Quinnipiac Poll, 60 Percent of Hispanics Disapprove of Joe Biden, 61 Percent of Young Voters Feel Same, Overall Approval Drops to 35 Percent

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 20, 2022 | Sundance

The latest polling from Quinnipiac [DATA HERE] about American opinion of Joe Biden is quite remarkable.  With numbers like this the Democrat communists are positioned for substantial losses in the mid-term election.

  • Biden’s overall approval has dropped to 35% with 57% disapproval.
  • Among young voters aged 18-to-34 the disapproval is 61% (approval 27%).
  • Among Hispanics Biden disapproval is 60% (approval 26%).
  • Among Independent voters disapproval is 62% (approval 30%)

[Poll Data pdf Here]

Joe Biden’s highest level of constituent support comes from older, black, female, democrats.   NOT accidentally, that exact demographic is the backbone of the national African Episcopal Methodist (AME) church network, which was activated by the alliance between James Clyburn and Barack Obama in 2020 to support the Biden installation.

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