Harmeet Dhillon Expands Discussion on Her Priority for RNC Change During Interview with Steve Bannon

Posted originally on the CTH on December 6, 2022 | Sundance 

Harmeet Dhillon Expands Discussion on Her Priority for RNC Change During Interview with Steve Bannon

December 6, 2022 | Sundance | 88 Comments

California Republican National Committee (RNC) Representative Harmeet Dhillon appears with Steve Bannon to give her expanded explanation of why she wants to become RNC chair and the reforms she views are needed within the national body. {Direct Rumble Link}

Mrs. Dhillon expresses a desire to remove the current divide that exists between RNC national members and the base voters within the states.  Reemphasizing the need for the populist voice to have representation in the Republican Party, Mrs. Dhillon outlines the need to shift priorities in order to align with the base voter. WATCH:

Steve Bannon is correct mid-interview when he says 95% of the donor apparatus to the RNC are globalist Wall Street billionaires and corporations who want the RNC aligned with their financial priorities.  That is a big issue and one not easily resolved.  As long as the RNC emphasizes the importance of money, the voice of the voting base will always be a secondary consideration.

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.  The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology.  This is the essential difference.

If you want to fracture the internecine relationships behind the RNC business model, here are my suggestions:

Start with the standards to be a member of the Republican National Committee. Structure the by-laws for RNC committee membership as you would a company with rules and regulations on the members.

First, no RNC national committee member, can be a registered or unregistered lobbyist. If you want to be a political lobbyist, you cannot be a Republican National Committee member.

Next, no RNC national committee member can be part of a Political Action Committee; run a PAC or SuperPAC or be a participating member of PAC or SuperPAC.

All RNC members must adhere to principles of representing voters, not internal party candidates. No RNC member can operate in any capacity on behalf of any candidate for any elected office.

As a Republican National Committee member, you are not allowed to be a contractor or subcontracted agent for the RNC with any financial interest in the outcome of RNC decisions.

No RNC committee member can operate a consulting business that *sells* services, directly or indirectly to the RNC, or otherwise benefits financially from the Republican National Committee.

Republican National Committee members agree to represent the voter interests of the RNC and carry no direct, indirect or familial relationship, with any donor to the RNC in excess of $100k that intersects with any official RNC business.

No Republican National Committee member, nor member of their immediate family, can hold interest in any group, firm, business or political entity (profit or nonprofit), that draws financial benefit from the RNC.

All RNC members agree to submit copies of their federal income tax filings to the RNC for review on a bi-annual basis, or as requested by the Chair of the committee.

Membership at the RNC is an ‘at will’ agreement, subject to removal and/or revocation of membership status by the national Chair at any time – with state chapters providing a replacement within 60 days.

State appointments to the RNC must pass a standard criminal background check conducted by, and at the expense of, the state chapter.

The National Republican Committee will form an advisory council to the Chair and establish a standard code of ethical conduct required for membership that will outline and define rules of conduct and other member rules deemed necessary to avoid any conflicts of interest.

No national RNC member can receive any financial benefit as an outcome of national RNC membership.

Unfortunately, the nature of the RNC assembly is the exact reason why this series of rules and or standards would never be allowed.  The RNC Committee Members, including Harmeet Dhillon herself, operate within a system that creates influence and affluence of the membership.  If you take away the money to be made with RNC national membership, particularly removing the ability of RNC members to sell influence to third parties and donors, the entire reason people join the RNC collapses.

The priority of the DNC is to win elections, assemble power and by extension control the mechanisms that deliver them wealth.  The priority of the RNC is money, and by extension winning elections is not the most important thing. The priority of the RNC is the accumulation of wealth for itself.

The DNC has ideology as their core mission objective, that focus drives their fundraising and ballot collection. In this approach the ideology remains consistent.  However, the RNC has monetary gain as their core mission objective, and that drives their ideology.  The RNC ideology is therefore subject to being purchased by the desires of the current biggest buyer.

The Democrats want power. The Republicans want money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.

The biggest issue within the dynamic of the RNC is the lack of honesty, transparency and clear thinking stewardship.  The RNC regards Republican voters as annoyances to be overcome and managed in the assembly of their priority, money.

Harmeet Dhillon has expressed on her social media and recent interviews that she wants to change this dynamic.

We will find out late January.

Elon Musk Fires Twitter General Counsel James Baker for Manipulating and Filtering Twitter File Release – “His explanation was unconvincing”

Posted originally on the CTH on December 6, 2022 | Sundance

Yesterday, we speculated publicly the first set of “Twitter Files” released was heavily pre-filtered by internal stakeholders connected to DHS who hold a vested interest in controlling any evidence of Twitter’s former political activity.

Knowing there are multiple executives remaining within the company who previously aligned with the intents of government, specifically DHS officials, to control the platform, the prediction was not a stretch. Indeed, it just made common sense.

Former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker, a man of notoriously corrupt disposition, was one of those former government officials who started working for Twitter as general counsel.  James Baker (pictured below left) working as a government mechanism for filtration of damaging information was not a leap. Again, just common sense.

Today, as an outcome of internal discoveries that indeed Jim Baker did prefilter internal documents in order to mitigate sunlight and exposure [outline here], Twitter CEO Elon Musk fired legal counsel James Baker.

Mr Musk said through his Twitter account, “In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today.”  Mr. Musk followed up a question about James Baker being asked to explain himself by saying, “His explanation was …unconvincing.”

Matt Taibbi provides the context:

Taibbi – On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay.

We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.

The process for producing the “Twitter Files” involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated.

Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was @Bari Weiss who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask “Jim’s” last name, the answer came back: “Jim Baker.”

“My jaw hit the floor,” says Weiss.

The first batch of files both reporters received was marked, “Spectra Baker Emails.”

Baker is a controversial figure. He has been something of a Zelig of FBI controversies dating back to 2016, from the Steele Dossier to the Alfa-Server mess. He resigned in 2018 after an investigation into leaks to the press.

The news that Baker was reviewing the “Twitter files” surprised everyone involved, to say the least. New Twitter chief Elon Musk acted quickly to “exit” Baker Tuesday. (LINK)

Big Picture:  The Twitter Files are a threat vector to a bigger story [GO DEEP].  The DHS, DOJ, FBI and ODNI U.S. government elements who operated with control over the social media platform did so as an outcome of the larger surveillance state [GO DEEP].  That surveillance state was deployed against Donald Trump in 2016 and everything as an outcome of that failed effort, and the ongoing coverup effort, is what surrounds the current DOJ effort to attack and remove the threat Donald Trump represents.

It’s All Making Sense – Elon Musk Has No Idea What He Purchased with Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop…

Posted originally on the CTH on December 6, 2022 | Sundance 

… And if he does, the outlook is worse.

According to both the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI), via Chairman Mark Warner, and the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) via Mike Turner, the Chinese social media platform TikTok represents a “national security risk” to the United States.  South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, soon to be the vice-presidential candidate for the DeSantis-Noem 2024 ticket, has also called TikTok a national security threat and banned it in the stateNow, think about that carefully.

What is it about a social media app that allows short video sharing that would constitute a national security risk?  The answer is not about dog and cat videos, or dancing diatribes or funny, weird or goofy content; nor is the national security risk attached to any data of the app users or content providers.  The national security risk is found in the ability to influence public opinion that is not under the control of the United States government, or more specifically the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS).

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  TikTok, as a social media platform, is not considered a national security threat because the Chinese government can control it.  TikTok is considered a national security threat because the United States government does not control it.

For several years CTH has been outlining the relationship between DHS and social media.  Currently, the headlines are filled with stories about Twitter and revelations of censorship and government influence coming from the purchase of the platform by Elon Musk.  I promise you things are not what they seem.

Let me put some context to the dynamic that will hopefully clarify what is going on, and perhaps the context will help explain what you are seeing and what you are not seeing as this unfolds.  There are going to be a lot of citations to fill in the details and understanding the modern Fourth Branch of Government is critical.  The bigger picture also explains why SSCI Chairman Mark Warner said “people will die” if the seized Trump Mar-a-Lago documents become public.

♦ Elevator Speech: Twitter is to the U.S. government as TikTok is to China. The overarching dynamic is the need to control public perceptions and opinions. DHS has been in ever increasing control of Twitter since the public-private partnership was formed in 2011/2012.  Jack Dorsey lost control and became owner emeritus; arguably, Elon Musk has no idea (you’ll see proof toward the end).

To explain the background activity of Twitter in a way that readers could understand, I used the metaphor of Twitter as Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.

…”The metaphorical Jack had a great idea, open a coffee shop where the beverages were free and use internal advertising as the income subsidy to operate the business.  Crowds came for the free coffee, comfy couches, fellowship, conversation and enjoyment.

It didn’t matter where Jack got the coffee, how he paid for it, or didn’t, or what product advertising the customers would be exposed to while there.  Few people thought about such things.  Curiously, it didn’t matter what size the crowd was; in the backroom of Jack’s Coffee Shop they were able to generate massive amounts of never-ending free coffee at extreme scales.

Over time, using the justification of parking lot capacity and township regulations, not everyone would be able to park and enter.  Guards were placed at the entrance to pre-screen customers.  Some were denied.  A debate began.”…

Here’s what happened….

In/around 2011 and 2012 the U.S. Government, Obama administration and the U.S. State Dept., came into Jack’s Coffee Shop and asked him for help.

The govt officials needed to deliver massive amounts of coffee to their allies in Egypt, Libya and the middle east to support the Arab Spring party.  Jack told the officials he was willing to help but didn’t have the capacity to deliver on that scale.  The officials told Jack not to worry, they would handle that aspect – he just needed to agree to the partnership and let them utilize his business.  Jack agreed.

[Note, the timing here is not accidental.  The operational agreement happened at the same time DHS was fine tuning the domestic surveillance systems to monitor social media platforms and target political opposition. See The Fourth Branch.]

Over the next several weeks, months and eventually years, Jack watched as hundreds of new employees flooded into the business to facilitate the rapid expansion.  Along with a myriad of new faces, new equipment was delivered and soon Jack found himself looking at heavy industrial equipment erecting large buildings in the back lots of the property.  Coffee urns were replaced with massive industrial coffee delivery systems that far exceeded anything Jack ever imagined.

Business was booming, but slowly Jack realized he had lost control.  Jack was riding a dragon.

As the years progressed, thousands of new employees moved into the offices of the new buildings and massive pipelines were producing incredible scales of coffee.  Jack noted offices of the United Nations Human Rights Commission were now creating unique blends of coffee for international distribution, and the European Commission had an entire suite of specially trained coffee production engineers creating alternate combinations and flavors.

By 2018 Jack had essentially become an “owner emeritus,” his name was on the shingle, but the day-to-day operation of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop had turned into an industrial park complex.

Jack saw his personal wealth attached to the success of the business, but operationally his only responsibility was traveling to symposiums and venues where he would stand on stage and wax philosophically about the future of a coffee delivery organization he no longer controlled.  Day-to-day operations were now controlled by experts in the scale of massive industrial coffee.  Those experts came from the Dept of Homeland Security.

[The Intercept] – […] Behind closed doors, and through pressure on private platforms, the U.S. government has used its power to try to shape online discourse. According to meeting minutes and other records appended to a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican who is also running for Senate, discussions have ranged from the scale and scope of government intervention in online discourse to the mechanics of streamlining takedown requests for false or intentionally misleading information.

“Platforms have got to get comfortable with gov’t. It’s really interesting how hesitant they remain,” Microsoft executive Matt Masterson, a former DHS official, texted Jen Easterly, a DHS director, in February.

In a March meeting, Laura Dehmlow, an FBI official, warned that the threat of subversive information on social media could undermine support for the U.S. government. Dehmlow, according to notes of the discussion attended by senior executives from Twitter and JPMorgan Chase, stressed that “we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.” (read more)

To streamline the operational efficiencies as the industrial coffee system grew, direct portals between the Washington DC government offices and Jack’s Magic Coffee shop were created.  Officials no longer needed to travel to the location of Jack’s Coffee Shop in order to operate the valves, mixers, grinders and systems to generate the scale of blends being produced.

Experts could now use direct portals to the facility to operate the coffee production systems remotely, with a limited number of specially trained (FBI) coffee engineers doing the laborious tasks and maintenance at the facility.

The badges were intimidating to Jack who went to sleep every night under the realization he no longer had any clue about how the coffee shop communication business was operating.

[…]  The extent to which the DHS initiatives affect Americans’ daily social feeds is unclear. During the 2020 election, the government flagged numerous posts as suspicious, many of which were then taken down, documents cited in the Missouri attorney general’s lawsuit disclosed. And a 2021 report by the Election Integrity Partnership at Stanford University found that of nearly 4,800 flagged items, technology platforms took action on 35 percent — either removing, labeling, or soft-blocking speech, meaning the users were only able to view content after bypassing a warning screen. The research was done “in consultation with CISA,” the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election. (keep reading)

After several years of increasing distance from the Coffee Shop operation he initially started, eventually Jack decided it was silly to own an industrial coffee delivery system that he didn’t control.  So, Jack decided ot sell his shingle to someone else.

Enter, Elon Musk.

Billionaire Elon Musk, a man intimately familiar with large industrial systems and government, had been watching the disgruntled visitors to Jack’s Coffee Shop who were no longer permitted to enter.  Musk saw an inequity between the amount of coffee that was available, and the scarcity of the coffee amid a community blacklisted by the operational executives and managers of the shop.

With expressions of both interest and fellowship, Mr. Elon Musk told Mr. Jack Dorsey he would take ownership of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop and remove any discriminatory guards that were now controlling permitted entry.  Jack had no aversion to Elon and eventually a deal was brokered.

After the transfer of sale was complete, Mr. Musk fired many of the guards and then set about checking the payroll to identify which group of shop employees were actually involved in the generation of coffee, and which employees were involved in promotion of the industrial coffee delivery system that were no longer needed.

Within this process Elon Musk begins to discover the complex nature of what, at least at the surface, appeared to be an uncomplicated coffee shop.  Why is there a 500-room glass walled office building on the backside of the coffee shop?  What is going on in that building that has anything to do with selling coffee?

If you’ve read this far, you might think my metaphor is a little over the top.  Perhaps you thought that when I originally started saying there was much more to Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop a long time ago.

Well, thankfully, someone of reasonably intelligent curiosity finally asked Elon Musk the right question about this direct portal from DHS into the coffee shop. How Mr. Musk replied might surprise you.  You see, the Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop metaphor is evidenced in the Musk response.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has no idea what the DHS portal into the coffee shop is for.  WATCH:


To put it in brutally honest terms, The United States Dept of Homeland Security is the operating system running in the background of Twitter.

You can debate whether Elon Musk honestly didn’t know all this before purchasing Twitter from his good friend Jack Dorsey, and/or what the scenario of owner/operator motive actually is.  Decide for yourself.

For me, I feel confident that all of the conflicting and odd datapoints only reconcile in one direction.  DHS controls Twitter.

Wittingly or unwittingly (you decide) Elon Musk is now the face of that enterprise.

If you concur with my researched assessment, then what you see being released by Elon Musk in the Twitter Files is actually a filtered outcome as a result of this new ownership dynamic.

Put simply, DHS is mitigating any consequential public exposure by controlling and feeding Mr. Musk selected information about prior Twitter operations.

If TikTok is a national security threat, then Twitter is to Washington DC, as TikTok is to Beijing.

The larger objective of U.S. involvement in social media has always been monitoring and surveillance of the public conversation, and then ultimately controlling and influencing public opinion.



Large Numbers of FBI Agents Work Inside Twitter 

Govt Structured Cloud Computing is Social Media operating System

Tech Platforms Connected to DHS Portals

Examples of Govt Influence of Social Media Content

[…] “Intelligence agencies backed new startups designed to monitor the vast flow of information across social networks to better understand emerging narratives and risks.” [HERE]

Understanding Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop

Leaked DHS Documents Showing Connections

Why Govt Fears Discovery of Relationship

King Neocon John Bolton Announces His Intention to Save America by Becoming President

Posted originally on the CTH on December 6, 2022 | Sundance

The greatest war mongering neocon in modern history announced yesterday his intention to run for President of these United States if his fellow Republican candidates will not stand in the gap and defend their constitutional rights to conduct war in any country because America is great. {Direct Rumble Link}

Appearing on Meet the Press Now, John Bolton announces his intent to declare his candidacy, if others of like mind do not.  WATCH: 


Everything is coming clear…. Wait until you see what clarity comes next in the ongoing saga of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.   I was right!

Tucker Carlson: Twitter Documents Show “Systemic Violation Of The First Amendment”

Sunfellow On COVID-19 Published originally on Rumble on December 3, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the bombshell report Elon Musk released about Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden story on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Original Fox News Video:

Musk Unveils ‘Twitter Files’

Newsmax TV Published originally on Rumble on December 5, 2022 

Elon Musk’s release of the “Twitter Files” confirms what Republicans have already been saying. The social media giant was colluding with the F-B-I and the 2020 Biden campaign.

Steve Scalise reacts to Twitter censorship of Hunter Biden

Ainsley Earhardt Published originally on Rumble on December 6, 2022

Steve Scalise reacts to Twitter censorship of Hunter Biden: ‘Going to get exposed’

President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections – Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Shows Why

Posted originally on the CTH on December 5, 2022 | Sundance 

President Donald Trump came under massive amounts of fire recently for saying, “So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!

What President Trump is noting, is the exact same reason why Kari Lake’s lawsuit, like every other election lawsuit before it, will fail.   Our U.S. Constitution permits election fraud and manipulation, as long as that state level election fraud and manipulation does not break federal law.  {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:

Obviously, it would be frustrating for President Trump to ask legal advisors what can be done about certified results from fraudulently constructed elections.  The reply from the legal advisors around the state certification would frustrate anybody, because the constitution permits fraudulent elections.   The decision on how to conduct elections is entirely up to the states.

The states, via state legislature, determine their election rules, laws and outcomes that eventually lead to state certification.  If a state wants to block voters, impede voters, or manipulate the voting outcome, there is generally nothing in federal law to stop them – as long as the state or county does not break federal laws protecting classes or protected categories of persons.

Federal law generally prohibits disenfranchisement of people based on race, age, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation and disability, along with other categories.

Federal law does not prohibit disenfranchisement based on ideology, political affiliation or outlook.  If a state or local election system wants to block voters based on affiliation or ideology, they can…. as long as it doesn’t have a disparate impact on the protected category.

If a state legislature wanted to assign 1/2 value to each Republican vote, there is nothing in the constitution that would prohibit that rule.

If a state election outcome results in the loss of 50% of the republican votes in the local or state election, there is nothing in the federal law that would correct the issue.  The state is responsible for certifying the results.

The supreme court will not hear an election controversy issue or legal challenge based on certified results from states.  The constitution permits states to conduct their own elections, and as long as federal laws are not violated, the state certification ends the discussion.  This is the great dichotomy within U.S. election around election manipulation by a state or local election officials.  There is no federal recourse if no federally protected category was adversely impacted.

The DNC argues election disenfranchisement, rules, dates, times, locations, etc based entirely on protected federal categories, ie. the date or method of the election has an adverse impact to a specifically protected category of racial minorities.  This is the typical DNC lawsuit.

EX. the RNC or DNC candidates have no legal footing to sue in federal court if everyone wearing a green shirt was turned away from county polling locations; unless they can prove that a green shirt was worn by a higher percentage of a protected category of persons (i.e., disparate impact).

Additionally, due to the private nature of the corporations that run candidates, notably the RNC and DNC, there is also no prohibition to stop the RNC or DNC from disapproving candidates unless they also were discriminating based on a protected category.   Not coincidentally, political parties are not recognized in the U.S. constitution.

This election reality is why control over state level elections is where the battle has to be fought.   Once a state certifies the election outcome, there is almost no way the federal courts can/will intervene unless the lawsuit is based on a claim that federally protected voters were specifically targeted.

Report, Harmeet Dhillon Will Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair

Posted originally on the CTH on December 4, 2022 | Sundance 

In a move that could have considerable consequences for the future of the Republican party, Politico is reporting that Harmeet Dhillon is considering a challenge to Ronna McDaniel for the RNC chair position.

Mrs Dhillon is a current RNC national committee member from California and her legal firm Dhillon Law is a current contractor to the RNC.  A little more than a week ago Harmeet Dhillon announced she was going to be partnered with the notorious and corrupt DC insider Henry Barbour from Mississippi.  Barbour, a man of extremely sketchy political disposition, is also a national RNC committee member, and together they were to perform an RNC autopsy in the aftermath of the 2022 midterm election.

Ronna McDaniel said she was going to run for reelection to the RNC chair post despite dismal performance by the national organization against the DNC ballot gathering operation.  Additionally, the trust factor between the RNC and the voting base of the party, specifically the MAGA base, has completely evaporated.  The RNC has focused more on raising money than supporting elections and candidates.

Previously, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin said he was considering a challenge, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his full intent to challenge McDaniel for the role and responsibility.   Into this dynamic now steps Harmeet Dhillon.

As a party insider, Harmeet Dhillon would represent a significant threat to the Ronna McDaniel wing of the RNC as many members who may not support Zeldin or Lindell would likely support Dhillon over McDaniel.

Arguably, Ronna McDaniel was motivated by self-preservation and using a proclaimed reformer, albeit RNC contracted legal advisor, Harmeet Dhillon, to put a coat of new paint over the corrupt and failed RNC vehicle.  Dhillon and Barbour playing a role for the RNC as a failed institution similar to the tamp-down efforts of Bill Barr and John Durham at the DOJ.

In their article, Politico avoids mentioning the financial relationship between Dhillon Law and the RNC.  By the time 2022 is completed, the Republican National Committee will likely have paid Dhillon Law over a million dollars for services rendered.

We previously wondered how Harmeet Dhillon was going to vote against the reelection of Ronna McDaniel who is effectively her employer.  Obviously, there is a conflict of interest inside the financial dynamic overall.

Ms. Dhillon, claiming all of her work for the RNC was/is voluntary, was furious at criticism over her self-promoted relationship with the notoriously corrupt Henry Barbour, and then secondarily angered by public knowledge about her financial relationship with the RNC.

(Politico) Ronna McDaniel is about to draw a challenge to her post as Republican National Committee chair.

Harmeet Dhillon, a RNC committeewoman whose firm represents Donald Trump, is prepping a bid for party chair, according to two people familiar with her planning. Dhillon has been talking with fellow RNC members about a prospective run, and those close to Dhillon say a formal launch could come within the next few days.

“After three successive terms of underwhelming results at the polls for the GOP, all the while with leaders congratulating ourselves for outstanding performance, I feel that we owe it to our voters to have a serious debate about the leadership of the party and what we must change to actually win in 2024,” Dhillon said in a statement.

A Dhillon candidacy would mark the most serious challenge to McDaniel to date.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), who ran an unsuccessful bid for New York governor, has also said he is considering a bid, though he has yet to declare his candidacy. Mike Lindell, the MyPillow executive and Trump backer who has risen to prominence through his denial of the 2020 election outcome, has launched a longshot campaign for the post.

The committee’s 168 members will hold a vote to determine the RNC chairmanship at the committee’s annual winter meeting, which is set to be held in late January in Dana Point, Calif. A McDaniel representative declined to comment on Dhillon’s anticipated candidacy.

McDaniel, who has been RNC leader since 2017 and would be the longest-serving chair in more than a century should she be reelected to a third term, may be tough to unseat. Her allies say she has already received commitments of support from more than 100 members — more than the majority of votes she would need. On Friday, McDaniel received an endorsement from David Bossie, an influential Maryland RNC committeeman once seen as a potential contender for the chairmanship. Trump himself has not endorsed.

People close to Dhillon, however, insist that McDaniel’s support is soft and that she could win over those who are unhappy with the party’s disappointing showing in this year’s midterms. (read more)

It is likely that Harmeet Dhillon could fracture the support base for Ronna McDaniel at the RNC.

What is lesser known is the difference that might exist within the organization if Dhillon replaced McDaniel.

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.

The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology.  This is the essential difference.

The priority of the DNC is to win elections, assemble power and by extension control the mechanisms that deliver them wealth.  The priority of the RNC is money, and by extension winning elections is not the most important thing. The priority of the RNC is the accumulation of wealth for itself.

The DNC has ideology as their core mission objective, that focus drives their fundraising and ballot collection. In this approach the ideology remains consistent.  However, the RNC has monetary gain as their core mission objective, and that drives their ideology.  The RNC ideology is therefore subject to being purchased by the desires of the current biggest buyer.

The democrats want power. The republicans want money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money.

Every single decision by Ronna McDaniel emphasized this RNC dynamic over the past six years. Would the RNC prioritization of money change under Harmeet Dhillon?  Some might say yes, but Dhillon’s aversion to sunlight on her paid role for the RNC points to an answer by itself.

The biggest issue within the dynamic of the RNC is the lack of honesty, transparency and clear-thinking stewardship.  The RNC regards republican voters as annoyances to be overcome and managed in the assembly of their priority, money.   Harmeet Dhillon has expressed on her social media she wants to change this dynamic.  However, change comes first by looking in the mirror and dropping the conflicts of interest.

Ronna McDaniel, Harmeet Dhillon, Mike Lindell and possibly Lee Zeldin.

If honesty, integrity and a willingness to take slings and arrows in defense of the country are the main organizational attributes desired in an RNC leader, you can look at the names and make the prediction.  However, if the priority of RNC members is the desire to continue business operation for maximum financial gain, that too is predictable.

Money, it’s what the modern RNC is all about.  Nothing else has mattered in the past 15+ years.

Given the outcome of the November election, I don’t see that priority changing.  However, given the outcome of 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022, maybe there is enough pressure now to change it.

We will find out late January.