why Biden was selected by Obama and then installed by the crew of Chicago activists who have spent their entire life designing a framework of government that operates for their intents regardless of the White House.

We The People are playing this grand game of pretense.  It is a Potemkin village, and it is held together in part by a willful media who support the framework.  Heck, they even installed a fake White House stage set on the White House grounds to help maintain the pretending.

This house of cards is also tenuous, very unstable.  If any media outlet were to ask Joe Biden any generally baseline question like: “who is your interior secretary?” Or “who is your EPA administrator?”  The house of cards would collapse visibly because Joe Biden has no idea.

The agenda inside the critical agencies like energy, transportation, interior and EPA, is pre-established and independently operating regardless of policy.

The mechanics of the executive branch are directed by ideological climate-change pilots at the controls.  THAT is our reality…

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