Record Early Voting in Georgia as Major Primary Race Takes Place Next Week

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May 21, 2022 | Sundance | 209 Comments

The early voting in Georgia is breaking all state records.  According to the GA secretary of state office statement yesterday, “through Wednesday, May 19th, over 565,000 people have early voted in Georgia—a 189% increase from the same point in the early voting period in the 2018 primary election and a 153% increase in the same point in the early voting period in the 2020 primary election.  This represents a voting scale 3x the rate of the 2018 mid-term election.

Obviously, Georgia voters are enthusiastic to vote in this primary.  The GA SoS reports party votes as, “Republican: 353,161, Democrat: 258,200, Nonpartisan: 4,017” through May 18th.  Yes, republican voters are far outpacing democrat early voters, but that shouldn’t be too surprising given the top of the ticket on the Democrat ballot is an uncontested primary race to install Stacey Abrams as the 2022 Democrat governor candidate.

Despite being in an uncontested race, the team behind Stacey Abrams is working hard to drive out their voter base.  As the Washington Post noted, Abram’s group ‘The New Georgia Project’, is working diligently to help Georgia Democrats make the right ballot selections.  Additionally, another allied group called ‘Black Voters Matter’, is using the ‘Souls to the Polls‘ strategy to make sure black voters get the primary outcome that matters most to them.

Against all of this extra emphasis on early voting success in Georgia there is a weird dynamic on the Republican side of the equation.  According to most general reporting from the media, there is a lot of enthusiasm on the GOP ballot to keep Brian Kemp as governor; however, oddly enough, it seems like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is being positioned for defeat.  At least that’s the perspective of Politico and other similarly minded media.

Traditionally, if the historic pattern of republican ballots was used as an example, if the incumbent governor (Kemp) wins, then generally the incumbent secretary of state (Raffensperger) would win.  However, in this 2022 Georgia mid-term that’s not the narrative being established ahead of next Tuesday’s outcome.

The MSM political perspective is that republican Brian Kemp will easily win the primary for governor, but Brad Raffensperger will lose a primary challenge to republican Jody Hice, a Trump endorsement.   It would certainly be unusual for a Trump endorsed top of ticket candidate David Perdue to lose, and the Trump endorsed office on the next line to win – but that’s the general narrative and they are sticking to it.

The Trump-endorsed David Perdue camp is hoping to keep establishment Governor Brian Kemp under 50% and force a run-off special election.   However, the Trump-endorsed Jody Hice camp is looking for an outright victory in their secretary of state race.  Funny that.


♦ Early voting in Georgia is setting records.

♦ Democrats have uncontested top of ticket candidate Stacy Abrams.

♦ Despite being uncontested, Stacey Abrams is pushing a massive voting effort.

♦ Black Votes Matter and The New Georgia Project are working earnestly.

♦ Republican Governor Brian Kemp is very confident of victory.

♦ Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is not so confident.

If one were to be a deep weeds political walker, you might suspect the data points could all be reconciled if the New Georgia Project was actually coordinating an effort for Democrats to vote for Brian Kemp, because the primary race is open to cross party voting.  However, that’s crazy conspiracy theory.  I’m certain it’s something else.

We will find out the outcome next Tuesday.

AUGUSTA, Georgia — Republicans in Georgia still seething about the 2020 presidential race say they would rather sit out the election in November if Trump’s candidate, former Sen. David Perdue, loses an upcoming GOP gubernatorial primary than ever support incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp.  

The animosity towards Kemp, whom several MAGA Republicans described as a “Judas” and “betrayer” for certifying Joe Biden’s win in 2020, is unlikely to affect the outcome of the May 24 primary. But it may hurt Kemp’s chances this fall in an anticipated rematch with presumed Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams, the woman he narrowly beat in 2018 — with Trump’s support. (read more)

2 comments on “Record Early Voting in Georgia as Major Primary Race Takes Place Next Week

  1. And amazingly, with voting coming up, there is a sudden outbreak of monkeypox hitting headlines. In DeKalb County, GA, they bought more voting machines last year. All Dominion. The machines, along with the voting fraud uncovered and shown in 2000 Mules, GA is screwed. If we can keep Abrams being elected, it will be a miracle. I don’t know anyone that would even consider voting for her, nobody in GA voted for Biden, but he managed to take GA. So we’re damned either way. Our votes mean nothing, and if Abrams wins, color GA gone.

    It is maddening to see what was done in 2020, and was happening long before that. Imagine how many votes Trump actually had, and how few Biden could have had, and yet, no one does anything about it.

    US Supreme Court is worthless, and the bullshit recounts did nothing.

    America is falling, gas prices are killing us, but the globalists don’t want us to have cars anyway. Food is becoming scarce, but the globalists have said we should eat bugs. Gates owns all the farmland now, so anything grown, will be killing us even more than what we have been supplied in the past. They “globalists” say that the world is over populated, so they put their little minions, the like of Fauci out there to come up with diseases that jump from animals to humans without a glance, and yet no one does anything. Now monkeypox is going to cause another lockdown, and yet, we do nothing.

    We have become a pitiful lot. Americans are being killed off with vaccines at an alarming rate already, but that is not enough. So, they bring in millions, upon millions of illegal immigrants, and export them into our neighborhoods by the hoards. The illegals don’t get vaccinated. Why, one might ask? Think about it. They are killing the native americans with the vaccines, and the illegals don’t get vaccinated. It should be pretty obvious. The great reset. Natural Americans, are being replaced by illegal immigrants who have never had Constitutional or Civil Rights. They won’t be nearly as hard to control as Americans will be. It is much easier to turn America into a third world country, if the inhabitants are already used to the treatment.
    So they bring them here to replace us. They have already begun giving them free homes, while foreclosure hell is about to ramp back up for homeowners crushed by the lockdowns and loss of businesses, and COVID hell we were forced to endure.

    Then placing Biden as president, they were sure to see America fall. Obama’s third term will take us the rest of the way to where Obama wanted us to be. He hates America and Americans. He has always wanted to destroy this country.

    I almost wonder if it would be better for Putin to nuke us all and put us out of our misery. Biden has been trying to get him to do that all along. Obama/Biden destroyed our military so that we could be conquered from within. And who do they have running the military? A douchebag. Just like Health is run by a what? I am not sure what you would call the person, if it is a person.

    We have gone to hell in a handbag, and yet, we do nothing. We have turned into a bunch of spineless wimps, the men have been feminized down to girls, and sick transgender something or anothers. The fallacy of 90 some-odd genders, and a Supreme Court justice that cannot define a woman, because she is not a biologist? WTF?

    I fail to understand. How did we let this happen? The January 6 people arrested and jailed, were set up, and sit in jail, yet we do nothing. They sit in dungeons, and are treated worse than killers, who are being let out of jails. They are set to make America dangerous, then take the guns, and leave us helpless against real criminals, while we sit and do nothing.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to go into a rant, but damnit, I am mad as hell!!!


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